In our societies especially in the Arabic and Its ironic that an

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      8                OPINION                                                                                                                                                                                                TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2009

Mistaking philosophy for atheism                                                                                  Gender does not make you a man or woman - 2
                                                                                                                  Jameel. W. Karaki

                                                                                                                                                                                                               On the other
                Hassan Ali Karam                                entry of Dr. Abu Zayd, should have stood                                                               the head and the crown                                                           their minds and respect

                                                                by its decision. It should not have bowed            n our societies especially in the Arabic and      of the woman. However,                                                           their opinions on all

                I                                                                                                                                                                                           hand, some women
                    am writing this short article regarding     down to political pressure and backed out            Islamic World, there exists a culture of male     the words ‘protectors’ and                                                       life’s issues as well.
                    the controversial issue of Dr. Nasr Abu     of that resolution. The ministry represents          dominance over women for many reasons             ‘maintainers’ in Islam sim- -                                                         How many of us

                                                                                                                                                                                                            do the same and run
                    Zayd who arrived at Sheikh Saad Air-    -   the State and not individuals.                    such as a specific interpretation from the Holy      ply means ‘managing.’ It is                                                                             -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        are following the teach-
                port but was prevented from entering the             Yes, we understand that the timing of        Quran, traditions or the needs and desires of        the man’s responsibilities                                                       ings of our religion?

                                                                                                                                                                                                            after men for money
                country although he came upon an official       the invitation was not conducive as the           some women who are submissive by nature.             to manage the businesses                                                         Men are running after
                invitation and had a visit visa from the Min-   political atmosphere in the country was               One of the arguments that I had with one of      of his home and help his                                                         working women, not

                                                                                                                                                                                                            rather than out of
                istry of the Interior.                          then polluted with the clouds of interpel-    -   my male friends was about our rights as men to       mother and sisters when-    -                                                    because they believe
                     I read some books written by Dr. Abu       lation motions.                                   dominate the decisions about the future of our       ever they need him.                                                              in their working rights

                                                                                                                                                                                                            respect for the man.
                Zayd. In fact, people who are not special-  -        I think that the visit should have been      wives, daughters and sisters. He supported that          He is the one who                                                            but they look at the
                ized in philosophy may find difficulty in       postponed until the political scene had be-   -   right by using the verse from the Holy Quran:        spends and not the one                                                           marriage concept as a
                understanding these books because of the        come a lot calmer.                                “Men are the protectors and maintainers of                                       -
                                                                                                                                                                       who waits for his wife’s sal-                                                    financial project where
                philosophical content used by Dr. Abu                There was a ruling issued by the Egyp-   -   women.” (An-Nisa: 34).                               ary at the end of the month                                                      the man can use the in--
                Zayd. I read the books but I couldn’t find      tian courts against Dr. Abu Zayd charging             He argued that we as men have the full right     to spend it. It is also very natural and normal        come of the woman as an investment. On the
                anything indicates                                                         him of being an        to control women. I however cannot blame him         and the right of the woman that he discusses           other hand, some women do the same and run

                                            The Ministry
                Dr. Abu Zaid’s in-   -                                                     apostate and call- -   because in Islam we have a lot of interpreta-  -     domestic issues with her and ask her opinions.         after men for money rather than out of respect
                clination towards                                                          ing for separating     tions of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah and                                                         -
                                                                                                                                                                       God says: “Live with them on a footing of kind-                                                         -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              for the man. It is not a shame if the wife or hus-

                                        of Interior, which
                atheism or his con-  -                                                     him from his wife.     yet I accept and believe when I realize that it      ness and equity” (An-Nisa: 19). Living with            band gets support from his or her partner but
                tempt for Islam.                                                           But Kuwait is not      makes sense to me. The same is mentioned in          them on an even footing of kindness” means             the shame is in living a materialistic life away

