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         TENTS                                     Sleeping-bags: hollow fibre         Can / bottle opener          Lighter (remember to take
             Tent: canvas / nylon                  / microfibre / down                 Plates: plastic /            charcoal, wood & firelighters!)
                                                                                       melamine /                      lighter fuel
                                                                                       stainless steel / enamel     Braai cleaning gear
                                                                                       Mugs: plastic /              Smoker
                                                                                       stainless steel / enamel        smoker shavings
           Tent extension                          Sleeping bag liner                  Tumblers: plastic /          Braai fan
           Windbreaker:                            Spare stuff bag                     stainless steel              Gas flame rod
           netted / polytarp                       Compression straps                  Wine goblet: plastic /
           Groundsheet:                            Pillow: inflatable / down /         stainless steel
           netted / polytarp                       hollow fibre
           Gazebo: canvas / nylon                  Thermal blanket
                                                                                       Flask                       LIGHTING
                                                                                       Pots                         Torch:
               sides                                                                   Frying pan
               ends                                                                                                  battery / rechargeable
               gazebo corners                    FURNITURE                             Egg rings                       torch bulb
                                                    Chairs: arm chair /                Kettle                       Spotlight:
         Spares & accessories                       director’s / reclining /           Coffee pot                   battery / rechargeable
           Spare pegs                               loafa / other                      Food storage                 Headlamp
           Peg bag                                 Tables: folding / roll-up /         containers                   Batteries
           Easy peg puller                         picnic / other                      Utility jars                 Fluorescent light:
           Mallet                                                                      Utility hook                 12V / 220V
           Spare poles                             Hammock                             Egg boxes                    Lantern: gas / fuel /
           Pole bag                                  hammock stand
                                                                                       Salt & pepper cellars        rechargeable / 12V
           Tent bag                                                                    Measuring bottle                lantern / light tubes
           Tent repair kit                       STORAGE                               Tablecloth                      glass for
           Canvas waterproofer                     Trunk                                                               gas lantern
                                                                                       Cutting board
           Seam-sealer                             Ammo boxes                                                          mantle / wicks
           Nylon repair tape                          ammo box clips
           Nylon rope
                                                   Storage boxes:
                                                                                      COOKING                          lantern fuel
           Sliders                                                                     Gas braai                       rechargeable battery
                                                   collapsible / stackable                                          Braai & area light (220V)
           S-hooks                                                                         gas cylinder
           Rubber rings                            Utility shelves
                                                   Clothes’ wardrobe                       gas cooker top
           Grommet kit                                                                     global packs or         ELECTRICAL
           Storm-strap                                                                    individual accessories    Plug adaptors:
           Shock cord                            KITCHEN                                   rubber washers           travel / caravan
           Guide ropes                           Furniture                                                          AC/DC converter
           Superglue / Wondafix                                                            jets / jet cleaner
                                                   Mini-kitchen                                                     Inverter
           Duct tape                                                                       gas bottle bag
                                                      shelf for mini-kitchen                                        Portable dual
                                                                                           skottel bag
                                                   Catering / work-table                                            battery system
                                                                                           cylinder key
         SLEEPING GEAR                             Dishwashstand                                                    Deep cycle battery
                                                                                           stems / extension        Battery charger
            Airbed: single / double                   draining rack                       pipes
                                                   Basin: standard /                                                Portable power
                 pump: electrical /                                                    Cast iron burner             Portable TV
                manual                             collapsible
                                                                                           regulator                satellite dish kit
                 pump spares                          bundu basin stand
                                                                                           gas hose
                 airbed repair kit                 Bucket:
                                                                                       Wood / charcoal braai
                 airbed spare plug
                                                   standard / collapsible
                                                                                       Potjie / bake-pot
                                                   Pop-up utility bin                                               First aid kit
            Stretchers:                                                                    lid lifter
            standard / stackable                   Whisk & dust pan                                                 Snake bite kit
                                                   Water containers                        tripod                   Emergency/survival blanket
                 stack adaptors                                                        Bread oven
                                                      hose kit                                                      Whistle
            Mattress: foam / thermal                                                   Braai toaster                Vehicle /
            roll-up / self-inflating                  cap/tap
                                                   Clothes-horse /                     Jaffle maker                 emergency light (12V)
                                                   washing-line                        Braai tongs                  Warning triangle
                                                   (remember to take clothes pegs!)    Braai grid
                                                   Portable                            Grid brush
                                                   washing machine                     Braai pan
         For Every Adventure!                        cutlery bag

