MBA 554 Human Resource Management by stephan1


									                                          MBA 554 Human Resource Management
                                               Course Outline Spring 2006

Date      Topic                       Background Work from          Readings/Articles                          Research
                                      Gowan CD-ROM                                                             Presentation
Jan 23    Course Introduction
Jan 30    History and Challenges of                                 Part I HRM Reality
Feb 6     EEO Law                     Module II                     Part V HRM Reality
                                      Refresher Course in EEO
                                      Law handout
Feb 13    Human Resource Planning     Module I (only the planning   Part II HRM Reality                        EEO Laws
          Job Analysis                section)
                                      Module III
Feb 20    Recruitment                 Module I (recruitment         Interview Research applied to              Job Analysis
          Selection                   section)                      candidates (eResv)
                                      Module IV
                                                                    Background Data: Applications in
                                                                    Recruitment, Selection and

                                                                    The Emergence of Person-Organization
                                                                    Fit in Organizational staffing processes

Feb 27    Vacation
March 6   Training & Development      Module V                      Mentoring within the political arena       Strategic Planning

                                                                    Executive coaching (eResv)

                                                                    Beating the career blues (eResv)
March 13    Performance Management         Module VI                        Overlooked and emerging issues in            Staffing
                                                                            performance appraisal (eResv)

                                                                            A trinity of Prescriptions for
                                                                            performance management systems

                                                                            The promise and peril of giving negative
                                                                            feedback (eResv)

March 20    Mid Term Exam1

            Safety & Health                Review outline in the
                                           “rational models” handout
March 27    Compensation                   Module VII                       Part IV and III-2 HRM Reality                Training &
            Benefits                                                                                                     Development
April 3     Discipline                     Module VIII                      Part III HRM Reality                         Performance
            Discharge                                                                                                    Management
            Employee Relations
April 10    Grappling with Key Issues                                       Part VI HRM Reality                          Employee Rewards
April 17    Vacation
April 24    Work Life Balance                                               Part VII HRM Reality                         Health & Safety

May 1       Future of HRM                                                   Part VIII HRM Reality                        Employee & Labor
May 8       Final Exam2

  Mid Term Exam will include: EEO Law, Planning, Job Analysis, Recruitment, Selection and Performance Management. A study guide will be
  Final will include: Compensation, Benefits, D & D & Employee Relations, Key Issues, Work-Life Balance and Future of HRM. A study guide will be

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