how to build a Bluetooth CUI

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					Bluetooth CUI building instructions

Get a "BlueSMiRF Gold" here:
you'll probably also want a class 1 (100-meter range) USB Dongle as the
bluetooth chipset built into most laptops is not very good...1)
      Using a 4-pin header, solder the 4 middle pins on the bluetooth
module to the CUI so that the
      VCC pin connects to the very top row (5V) on the CUI prototyping

2)    connect the GND pin on the bluetooth module to GND on the CUI
(easiest on the back)

3)    connect the TX pin on the bluetooth module to C7 on the CUI with a
short wire

4)    connect the RX pin on the bluetooth module to C6 on the CUI with a
short wire

5)    pair the Bluetooth module with your computer - open system
preferences, click on
      bluetooth, then click "set up new device", click continue, click
"any device", continue,
      then select the "FireFly" device, and click next - when it asks for
a passkey enter "1234".

6)    open Zterm or other terminal program and connect to the FireFly -
it's LED should stop flashing and change to green.
      configure the Bluetooth module by typing the following commands:

FOR THE NEWEST BLUESMIRF GOLD MODULES you have to configure the baud rate
of the bluetooth module once (it remembers after this) using a program
like Zterm or just the command-line "screen" utility that's built into
osx... enter these five commands in order - the first enters the command
mode, the second sets the baud rate (to 921kBaud/sec), the third tells
the module never to timeout for entering command mode (by default it has
a timeout window, so if you're having trouble entering command mode, make
sure to send the first commands not too long after turning it on), the
fourth gives a new name to the module (you might need to re-pair the
bluetooth device for the name to show up correctly), and the last exits
the command mode.


7)    try out the firmware and corresponding max patch here
      use the usual procedure for putting new firmware on the CUI... the
source code is here:
8)    add a battery 3x AAA batteries work well, or a 4.2v Li-ion (careful
with these) wired directly to a 5V point and GND on the CUI, or you can
use batteries with higher voltages through the regulator on the CUI as
labeled on the back side. One last thing you might want to do is put a
sticker or something non-conductive on the metal case of the bluetooth
module so that it can't short out against 5V on the CUI.


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