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									Guide to use Google Webmaster Tool
Once a site is as well to any webmaster that their site can be found on Google
Search. There are a lot of work to achieve that the optimized structure of the site,
set up Meta Keywords, Description. Etc.
Do you offer a free service that allows webmasters register your site with Google
at the same time management so that the optimal site. That is Google
Webmaster Tools.

To use this service, you sign in page https: / / / webmasters /
tools. Here, you need to use your email address to register an account with
Google. Signing up is easy, you just give Google email address, set the
password, select the country. Etc.
After an account, you can log into your account and proceed to manage your

Register site with Google:

Enter your website address into the text box with the line "Click here to add a
site" then click "Add Site". Such sites have been registered with the website but
there are many functions not performed until you have verified that the Google
site is your site. After registration is complete, then Google will have a message
asking you to confirm this is your site as shown below:

Click on the "Verify your site" to conduct certification. Google suggest you do one
of two ways to proceed with confirmation: Add a meta tag, upload an html file.

If you choose first, then Google will ask you to add a line to your index page of
the form <meta name="verify-v1"
content="CaiD70OfP7IDdOo5fD5MT4FoOimacMvKtj14ojHpt 3w=" /> preceding
<body>. After adding this line to the index page, click Verify button below to
check Google.
If you choose to do two things Google is asking you to create a html file with the
name specified by Google, then upload the form googled327c78b0a0d6501.html
to the root directory of your site. After upload is complete, you click Verify to
check Google conducted. If the test succeeds, you now can see all the
functionality of it. But usually at this point, you do not have information because
Google takes time to conduct the review of your site's content.

If you have not confirmed that the site exit the next can proceed to confirm by
clicking on the "Verify your site".

Some important functions of Google WebmasterOverview:

General information about website Here you can see the general reports on your
website as Google has informed view on the website you look at the most recent
success is always; Index status: for site Google has been recognized (indexed)
less; tell you some of the bugs like bugs do not find the web site, or address a
bug in the web pages you have problems. etc.

Statistics Here you interested in some items such as: Top search queries, Index

Top search queries: list of keywords that your site appears when someone
searches on Google. Statistics of two parts, the left side shows the keywords that
your site appears, the right of the keywords that your site appears and the user
clicked on your site to see. Note the column "Position" is located at the site you
appeared. For example, in the show when someone is photofunia search words
your site will be ranked 13.

Index Stats: statistics for your site how many pages Google indexes recorded in
(index). Only when your page is listed in Google's index (indexed), the new
capabilities found on the network.

Links - links:
this is the third category is external Links, Internal Links and Site Links. External
Link lists all the sites link to your page. Internal Links lists links within your site.

Sitemap: area allows you to subscribe to a Google map of your website, Google
helps make it easier to detect and index your site. When you want to add a site
map (sitemap), you click "Add site map, choose one of five ways that Google
proposed, and then upload files to the root of the Sitemap page. You can use
notepad to create a sitemap, or use specialized software to create a site map.
After adding a sitemap to Google, you need a few days to find and index the
pages you mentioned in the sitemap.

Tools: provides a tool to help you track and manage website.Analyze robots.txt:
analysis see the robots.txt file hosting and not see the test of Google's bots find
your website or not? Generate robots.txt, if the analysis does not meet the above
requirements, you can proceed to create a robots.txt file in this section. You
perform each step required by Google to create a robots.txt file formats.
Download this file and upload it to the root directory on your site ban.Set
geographic target: identify areas where you will hienManage web site verification:
management at the authenticity of your preferred domain naySet: usually your
can access the second form and
Therefore, you should regulations into a format for users accessing the web in
number, are not broken out. In addition, Google Web Master Tools also has
many other functions that you can find out more

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