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MINUTES                                                                            July 7, 2009

The Baker County Board of Commissioners met in a regular session with the following
members present:
                          Chairman Michael W. Griffis
                          Commissioner Michael R. Crews
                          Commissioner Alex Robinson
                          Commissioner B. Gordon Crews

Also present:
                                County Clerk Al Fraser
                                County Manager Joseph L. Cone
                                County Attorney Will Sexton

Chairman Mike Griffis called the meeting to order and led in the flag ceremony.
Commissioner Gordon Crews led in prayer.

Chairman Mike Griffis asked if there were any corrections to the agenda. County
Manager Joe Cone requested that Item 5C concerning the Mud Bogging under the
Consent Agenda be put under County Manager portion of the agenda for discussion.
Commissioner Gordon Crews moved to approve the agenda with removal of the item for
Mud Bogging to be put under the County Manager portion of the agenda. The motion
was second by Commissioner Alex Robinson. Motion carried unanimous.

Chairman Mike Griffis requested approval of the Consent Agenda items, which were:
            1.Expenditure Report
            2.Minutes Approval June 15, 2007 Meeting
            3.$500 Donation for NEFSH 50th Anniversary
            4.Appointment of Kerry Dunlavey to HIV Health Services Planning Council
            5.Planning & Zoning/Request for Public Hearing July 20, 2009 @ 6:00 pm
                    a. Vacate One Parcel from Subdivision/Doe Run at Glen Plantation
                    b. Small Scale Land Use and Zoning/Fred & Elizabeth Harris
                       Ord. 2009-06 Land Use Change / Ord. 2009-07 Zoning Change
Commissioner Gordon Crews moved to approve the Consent Agenda and the motion was second
by Commissioner Alex Robinson. Motion carried unanimous.

Chairman Mike Griffis recognized and welcomed a local Boy Scout Troop in attendance to the
meeting. The Scout Troop leader explained the scouts rank requirement for advancement and
merit badges requires participation in local governments and that is the reason for them being
present tonight.

County Manager Joe Cone presented a capital outlay request from the Building Department for a
scanner costing approximately $600 to $700 dollars. Mr. Cone further explained the program
designed by Clint Shivers for the Building Department requires a scanner for scanning contractor
permits and documents for future reference. This would eliminate a lot of paper filing and file
cabinets if the documents could be scanned and put in computer files. Commissioner Gordon
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July 7, 2009

Crews moved to approve the purchase and the motion was second by Commissioner Michael
Crews. Motion carried unanimous.

Joe Cone requested authorization from the commission for cutting timber at the St. Mary Shoals
Park, per the Timber Management Plan. He stated the timber would be cut from the east side of
the park and the proceeds from the timber would help pay for the park management and
maintenance. Commissioner Alex Robinson moved to cut the timber and the motion was second
by Commissioner Gordon Crews. Motion carried unanimous.

Joe Cone updated the commission on the Charlton County Georgia River Property owned by
Baker County. He reported we had received the appraisal on the property and per the appraisal
report the property zoning and no road access appraised it at only $3700 dollars for all of the nine
acres. Commissioner Gordon Crews moved to consider the Georgia Property as surplus and put
the property out for bid requiring a minimum bid of $5000 dollars with a clause the county has
the right to reject any and all bids. Commissioner Alex Robinson seconds the motion. Motion
carried unanimous.

Joe Cone requested the public hearing scheduled for July 20th at 6 p.m. concerning the discussion
on the Mud Bogging be changed to July 30th and held at the Baker County School Board Office.
Troy McCullough present at the meeting and landowner requesting the Mud Bogging Special
Exception stated he had a conflict with that date and would be out of town in Ohio. Chairman
Mike Griffis suggested the date be changed to Thursday, August 6th at the School Board Office
beginning at 6p.m. The board agreed, as did the applicant.

Joe Cone requested the board consider changing the deductible amount in regards to county
insured property with insurer FACT from $10,000 to $20,000 saving the county in premiums
$9,000 dollars per year. The board stated they would consider the proposal after looking at the
county budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Chairman Mike Griffis stated Ryan Tyson with Senator Charlie Dean’s Office would be in Baker
County this Thursday for further discussion and a tour of the Northeast Florida State Hospital
Facility. He invited the board to be present.

Commissioner Alex Robinson moved to adjourn.

_____________________________                            _________________________________
Al Fraser, Clerk to the Board                             Michael W. Griffis, Chairman

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