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                                         Latest News from the Bristol & Bath Tennis Club
   No. 44 January 2005

                                            CHARITY WEEK 2005
   This year’s Charity Week is dedicated to raising money for Babe’s Big Appeal to build a new children’s hospice
   in Wraxall, near Bristol. £6 million has been raised already, but £9 million is still needed to build, equip and
   endow it with initial running costs.
   The week, the brainchild of Alan Franklin, features a Tennis Challenge, which runs from Saturday January 15th
   through to the following Saturday 22nd, and culminates in a full evening of entertainment, including a grand
   play-off for the members with the highest number of points accumulated during the week, an exhibition doubles
   match with an unusual angle, a reception with wine and a delicious Spanish theme buffet.
   The Tennis Challenge for members is to score points during the course of a normal singles or doubles game in
   Challenge week, by hitting various targets on the court. A small donation to the appeal is made by participating
     Inside:                            players in each of these matches and will be deducted from members’
     Boasters Weekend          2        accounts in the usual way. Players will compete in two handicap bands
     The Ponsford Plate        2        and the number of points awarded per target will depend on the player’s
     Rob Fahey comes                    handicap.
      to B&BTC                 3        ....And, of course, points means prizes .....
     44-55 Handicap                     Links of London, who are the main sponsors of the event, have generously
      Singles                  3        offered to present a watch to the winning players at the play-off on
     Fontainebleau             3        Saturday 22nd. We are grateful to East Fashions who are also sponsoring
     Match Results             3
                                        the event.
     British Ladies Handicap
       Tournament              4        After the members’ play-off, the Professionals Challenge, sponsored by
     New Members               4        Dunhill, will feature Kevin King and Warren Sweet who take on Mark
     Taster Sessions           4        Coghlan and Mike Henman, using Challenge rules.

                                                                                            CHARITY WEEK EVENTS
            Calling all Country Members!
    The Country Members Weekend is enjoyed every year                   Saturday 15th                Tennis Challenge opens
    by visitors and natives alike. Masterminded by John                 Saturday 15th - Friday 21st Play as many Tennis Challenge
    Chawner, this year it will be held over the weekend of                                                   Matches as possible
  March 5th & 6th. As usual, there will be a full programme             Friday 21st        10.00am - 5.00pm Cricket Pro-Am
          of matches, delicious meals and socialising.                  Saturday January 22nd
    If you are interested in playing please contact Kevin or                               7.15pm Drinks reception
                                                                                           7.30pm Tennis Challenge play-offs
       Jim at the Club as soon as possible so that we can
                                                                                           7.45pm Professionals Challenge Match
     organise accommodation for those who would like it,
                                                                                           9.00pm Spanish theme buffet supper
      as well as the playing schedules and programme of
                                                                                           9.45pm Prize giving
                             events.                                       Please register each Challenge Match with Kevin or Jim.
            Some excerpts from last years report:                        Why not invite your friends along to the Charity Evening?
   ‘Lunch was astonishing’, ‘pudding was glorious’, ‘excellent                               Wine reception, finals,
  newly-covered balls were a treat to play with’, ‘fine short           Professionals Challenge, buffet dinner, prize giving. Tickets
        speech’, ‘another glorious lunch’, ‘Champagne’....                                     £20 from the club.

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                        Bristol & Bath Tennis Club, Beggar Bush Playing Fields, Abbots Leigh Road, Bristol BS8 3QD
                                     THE PONSFORD PLATE
  We were particularly delighted to have Nick back in fine form to present his trophy. All the players
  enjoyed an excellent day; the few clear rules did not tax the brain and ensured that everyone had an
  equal share of the action. As in last year’s competition, at the service end the non-serving player had
   to remain worse than the last gallery and the stronger players of each couple served to each other.
  Kevin arranged the couples so that joint handicaps were closely matched and all matches were played
                                                  off level.
   In the first box, Julian Hemming and Trish Morris won their three matches, with Judy Orme and
  Chris Kenber runners-up with two wins. In the second box, Karen Henty and Peter Jones also won all
                        their matches, beating Sarah Bryan and Graham Veitch into
                                                second place.
     In the final, Julian and Trish put up a determined fight — an extra incentive for Julian being an
 impending babysitting deadline — and won the match 6-3, 6-1. This is Julian’s third Ponsford Plate win
     in four years, each with a different partner; perhaps he could be auctioned as a doubles partner
                                            during Charity Week?

