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How to join Google Docs by csgirla


How to join Google Docs

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                                         How To; Join Google Docs

                                         To join Google Docs

                          Follow the following link;

 You need to create an account with Google Docs using your work e-mail address, go to Get Started.

                     Fill in the empty fields, use your work e-mail address.
        The password should not be your work password, make a note of this new password.
                    Accept the terms of service and create the new account.

                        Google will e-mail you a message with a link inside.
                 Note, this message may accidently go to your junk e-mail account,
                            if so you will need to mark it as not junk mail.
                       Click on the link in the e-mail to activate your account.

                    Now when you go to, you can log in

                                      Fill in your username.
                    and password (not your work password but the new one).
                Choose if you want your details to be remembered on your machine,
                                            Select sign in

                Your should be in your Google applications (Google apps) account.
                                       Select the Docs icon.

                   To log off, select the sign out icon in the top right of the screen

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