                                        approved the entry of
                In his book titled:                                                        obliged to apply       the Christian teachings, which say that man is       that everyone should respect the other, respect        from the core concept of being humans.
                ‘Mental approach                                                           the rules issued

                                        Dr. Abu Zayd, should
                in interpretation:                                                         by the Egyptian
                A study in the                                                             courts. However,
                case of metaphor
                in the holy Quran       have stood by its                                  the      extremists
                                                                                           took this provi-   -
                according to the
                isolationists,’ we      decision                                           sion as a pretext to
                                                                                           exert pressure on
                read in the last                                                           the government to
                line the introduc-   -                                                     prevent the entry
                tion to this book the following words: “All     of Dr. Abu Zayd into the country.
                that the researcher hopes is to succeed in           We know that the extremists and fa-      -
                the detection of an important aspect of         natics will not rest until they dominate
                our religious heritage of Islam in the field    everything in the country.
                of criticism and rhetoric research.”                 The extremists are busy with a per-      -
                       Is it reasonable for an author who       manent and ongoing war against every                                                Ali Farzat
                writes in this way and is proud of the Is-  -   thought contrary to their views and vi-       -
                lamic religion to be charged with apostasy,     sions.
                heresy or atheism? These are serious ac-    -        They think that they’re the only true
                cusations. God Almighty says “... And say       believers of God but the others are either
                not to anyone who offers you a salutation:      apostates or heretics or atheists.We should
                ‘Thou art none of a believer! Coveting the      be aware of the seriousness of thoughts of
                perishable goods of this life with Allah        these extremists on social security of this
                are profits and spoils abundant. Even thus      country.
                were ye yourselves before, till Allah con-  -        This incident wasn’t the first of its
                ferred on you His favors: Therefore care-   -   kind. The Shiite cleric Al-Fali was also pre- -
                fully investigate. For Allah is well aware of   vented from entering the country. This se-    -
                all that ye do.” (Women: Verse 94).             ries of prevention will continue as long as
                     I assert that the majority of those who    the government responds to these radical
                exalted the Interior Ministry’s decision        groups. When the government is weak, its
                to prevent Abu Zayd from entering the           decisions become weak and consequently,
                country and accused the man of atheism,         the State becomes weak in the eyes of oth-    -
                heresy or apostasy have not read any of         ers.
                the books or the writings of Dr. Abu Zayd.           Do not blame Abu Zaid for his pro-       -
                It was a vicious campaign launched by           vocative statements. What did you expect
                the fanatics and extremists to which the        from a man dismissed from our airport
                government unfortunately succumbed;             and sent back to where he came, although

                                                                                                                  Conflicting reactions
                specifically the Ministry of Interior. The      he came upon an invitation approved by
                Ministry of Interior, which approved the        the government?

Islamists’                                                                                                        Marzouq Al-Heet                                      is being hijacked by liberals, hasn’t uttered a
                                                                                                                                                                       single word when hijab and niqab were banned
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              the phone, barely minutes after making such
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              derogatory remarks against Kuwait. In another

                                                                                                                      t’s ironic that an entry visa was granted to a   in France, Egypt and Turkey. They said nothing         issue, MP Dr Ali Al-Omair is quite known for his
strength versus government’s weakness                                                                                 heretic to desecrate our beloved land barely
                                                                                                                      a few days after our country received the
                                                                                                                                                                       when the minaret was banned in Switzerland.
                                                                                                                                                                       But when the heretic was barred entry in Ku-     -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              high moral standing but I must rebuke him for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              what he had said about his colleagues Dr Waleed
                                                                                                                  venerable rulers of the Gulf. Before going into      wait, they cried foul play. What an irony! They        Al-Tabtabaie and Dr Faisal Al-Mislem. I wouldn’t
                Khalil Ali Haider                               cultural role, why did it embarrass itself in     further details, I would like to ask Dr Ahmad        defend infidelity and heretical behavior but fail      have raised this issue here if it hadn’t been his
                                                                front of the honorable guest who trusted          Al-Baghdadi whether this heretic and his likes       to defend Islam. They should have defended                                                               -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              decision to publish his allegations against Al-Tab-