                                                                                                                                     PTO for more
33328 Camping Checklist 9/11/08 8:06 AM Page 2

          REFRIGERATION                           Toilet: portable /            Clothing
             Soft cooler                          toilet stool                     breathable /       NOTES
             Hard cooler: standard /                   biodegradable               quick-dry shirt
              extreme / thermoelectric                 toilet chemicals            breathable /
             Ice bricks                           Shower & bathroom                quick-dry shorts
             Can coolers                          bag                              Jacket
             Techni-Ice sheets                    Biodegradable soap                   waterproof
             Thermal jug                          Soap box                             thermal
             Fridge/freezer:                      Biodegradable
                220V                              shampoo                      LEISURE &
                                                  Biodegradable clothes
                12V / 220V / 24V
                                                  washing powder
                240V / 12V / gas
                                                  Toothbrush                   Watersports
             Vehicle mounting bracket             cover / holder                Kayak
             Protection jacket                    Hairdryer: 12V                    paddle
             Spare 12V or 220V cables             Towel: medium / large             roof rack
             Spare fuse                           Water purification:               kayak holder
             Spare male plugs                      filter / tablets                 canoe wedges
             Spirit level                              replacement filters      Inflatable boat
             (for gas fridges)                    Sunscreen                         motor mount
                                                  Aftersun                          motor
          NAVIGATION &                                                          Life jacket
          COMMUNICATION                          INSECT                         Goggles & snorkel
              GPS                                PROTECTION
                                                  Mosquito net
                                                     mozzie net                Beach
                                                     re-impregnator             Sunshade
                                                  Insect killer 220V            Beach chairs
                                                     bulbs for insect killer    Mat
               ‘How to                                                          Umbrella
                use a GPS’ DVD                    Aerosol spray
                                                  Protective lotion             Bucket & spade
               GPS maps CDs                                                     Bodyboard
               GPS carrycase                      Repellent wipes
                                                  Repellent soaps               Fishing rod
               GPS PC interface cable                                           & reel combo
               car charger adaptor                Citronella candles
                                                  Citronella lamps                 accessory combo
               vehicle mount                                                       tackle box
               extra memory stick                   citronella oil
             Compass                              Tick-repellent
                                                                               Campsite fun
             Two-way radio                                                      Play-balls
             Maps                                MISCELLANEOUS                  Bat & ball sets
             Map cover                            Camp saw                      Kites
                                                  Machete/axe                   Volleyball
          VEHICLE                                 Locks                         Pétanque
          ACCESSORIES                             Fire extinguisher
             Tie-down strap                                                     Frisbee
                                                  Rope                          Swingball
             Puncture repair kit                  Shovel
             Wheel spanner                        Sunglasses
             Jack                                 Binoculars
             Visor wallet                         Camera:
             Car kettle                                                    
                                                  waterproof / disposable             Call toll-free 0800 003 051
             Cup holders                             film charger
             ZA sticker                              memory cards
             Roof-box (extra storage)             Books & magazines
                                                  Cable ties
          HYGIENE                                 Picnic rug
             Shower tent                          Packs
                shower groundsheet                   travel
             Shower: 12V / gas /                     day
             bush / solar                         Headwear                             For Every Adventure!
                spare submersible                    hat
                pump (for 12V shower)                beanie
             Toilet tent                          Footwear
                                                     hiking boots
                                                     aqua socks

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