Budgeting Tutorial Page 1

You run a tennis coaching business titled “Apollo Tennis Coaching Services”.

In this tutorial, you will establish the data file for your micro-business, and the necessary
accounts to establish the service business budget.

NOTE: If you have already completed any of the tutorials, in
       CashBook, for the Apollo Tennis Coaching Services, then
             it is not necessary to complete Part A of this
             tutorial as you already have a data file established in
             CashBooks 2003.

Open CashBook 2003 by double-clicking on the                       icon.

To access the file, from the menu bar, click on File, Open, Apollo Tennis Coaching

Select File, then select New

With the black dot in the New Quicken File, click on OK.

                                          Ken Boyle
                                                               Budgeting Tutorial Page 2

While this screen is visible click on the categories button.

Select the categories of Standard and Small Business. Then click on OK. Now you can
save this new data into your normal directory.

Click on OK again to create your new data file.

                                         Ken Boyle
                                                                 Budgeting Tutorial Page 3

When the Chequing dot is selected click on Next.

Key in Cheque Account into the account section and after using the TAB key, key in
Apollo Credit Union into the description section.

After clicking on NEXT, ensure that the black dot is in the YES section.

                                       Ken Boyle
                                                                Budgeting Tutorial Page 4

Click on NEXT again.

Key in 01/09/03 into the statement date section.

Press the TAB key and type in 5000 into the ending balance section. Then click on

Click on DONE. This brings you to the register window.

                                        Ken Boyle
                                                               Budgeting Tutorial Page 5

At the top of the screen click on Finance, Category & Transfer List.

Then select New

Key in the details as follows:

Click on OK.

Repeat these steps to include the Business Income categories of Individual Coaching
and Commission on Raquet Sales.

Your screen should look like:

                                       Ken Boyle
                                                                 Budgeting Tutorial Page 6

To tidy up the income section a number of the unnecessary categories can be deleted.

The first to go is NPP. Once NPP is highlighted (blue) click on the Delete button.

Click on No to the Merge proposal and the category will disappear.

Now delete categories labelled PP and Capital Gain.

In the Employment Income section you can delete the following categories:

Benefit, Foreign employ, Lump Sum A, Lump Sum B, other allowance, Pensions,
Super Pension, Termination pmt, Equal. Withdraw.

In the Investment Income section delete:


The Spouses income categories can be deleted.

                                        Ken Boyle
                                                                   Budgeting Tutorial Page 7

Now it is time to include the expense categories that are not presently provided in the list
by CashBook.

Select NEW at the top of the screen and key in Stationery as a sub-category of
Business Expense account

Click on OK.

Repeat these steps to include the following expense categories:

                                         Ken Boyle
                                                                Budgeting Tutorial Page 8

Tennis Balls                 subcategory of Bus.Expenses

Ball Holders                 subcategory of Bus.Expenses

Mobile Phone Rental          subcategory of Bus.Expenses/Telephone

Signs                        subcategory of Bus.Expenses/Adv

Raquet Repairs               subcategory of Bus.Expenses/Repairs & Maintenance

Public Liability Insurance subcategory of Bus.Expenses/Insurance

Loss of Income Insurance     subcategory of Bus.Expenses/Insurance

Clothing - Uniform           subcategory of Bus.Expenses

Drawings                     Expense

To tidy up the categories you could now delete the following:

COGS, Purchases, Freight, L&P Fees, Late Fees, Leases.

Well done – there was a bit of time spent setting up the appropriate categories.

                                       Ken Boyle
                                                                  Budgeting Tutorial Page 9

Select the Planning menu and then scroll down and select Budgeting.

If creating a budget for the first time, CashBook 2003 displays a first time in budgets
screen and asks you if you would like CashBook to create a new budget. Click on
Cancel as you need to establish appropriate catergories (accounts) for you micro-

Click on the Categories button so as to enable you to select which categories you are to
key in budget figures. To place ticks against the following categories simply use you
mouse to click in the column to the LEFT of the word.


                                        Ken Boyle
                  Budgeting Tutorial Page 10





      Ken Boyle
                                                                Budgeting Tutorial Page 11

As you can see, this screen has columns for each month, and preset lines for each of the
budgeted items listed down the left side.

In the September column, key in the following budget amounts for Income:

                Class Coaching                         700
                Commission On Raquet Sales             20
                Individual Coaching                    300

In the September column, key in the following budget amounts for Expenses: You may
need to double click on the yellow icon to see the full display of the expense accounts.

            Advertising                               150
            Ball Holders                              120
            Bank Charges                              15
            Clothing – Uniform                        125
            Drawings                                  350
            Insurance – Loss of Income                25
            Insurance – Public Liability              150
            Mobile Phone Rental                       15
            Petrol for Sedan                          80
            Registration of Sedan                     165
            Rent                                      550
            Signs                                     125
            Stationery                                200
            Superannuation                            10
            Telephone Calls                           25
            Tennis Balls                              300
            Tennis Raquet Repairs                     50

                                        Ken Boyle
                                                                 Budgeting Tutorial Page 12

As amounts are keyed in the totals at the bottom of the budget are adjusted.

To copy your September budget across all the months of the year, click on Edit, Fill
Columns – (at the top of the budget box – not on the menu bar.)- Fill Row Right


As you are planning to spend more than you receive in the nine months, adjustments must
be made.

Some of the items are paid only once per year . That is the item will not be payable in
each month.

                                        Ken Boyle
                                                                 Budgeting Tutorial Page 13

Are you able to identify which items will only be payable annually in September?

Have you selected?    Ball Holders
                      Vehicle Registration
                      Public Liability Insurance

Tab to the category of Signs and then tab across to the October column. Key in a zero

Now select the blue Edit and scoll down to Fill Row Right.

Select Yes

After you have selected YES, you will notice that the difference becomes smaller.

Repeat the process of placing zero’s into the following categories:

                      Ball Holders
                      Vehicle Registration
                      Public Liability Insurance

                                        Ken Boyle
                                                                   Budgeting Tutorial Page 14

Some items will only require monies on be spent as needed every few months.

The figures for Tennis Balls & Uniforms will be deleted in all the months except
September, February and May.

You will notice that for each month you are still short of cash.

You now believe that you can find time to conduct more class lessons each week. As
such key in 1200 into September column of Class Coaching category and copy it

To save the budget select Options, Save Budget.

                                         Ken Boyle
                                                                  Budgeting Tutorial Page 15

The budget shows that you have a yearly surplus of $465, but have shortages in some
months. Is this an acceptable position?

If you wish to explore other “what-if” situations, like having a larger surplus, or less
drawings, the amounts can be altered in the budget and then the Restore button can be
used to return to the saved budget. If you wish to save the changes, simply click on the
Save button again.

The budget can be printed out by clicking on the Report button.

After selecting the Report button, click on Budget Report.

                                        Ken Boyle
                                                                Budgeting Tutorial Page 16

Change the dates to 1/9/03 & 30/9/03. Then click on Update

“Did I meet my budget?”

Click on Show Graph to see the following

NOTE: If the tennis tutorial on Recording and Reporting has not been completed
before you began this tutorial, there will be no actual data to insert into the report.
However, a report can still be viewed showing nil actuals against the budgeted amounts.)

I hope that you have found this tutorial interesting and useful and will find time to
work your way through the other tutorials available in CashBook.

                                       Ken Boyle

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