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					                                                   APPRAISER I

Performs journey level inspection work involved with appraisal and assessment of real and personal property for tax
assessment purposes and for proper classification of taxable property and improvements.

This is the journey level class in the Appraiser Series. Positions at this level are normally filled by advancement from
the Appraiser - Provisional level or, when filled from outside, requires prior appraisal and assessment of real and
personal property. Incumbents at this level are required to possess Level I Certification as administered by the State of
Arizona, Department of Revenue, prior to appointment and have completed at least twelve (12) months of satisfactory
work experience as an Appraiser - Provisional. Appointment to this level requires that the incumbent be performing the
full range of duties and meet the qualification standards for the class.

Work is performed under general supervision of a higher level of authority and in accordance with established
procedures. The employee is expected to exercise initiative and independent judgement in applying appropriate
appraisal and assessment procedures and practices in classifying taxable property and improvements in accordance
with established procedures and practices.

May exercise technical supervision of provisional appraisers and/or new or less experienced appraisers.

1. An employee of this class is responsible for collecting and analyzing data pertinent to the appraisal of real and
   personal property improvements and new constructions for the determination of tax assessment values. As
   certified Level I Appraisers, the incumbent is qualified (depending upon assignment by immediate supervisor and/or
   higher level of authority) to appraise land, single family residences, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes,
   triplexes, fourplexes, mobile home parks, agricultural improvements, simple commercial structures, personal
   property, and centrally valued properties at an equivalent level of responsibility.

2. Collects pertinent county, city, neighborhood, site and improvement data relative to property value, such as
   economic and market conditions, descriptions of neighborhoods including property price ranges, income ranges,
   land descriptions, area size, availability of utilities, restrictions, improvement design and related data.

3. Reviews legal descriptions, maps, plats, building sketches, and other descriptive materials.

4. Develops value analyses through cost, income and market appraisal techniques including assessments of
   comparable recent sales of property, building costs, depreciation, income and related factors.

5. Measures and draws property to scale.

6. Calculates square footage and perimeters of property.

7. Classifies and grades assessment of property.

8. Prepares complete and concise narrative reports including supportive data for value opinion based on established

9. Meets with property owners to explain and outline specifically the taxation methods and procedures utilized in
   property assessment of the individual's property if petitioned or questioned. Communicates with the public on such
   matters as property values, ownerships, legal descriptions, widow and veteran's exemptions and statutory
   classifications. May meet with irate citizens when assessments are questioned or petitioned. Refers matters to
   higher level authority for further explanation or resolving of questioned or petitioned assessments.

10. Processes and prepares responses to residential appeals using market income and cost approaches to value.

11. Performs related work as required.

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Contacts include contractors and builders to question construction or improvements; County departments and
governmental agencies to obtain information and research records; and general public to provide explanations of
appraisal practices and procedures and specifically how they were applied to their property.

Work is subject to varying post or job site assignments and may be subject to call-back or on-call status and irregular
schedules including completion of work assignments on weekends. During performance of inspections and
investigations, frequently requires a variety of motions to include standing, walking, bending and stooping. Exposure to
varying weather conditions including extreme hot and cold temperatures and depending upon location of inspection
site, isolated, remote areas. Frequent lifting of objects up to 25 pounds.

All employees of Mohave County are subject to immediate callout when an emergency, disaster or breach of homeland
security occurs. All employees are considered to be available for these types of events and will immediately respond, in
accordance with County Emergency Operations Plan, when directed by the Chairman of the Mohave County Board of
Supervisors, County Manager, the Homeland Security/Emergency Management Coordinator, or when directed by his
department director/elected official and/or immediate supervisor. Such call to respond and assist may involve those activities
assigned to his regular job responsibilities and incorporate other non job related duties as necessary and required of an
employee to respond to the emergent matter at hand. An employee’s response to these matters may require the working of
unusual, long hours over a possibility of an extended period of time with infrequent breaks or rest periods. An employee who
is working with an accommodation must meet with their supervisor and department director/elected official to discuss their
requirement for response.

Practical knowledge of:

            --the principles, practices, techniques, guidelines and statutes utilized in property appraisal and assessment of
            real property including legal documents, titles, maps and plats and appraisal formats and procedures.

            --appraisal information sources and local factors affecting real estate property values.

            --real estate construction.

            --County departments and functions and City and State departments and agencies concerned with real estate
            transactions and property valuation.

            --local, State and Federal laws and regulations pertaining to real estate transactions.

Skill in:

            --the preparation of sketches and diagrams.

Ability to:

            --make fair, equitable and objective value appraisals of a variety of unimproved and improved real property in
            whole or in part.

            --apply mathematical computations in the measuring and calculating of square footage and perimeters of

            --interpret legal descriptions and documents, maps, construction plans and other descriptive materials relating
            to real property.

            --gather and to analyze appropriate relevant data and prepare and present logical, concise and complete
            reports and property value opinions.

            --follow instructions and communicate effectively orally and in writing.

            --establish and maintain effective working relationships with associate personnel, County, City, and State
            agency personnel, contractors, builders, and property owners.

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Level I Certification as administered by the State of Arizona, Department of Revenue (See ARS 42-123.02, Level I
Certification, from the Department of Revenue); and at least one (1) year successful experience in the appraisal and
assessment of real and personal property as an Appraiser - Provisional or when filled from outside one (1) year of
experience as an Appraiser or related field involving the appraisal and assessment of real and personal property for tax
assessment purposes and for proper classification of taxable property and improvements. Or an equivalent
combination of experience, education and training which provides the desired knowledge, skills and abilities.

Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license. Must provide acceptable driving history at no cost to the County.

To be considered for advancement to Appraiser II, when a vacancy occurs at an Appraiser II level, an incumbent
should have the willingness to strive and obtain Level II Certification from the State of Arizona, Department of Revenue
(See ARS 42-123.02, Level II Certification, from the Department of Revenue) during assignment as an Appraiser I.
Incumbents should possess a willingness to attain additional knowledge in appraisal and assessment of real and
personal property through reading of related information and materials and attending training and additional certification
classes administered by the State of Arizona, Department of Revenue.

The above information on this description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed
by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of
all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.

OCCUPATIONAL CATEGORY:                   Inspection
FLSA STATUS:                             Non-Exempt (Classified)
CLASS CODE                               3050
RANGE                                    02-Rg 10
EFFECTIVE DATE:                          July 01, 2002
CLASS SYSTEM MAINT REV                   May 8, 1998
02/03 Class Validation Study Review:     June 28, 2003

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