                         fter prohibiting Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd     its executive power?                              deserve to be invited to deliver lectures in Ku- -   Islam through their claims of defending public         tabaie in the press and through SMS messages.
                         from entering the country even              I’m not asking the government to com-   -    wait?!! However what many people do not know         freedoms. We know very well that defending Is-   -     The interpellation was all about His Highness
                         though he had already arrived at       ply with the thoughts of liberals but the         is the fact that it was Al-Baghdadi who invited      lam is not a priority for them if they ever happen     the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Moham-        -
                Sheikh Saad International Airport, every        authorities and the people will pay a high        Abu Zayd through the Tanweer (Enlightenment)         to have any priorities. We extend our thanks to        med Al-Sabah so one would definitely wonder
                foreign visitor or intellectual will now        price for the continued bowing down to            Center that he runs. After all, what enlighten-  -   the Ministry of Interior even though it should         how he implicated Al-Tabtabaie who swore on
                question the validity of the visas issued       pressures exerted by Islamists. This inci-   -                                                     -
                                                                                                                  ment is the heretic talking about? Is it his argu-   be partly blamed for granting Abu Zayd a visa          various occasions that the check issued to him
                by Kuwaiti embassies or authorities at our      dent is just another indicator of the gov-   -    ment that the Holy Quran is a man-written text       in the first place. We therefore urge the ministry     by the prime minister was meant for his charity.
                airport.                                        ernment’s lack of vision and its inability        or his accusation that the Holy Quran is biased      to verify the records before issuing visas to Abu      We were not happy at all seeing him mount the
                    They will ques- -                                                     in defending its        in favor of men over women!! Or shall we con-    -   Zayd and his likes because this country deserves       podium and use a projector to clarify what he

                                            The Islamists
                tion the validity                                                         decisions.              sider his questioning of Prophet Mohammed’s          to entertain only good people. After all, imagine      described as the “inconsistencies of Waleed Al-
                for as long as some                                                           Many of the         (PBUH) tradition a sort of enlightenment?            what he said after being prevented from entering       Tabtabaie.” His move, on the other hand, has

                                        usually achieve
                MPs or groups ex-   -                                                     opinions written             Egypt’s judiciary has separated Nasr Abu        the country. He reacted by saying: “The decision       pleased the rivals of the Islamic camp. In fact,
                ist who are pow-    -                                                     by Dr. Abu Zayd         Zayd from his wife, after which he fled to Hol-  -   in barring my entry is under my shoes.”                his colleague Khalid Al-Sultan and former MP

                                        triumphs because
                erful enough to                                                           can be found in         land from where he disseminates his poison. On           One has to question the patriotism of all          Abdulatiff Al-Omairi have both expressed their
                prevent        guests                                                     the books of phi-  -    the other hand, the Human Rights Society, which      those who allowed him to give his lecture over         displeasure over what Al-Omair said.

                                        they take advantage
                from entering the                                                         losophers       and
                country.                                                                  scholars which are

                                        of the weakness of the
                    Why do the                                                            available in our
                Kuwaiti authori-    -                                                     libraries including
                                                                                                                  The right approach to religion
                                        government as they do
                ties allow politi-  -                                                     the library of the
                cal movements to                                                          Ministry of Awqaf

                                        not even believe in laws
                interfere in its                                                          and Islamic Affairs
                executive authori-  -                                                     and the library         Ali Mohammad                                         Hussein Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talen who sacrificed his       model. Crying and slamming faces and chests

