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									Pizza Survey
1         What toppings do you like on your pizza?
1         1         Tomato, Garlic, Onions, Green-Pepper.
2         1         I like sausage and mushrooms on my pizza, but some times I like onion and
green-peppers too.
3         1         I like lots of cheese and mushrooms and Canadian-bacon.
4         1         I prefer sausage, green-peppers and onions, but on occasion I also enjoy a pizza with just
5         1         I like thin-crust pizza with cheese and pepperoni. The not-cheese is my favorite part, but
the not-pepperoni adds a little flavor to the pizza.
6         1         I like pepperoni and onion best, but will take any combination of meats and vegetables
that does not include not-mushrooms, not-olives or not-anchovies.
7         1         I like lots of vegetables on my pizza although I am getting a little tired of spinach. I
sometimes enjoy the special toppings on thin pizza, like Cajun-shrimp or Thai-chicken.
8         1         My favorite pizza is the stuffed-spinach pizza from Giordano’s. In general I prefer
thick-crust with lots of pepperoni, garlic and green-peppers.
9         1         Toppings - Sausage, Black-Olives, Onions, Green-Peppers, Extra-Cheese-Crust style.
10        1         Cheese only.
11        1         Mushrooms and Pepperoni.
12        1         Pepperoni, mushroom, basil. They compliment one another well.
13        1         I like veggies mushrooms, garlic, tomato-slices, onions and green-peppers. I do not like
any not-meat topping because I am not real fond of not-meat. I love Chicago-style-stuffed pizza, especially
with spinach and mushrooms.
14        1         Mushrooms, olives, extra-cheese.
15        1         I like thick-crust and many veggies mushrooms, green-peppers, olives, onions, garlic, and
even broccoli.
16        1         I am generally a vegetarian, so I avoid the not-meats. Mushroom and green-peppers are a
typical choice I usually request going easy on the light-cheese.
17        1         Toppings Pepperoni-cheese-crust, no preference, all liked equally.
18        1         I like pepperoni, mozzarella, mushrooms, green-peppers, and sometimes anchovies,
although everyone else at my house hates not-anchovies. That is actually good news because I get the
whole pizza.
19        1         Veggies on my pizza, because they are less greasy and less salty than not-meat toppings.
20        1         I like mushrooms, onions, black-olives, green-pepper, garlic and fresh-tomatoes on my
pizza. I tend toward the vegetarian side, although if pepperoni is in front of me, I will eat it. I like the taste
and texture of all these items together, but I do not like too many ingredients because it bogs the pizza down
too much.
21        1         I like cheese, onions and garlic on my pizza.
22        1         I go for the traditional-sausage, plus I add onions and green-peppers. Not-Onions adds
some extra flavor and spice, and not-green-peppers, well, to be honest, their taste sort of gets lost especially
if you have deep pan pizza.
23        1         Thin-crust with tomato-sauce, mushrooms, cheese and fresh-basil-leaves -- basic
margarita, because it is good.
24        1         Speaking of toppings, my favorite are mushrooms, onions, any-kind-of-pepper,
fresh-tomatoes and garlic, spinach and zucchini. Vegetables are my favorite toppings for a pizza because
they are nutritious and low-fat. Pizza is fattening enough without all that preserved not-meat on it.
25        1         Being a person who always reads food labels and worries about fat content, of course I
only like healthy toppings, like mushrooms, onion, peppers and other veggies, on a bed of
non-fat-or-low-fat-cheese. Truth be known, however, I secretly lust for not-sausage, not-pepperoni and not-
26        1         Deep-dish style pizza with extra-cheese and black-olives.
27        1         Cheese, onion, green-peppers, jalepeno-peppers.
28        1         Mushrooms, black-olives, garlic, tomatoes because good blend of tastes.
29        1         Spinach-stuffed. Different, tastes good, rarely eat not-spinach any other time or way.
30        1         Sausage, thick-crust.
31        1        Pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon.
32        1        Mushrooms, green-peppers, onions and red-peppers. Spicy and hot.
33        1        I prefer a deep-dish-crust pizza topped with pepperoni, mushrooms and onions.
34        1        Pepperoni.
35        1        Toppings: roasted-garlic, onions, extra-cheese, red-peppers, pineapple.
36        1        Pineapple, sausage, green-peppers and extra-cheese on very thin crust.
37        1        Nothing.
38        1        Tomatoes, green-peppers, onions, mushroom. I can tolerate other veggies.
39        1        I prefer meat toppings (except not-Canadian-bacon). I can’t stand not-onions or not-
peppers unless they’re roasted.
40        1        Toppings: favorites are pepperoni and green-peppers, but almost anything will do. I’m
not a big fan of not-mushrooms, but they are tolerable.
41        1        Cheese (of course); without not-cheese it just ain’t pizza. Mushrooms, sausage (when
I’m not being bad about my diet).
42        1        Sausage, pepperoni, green-pepper, onion, mushrooms. I like meat and vegetables.
43        1        I like pepperoni, Italian-sausage, mushrooms and extra-cheese. Sometimes I like olives
44        1        I prefer just cheese and sausage.
45        1        Low-fat-cheese, or no not-cheese. Spinach is good.
46        1        Cheese and tomato-sauce are definite musts. When I feel adventurous, I order
fresh-tomatoes. When I want to be healthy, it’s tomatoes and mushrooms and green-peppers. My all time
favorite is not-pepperoni, not-green-peppers and not-black -lives though - in combination -
salty-pepperoni, fresh-peppers and musky-olives.
47        1        I like pepperoni and mushroom.
48        1        I like traditional toppings on my pizza - things like green-peppers, mushroom, sausage,
pepperoni, lots of tomato-sauce. I don’t like such non-traditional items as not-broccoli, not-chicken, not-
asparagus and not-pineapple. I am not a fan of not-anchovies and completely indifferent to not-olives.
49        1        Pineapple and ham because they go well together. Sausage, pepperoni and mushroom
because they are really greasy.
50        1        I like either pepperoni or sausage (even Canadian-bacon), onion and green-peppers.
51        1        My favorite toppings are pepperoni, mushrooms, and black-olives. I once had a great
spinach pizza that was out of this world. The toppings have to be really, really fresh.
52        1        If it’s deep-dish pizza I like all different kinds of veggies, but if it is thin-crust I like just
plain-cheese. not-Thin-crust pizza can’t handle the toppings. They tend to make it oily or watery.
53        1        I always have to have onions on my pizza and prefer either pepperoni or sausage to go
along with it. Green-peppers are another favorite. But really the only thing I HATE on my pizza is not-
54        1        I prefer pepperoni, onions and green-pepper, however, I also enjoy a good thin-crust
pizza with green-olives.
55        1        Tomato, cheese, mushrooms, beef and green-peppers.
56        1        I love vegetables and the crunching pizza shells.
57        1        Zucchini, mushrooms and onions.
58        1        Sun-dried-tomatoes and mozzarella-cheese.
59        1        Ground-beef and jalepeno-peppers.
60        1        Peppers, mushrooms and spinach (not necessarily on the same pizza). Anything else is
too heavy, and I’m not much of a not-meat eater, so I stick with the vegetables.

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