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									                       Match Day Check List, Player Accident and
                              Public Liability Insurance


Match Day Check List

1.)   Who is responsible for signing the Match Day Check List on behalf of
      the club?

      It has been recommended by the VCFL that each club appoint a Risk
      Management Officer (RMO) prior to the commencement of the season. The RMO
      will be responsible for the completing of the checks and signing of the Match Day
      Check List

      Each club should also appoint a Deputy Risk Management Officer who will act as
      the RMO should the elected RMO be unavailable. In the absence of the RMO or
      his deputy or any club official can undertake the checks and sign the Match Day
      Check List.

2.)   What level of qualification is required by the RMO to undertake his

      The RMO is not required to hold any professional capacity or undertake any
      special training to complete the Match Day Check List. All RMO’s will receive
      guidelines prior to the season commencing and training and information sessions
      will be held throughout the year.

3.)   When is the Match Day Check List signed?

      The Match Day Check List is signed before the commencement of the first game
      of the day. If there are more than the two teams playing on that ground on a
      particular day, then a new Match Day Check List must be signed by the RMO of
      each competing team before their teams play.

4.)   What liability is there on the RMO or person signing the Match Day
      Check List if there is an injury?

      There is no Liability on the RMO or person signing the Match Day Check List.
      This check list as a document for our insurers to confirm that the checks were
      undertaken before the commencement of play and in the opinion of the RMO it
      was safe for the game to proceed. The RMO is also protected by the Volunteer
      Public Protection Legislation and the VCFL Public Liability Insurance.
5.)   What if one or both of the RMO’s of the competing two sides deem that
      there is a genuine safety risk and refuse to sign the document before
      the game starts?

      The game does not proceed.

      In almost all instances the clubs involved should be able to rectify any issue, ie:
      replace goal post padding, spread some sand over parts of the ground, cover
      sprinkler heads etc. In most cases the RMO’s should exercise common sense and
      provide an opportunity for the works to be carried out to meet the safety
      requirements for the game to proceed even if the start of the first game is

      However, in extreme cases where there is a serious safety concern that
      cannot be rectified, the game or games on that day cannot commence.

6.)   What happens if a game is cancelled due to safety concerns?

      VCFL Rule 10.6.2 applies. This states:

      a)     If a match is unable to commence or continue within the time scheduled
             for the match for reasons beyond the control of either team ( including
             circumstances where it is unsafe for a match to proceed) the following
             shall apply

      i)     The result of the match which is unable to commence for reasons beyond
             the control of the team shall be determined by the ruling body.

7.)   What if any part of the Match Day Check List is completed with a “No”?

      If any question on the Match Day Check List is answered with a “no”, then this
      flags a safety risk and the game is not to proceed. However, in almost all
      instances the clubs involved should be able to rectify the risk quickly allowing the
      game to proceed once all safety issues have been satisfied.

8.)   What if the umpire says it is OK to proceed after the RMO says the
      game should not proceed?

      The umpire is not party to the Match Day Check List or the VCFL insurance
      requirements and as such has no control over the signing of the Match Day
      Check List. If the RMO’s decide there is a safety risk then the game does not
      proceed until that risk is satisfied.
9.)    What if the umpire says it is NOT safe to play after the RMO says it is
       safe to play?

       If the umpire identifies a risk that the RMO’s have not and he/she considers that
       risk sufficient not to play the game or there is a change in conditions or
       circumstances after the RMO’s have signed off the Match Day Check List. The
       Umpire may call the game off or it does not commence/recommence until the
       safety issues are satisfied and the Umpire confirms everything is satisfactory.

10.)   What if a club decides to NOT sign the Match Day Check List to prevent
       a game proceeding?

       Should there be allegations that a clubs RMO has refused to sign the Match Day
       Check List for any other reason than a safety risk, the ruling body, (league),
       will investigate the matter and if it is found the RMO refused to sign the Match
       Day Check List for reasons other than concerns over safety, the matter will be
       dealt with by the league under “bringing the game into disrepute” and will be
       treated most severely.

Player Accident and Public liability Insurance

1.)    Are WorkSafe VCFL registered players trying out with TAC cup sides in
       practice games covered by insurance if there is no ground inspection
       sheet completed?

       They are covered by the TAC cup insurance cover when under the control of the
       TAC cup side.

2.)    Are players/officials covered under Public Liability insurance for any
       traveling they do. Ie: traveling to away games, popping down to the
       local liquor supplier for extra stocks.

       Yes. The Public Liability insurance cover protects them for 24 hours a day for the
       entire year, regardless of whether it is football season or not. The policy covers
       club members anywhere in Australia as long as they are acting in official football
       club business.

3.)    Is a player who is not registered with the VCFL and trains and plays
       with a VCFL club during the practice match season covered for Player
       Accident and Public Liability Insurance.

       Yes. A player who is not registered with the VCFL or has been registered with
       another VCFL club is covered by Non Medicare and Public Liability cover.

       The player must be registered BEFORE the first official round of their
       league to be covered by the WorkSafe VCFL Risk Protection Policy.
4.)   Are clubs covered Player Accident and Public Liability insurance for
      unofficial little league matches at ½ time of the senior match.

      Yes. The insurance covers promotion of the game.

5.)   Are clubs covered for Player Accident and Public Liability insurance for
      one off “Lightning Premierships” which is not part of the normal home
      & away season.

      Yes. Again, this is promotion of the game.

6.)   Are players and officials covered for Player Accident and Public Liability
      insurance on a Pre Season camp or at a different venue to what they
      normally train at.

      Yes. As long as the training session is arranged by the club they are covered.
      They are not covered if it is just a group of players having a night arranged by

7.)   What if a game is shifted to a venue not normally used by the club or

      Yes you are covered provided the Match Day Check List is completed for that
      venue before the games commence.

8.)   Can a player be granted an exemption to play outside their age group
      based on age or disability?

      Yes, provided there has been sufficient consultation. There needs to be a signed
      agreement between the player, parents and the club and league agreeing to this
      arrangement. The player and parents should be interviewed by the coach, club
      and league officials detailing the reasons why the player should be granted an
      exemption. This needs to be documented and accepted by all parties.

9.)   Fundraising events such as Disco/band in social rooms, hay carting,
      hiring out venue for special functions such as 21sts, annual ball at
      another venue. etc.

      Some fund raising events are covered under the Public Liability policy and
      include, Trivia Nights, Bands, Fancy Dress, Presentation Nights, Balls/dances etc.
      Some are not covered such as functions involving, Water Activities, Aircraft,
      Fireworks, Livestock, Rides of any kind, large crowds or security personnel but it
      is best for any function or special fund raising event that you contact Jardine
      Lloyd Thompson, 1300655931 to ensure your event is covered.
10.)   Does the policy cover infectious diseases?

       No the policy does not cover the catching of or transfer of infectious diseases

11.)   If a trainer who has not completed their accreditation covered by the
       Public Liability Insurance?

       Yes. They are covered as long as they are only administering basic first aid. It is
       a rule of most leagues that all trainers must have at least a level 1 trainers

12.)   Does the VCFL have a policy for extreme weather conditions such as
       heat or cold.

       At present there are no policies covering extreme weather conditions, however
       this will be reviewed during the year. Commonsense should always prevail in
       extreme weather conditions and if it is considered extreme the game should be
       delayed or stopped.

13.)   What is the minimum safe standard for lighting at grounds?

       The Risk Management Manual provides a guide on this and although the best
       level is 500 LUX this is normally for TV standard games. The Australian standard
       is 100 LUX and this would be a fair guide if playing a game under lights.

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