                                        or the Constitution.
                ties in such a pro- -                                                     of the committee        Al-Mahedi                                            soul in defending noble principles and goals. A        shouldn’t be replaced with the noble goals of
                vocative way? If                                                          tasked with the                                                              man like Imam Al-Hussein didn’t sacrifice his          Imam Al-Hussein. The noble goals of Imam Al-

                the government                                                            preparation      for          he thoughts and approaches of heroes are       soul and his partisans and even his baby Abdul- -      Hussein shed light on Kuwait during the Iraqi
                is uncertain of its                                                       the application of            taught at schools and universities. He-  -     lah so that we can mourn his death by slapping         invasion led by the tyrant Saddam Hussein and
                ability to face the enormous pressure ex-  -    Sharia as well as the Islamic libraries at              roes throughout the ages have been role        our faces and beating our chests to show how           urged people not to surrender to the tyrants.The
                erted by extremist Islamists and Takfiris,      the Rawdah and Yarmouk co-operative so-      -    models for their respective nations. Reformers       sad we are. Imam Al-Hussein asked Zainab not           Kuwaiti resistance, including men and women,
                why did it put itself in such an embarrass--    cieties. Whatever the opinions of Dr. Abu         lead the people in order to make achievements        to slap her face or beat her chest.                    young and old, followed the steps of Imam Al-
                ing situation?                                  Zayd are, they should remain within the           which benefit them and their countries. Reform--         There is no doubt that the bloody Karbala          Hussein and other Muslim heroes. Why don’t
                    Couldn’t the government have al-       -    framework of the freedom of expression            ers are the ones who spend their lives defending     was a tragedy which deserves shedding tears.           Muslims follow the approach of Imam Al-Hus-     -
                lowed the philosophical thinker to enter        and should have been subject to debates           the right and true faiths.                           However, I believe that by crying, striking our        sein who set good examples of courage, nobility
                the country in order to avoid such an em-  -    and discussions.                                      When a hero offers his soul to his God and       heads with swords and slamming chests with             and sacrifice for the sake of Islam, Muslims and
                barassing situation at political and media           Due to the weakness of the govern-      -    becomes a martyr, he doesn’t expect his family       chains is not the proper way to celebrate the sad      humanity in general?
                levels both inside and outside the coun-   -    ment, the Islamists have achieved an enor-   -    and friends to cry for him or slam their bodies.     occasion of Ashoura. The goals of the rebellion             Nowadays, the Husseini mosques’ imams
                try?                                            mous victory against Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd            When the martyr dies, the angels descend from        led by Al-Hussein were to strengthen faith and         should explain the ideas and approach of Imam
                    Wasn’t it capable of announcing that        but such a triumph is irrelevant because          the heavens and take him to paradise to join the     belief in the hearts of Muslims and to urge them       Al-Hussein to the people. Those honorable
                allowing the entry of Dr. Abu Zayd does         Dr. Abu Zayd, like any other thinker, can-   -    prophets and other martyrs, who are in the best      not to accept tyranny or oppression whoever            imams have great influence on the public who
                not necessarily mean that the government        not defend his thoughts in order not to be        company ever. When a martyr dies, we should          the oppressors are and to fight against oppres- -      listen to them and respect them. So, they are
                acknowledges his thoughts but it means          harmed or even assassinated. The Islamists        congratulate his family, friends and his commu--     sion at any given time and any given place and                                                         -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              required to explain the facts to the people espe-
                that Kuwait believes in the freedom of ex- -    usually achieve triumphs because they             nity because he will be rewarded by God. We          to sacrifice our souls for the sake of almighty        cially during these days when we are celebrating
                pression and multiculturalism?                  take advantage of the weakness of the             should consider the martyr as a role model and       God.                                                   the Ashoura occasion. May God make us good
                    If the government was too weak to de-  -    government as they do not even believe in         follow in his steps.                                     Imam Al-Hussein didn’t become a martyr to          followers of Imam Al-Hussein and help us to fol--
                fend its Constitution, its democracy and its    laws or the Constitution.                             The martyr I speak about here is Imam Al-        make us cry but to make us regard him as a role        low in his steps and his approach, Amen!

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