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									                   I AM THE OUTCOME OF GOD’S DREAM
Isaiah 43:1
“But now so says Jehovah who created you, O Jacob, and He who formed you, O Israel;
fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine.” (MKJV)

Satan tries to make us think that:
   - God doesn’t care about us
   - We are not a part of His plans
   - He doesn’t love us               “it’s False!!!”
The Devil is a liar all the time! John 8:44 says: “ for he is a liar and the father of it.”

Actually, we are:
   • the ‘apple’ of God’s eye – I’m God’s creature
   • He always cares about us - I’m really special to Him
   • He sees that we are well and do well – We are peculiar people “That’s True!!!


1. “He created you”                                                       * such as:
    - You are not here by chance – You’re here by purpose                 - big nose
    - God made you carefully – each part of your body                     - big ears(big-flaps)
    - When you were ready, He said: “IT IS VERY GOOD!” Gn.1:31            - bald (no hair)
       After each thing God created, He said “It is good!                 - dwarf (small man)
       but, after God created man He said “It is VERY GOOD!               - Cross-eyed

2. “He formed you” from head to toe (A TRUE STORY)
    - You are the essence of God’s creation
       very special, no one like you, with different gifts, talents, skills
    - There is an exclusive mark on each person (finger prints)
        there’s no one in the universe who has the same finger prints as you.
    - He chose you between 600 million possibilities
       At the man’s ejaculation, normally comes out about 600 million sperms

3. “He rescued you”
    - He paid the price of Blood for your life
    - He died with His arms wide open
    - You are not just another person, but the best of all creation

4. “He called you by name”
    - He knows your name
    - He does not have any nicknames for you – baldy, dummy, cry baby, slack, lazy,
       Shorty, fatty, 4 eyes, geek, and nerd.
    - He will not embarrass you – You’ll never feel ashamed

5. “You belong to Him”
    - He created you - according to His image and His likeness
    - He paid a high price for you – He didn’t paid with silver/gold
    - You belong exclusively to Him

                           A True Story
There was a boy, he was 14 and he used to say: “- I hate my hair!
In his mind it was very, very out of style and out of fashion. All of
his friends, the other boys had a very straight hair, that when they
ran, it would wave all over the place. But his hair was not like that.
It was very hard, like a mass of curls, naturally, a very, very wavy
hair. This boy was really unhappy because of it. He used to comb his
hair hardly and he used to buy many kinds of different shampoos
always trying to make it smooth. But he didn’t succeed in it.
After many years trying to transform his own hair like somebody
else’s hair and having no result, he woke up from that illusion and
made the greatest decision in his life. He decided to be himself. He
said: “I will not try to make my hair like my friend’s hair. I will
assume my figure and I will try to be happy with my own outline.
In that Memorial Day he took a shower as usual before going to
school and instead of combing his hair hardly, trying to make it
straight, he washed his hair and shook it loose. When he left his
house to go to school, his hair was still wet, but when he got to
school it was dried and so different and wonderful. Everybody said
to him: Oh man, your hair look is nice! How did you do that? Who
made it for you? Where is your hair dresser? At the main point,
some girls that never noticed him before began to praise him and
some of them asked him: “Can I stroke your hair, please? It’s so
nice, so different! He spoke to himself: “-Isn’t it great? I was happy
and I did know that!
So, through that experience this young man could find a pleasure of
not being like others, but being just himself, as a special creature of
God. It was an Inner Healing for him. He became very proud of
himself and began to love his hair. He started to say: “Thank You
God for my beautiful hair!”

By the way, just to let you know: this boy was me!

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