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					          g    r me sai in
      in es T ja                              a ini es
   in m            t
 a imagine Trainingin    & ma      g g im Tra am
      t ja sa gin ine         i
                           g rain ame sa e    s intj &
 a e        & ima inin T
   Course outline for Adobe InDesign

                                        tj e & gin in
       in ing         ra mes sain in              a in
   Basics                               Graphic frames                        Working with layers                      Using the drawing tools

    g n              T a
                                         Overview of graphic formats

                                          g g im Tra a
   Creating and saving a document                                              Moving items between layers             Creating freehand shapes

  a i              s tj
    The InDesign approach to page        Importing graphics                    Setting layer options                   Creating bezier curves

m ra            e in            & ma in
   -layout                               Resizing graphics                     Changing the stacking order             Manipulating shapes

                            e                     s intj
                                         Cropping graphics

              m a
    Overview of features                                                       Using layers with master pages          Using the Transform palette

     T tja s              in ng i ain me a
    InDesign compared to QuarkXPress     Using the Links palette              Automatic layout adjustment              Aligning objects
    Exploring the interface              Using in-line graphics                Setting options for layout adjustment   Using the eye-dropper tool

  s in                  ag ini

                                       Tr ntja & s gin
    Overview of tools                                                          Using clipping paths                    Special effects

e a            & im
    Overview of palettes                                                      Typography

       s ine g
    Navigating through documents        Creating tables                                                                Placing text on a path

                          ra mes sai ine ma
    Zooming in and out                  Formatting tables                     Typographic shortcuts                    Creating drop shadows

   & ag
                                        Imported tab delimited text

                 in es T ja
    Print Preview and Print                                                    Using the Single Line Composer          Working with transparency
                                        Importing Word tables

e m                                   & mag ing i Tr
   Working with text                                                           Using the Paragraph Composer            Exporting transparency

              in m
                                        Importing Excel tables                 Highlighting composition problems       Blend modes

      i Tra a               t
   Text frames                          Filling alternating rows or columns    Creating hanging punctuation            Feathering

                          in ine               n mes
                                        Page layout

    Importing text                                                             Manual kerning                          Creating multi-colour gradients

   g s
 n e             tj
    Character formatting
    Paragraph formatting
                         a g
                        s a             g rai a
                                        Setting margins
                                                                               Using optical kerning
                                                                               Inserting special characters
                                                                                                                       Converting text to paths

              in                      in T              s
    Indentation of text                 Using a layout grid                    Creating drop caps

     m sa ne          & im          in s          j
                                        Creating custom guides

                                                nt ne &
    Working with tabs                                                          Hyphenation and justification
                                        Multi-columns layouts

                                                                              Longer documents

   a &
 tj e             i ing          r me sai i
   Find and replace and Spell-checker

                                T a
                                        Using frame-based columns

               g n
   Running text around an image         Using page-based columns              Creating a table of contents

              a i           s tj                   g g im
   Creating threads                                                           Creating an index

     in im ra              e in              & ma in
   Styles                               Master pages                          Using the Book palette

 ag ing s T tjam sa gine g i
                                                                              Creating a book list
   Benefits of using styles              How master pages work                 Synchronising styles and colours

                                                    in m
   Creating character styles            Creating master pages                 Printing a book list

                                    a inin Tra tja
                                        Applying master pages

      n me ain
   Creating paragraph styles                                                  Exporting a book list as PDF

   ai ja                  & im
   Setting parent and child styles      Setting page numbering                Page numbering across books
   Applying styles                      Using hierarchical master pages       Drawing

Tr nt             s ine g              ra mes sain ine
   Importing styles                     Working with text

              & g
   Working with graphics

      i                    in         T

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