                                      BOASTERS WEEKEND
  Ellie Beale writes:
  The annual Boasters' Weekend, organised by the Clifton Boasters Rackets Club, was held over the weekend
    of the 7th to 9th of January. About 40 players took part and were offered a veritable feast of rackets,
  real tennis and squash, in whatever combination they desired. Separate competitions were held for each of
   the three sports and a fiendishly clever timetable was arranged by John Newman and Sam Beale to ensure
  that all the games could be accommodated. Games on Friday evening and Saturday were organised on a box
      format, and Sunday's play was in the form of knock-out competitions for 'plate' and main events. On
  Saturday night, Steve Atkinson organised a very successful dinner in the 'Mauretania' in Park Street - the
     result of which was that one pair failed to wake up in time for their 9 o'clock match on Sunday morning!

   A succession of exciting games resulted in John Newman and Anthony Sandow beating Peter Ashmead and
    Charlie Colquhoun in the final of the Real Tennis Plate, and Sam Byron-Evans and Duncan Lidgitt beating
                        Mark Hardinge and Dan Walker in the final of the Rackets Plate.

   Mark Swallow and his partner James Mallinson had to do a quick dash from their Rackets semi final, over
   the bridge to play in the Real Tennis final against David Jenkins and Nigel Harradine. David and Nigel
  started in fine style and were soon 5 - 2 up in an 8 game set. Then Mark and James got their act together
  and eventually fought back to 7 all. After some fantastic rallies and tremendous retrieving by all players,
       David and Nigel emerged victorious from the final game. David was also the winner in the squash
                        competition, in which he was ably partnered by Simon Burns-Cox.

   The Rackets final was between Mike Henman and Reg Williams and Richard Clarke and Peter Atkinson.
  They played the best of 5 games, and the final score of 3 - 0 to Mike and Reg did not reflect the quality of
                  play and the excitement of the games. All in all it was a very worthy final.

  Finally, the 'Triple Racket' prize, to the pair who achieved most points in a combination of all three sports,
   was won by Sam and John Beale, who won their box at Squash, and reached the semi finals of both the
                                    Rackets and the Real Tennis competitions.

  The whole event was surrounded by an atmosphere of good-sportsmanship which made it most enjoyable for
             players and spectators alike - and ensures that it will continue to be well supported.

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                     Bristol & Bath Tennis Club, Beggar Bush Playing Fields, Abbots Leigh Road, Bristol BS8 3QD
                                    Inter-Club Matches                                               World No 1 at B&BTC !
                  October 31st                Holyport (H) Brodie Cup Lost 1 - 4                    Arrangements are well advanced
                  Joe Morris, who was also match manager, was our only winner,                      for Rob Fahey, the World No 1,
                  defeating John Garrett 6-4, 6-3. A good day was had by all.                       to hold coaching clinics at B&BTC
   R E S U LT S
                  October 31st                MCC (A)                 Lost 1 - 3                    on February 28th and March 1st
                  A fine match with three of the four contests going to three sets.                 this year. There are still a few
                  Dan Butler and Peter Jones won their three-setter.                                places left and anyone who is in-
                  December 4th                Queen’ s Club (H)       Won 5 - 0                     terested should contact Kevin or
                  Under Tricia Moffat’s clearly inspired management, B&BTC won                      Jim at the court.
                  all five matches against Queen’s.                                                  On the evening of February
                  December 11th               Hyde (A)                Lost 1 - 3                    28th Rob will play an exhibition
                  Tricia Moffat played first and had a very good match, which she
                                                                                                    match against Nick Wood who is
                  won. Nicky McClure also played a fine match and had four match
                                                                                                    also well up in the world rankings.
                  points but eventually lost, as did Gordon and Jim.
                                                                                                    This will be a unique opportunity
                                                                                                    to witness Real Tennis played at
                                       Night Pennants                                               the very highest level on our own
                                                                                                    court and we hope to fill the
                  The latest Wednesday series produced a decisive 5-1 victory for
                                                                                                    dedans, the side galleries and the
                  Team 3: Barbara Coates, Sarah Sharp, Tim Thompson and Tricia
                                                                                                    upstairs viewing area with as
                  Moffat (deputising for regular team member Chris Kenber).
                  The next series is about to start, so if you haven’t done so already              many spectators as possible.
                  please enter without delay.                                                       Further details will be issued

                   HANDICAP SINGLES 45 TO 55                                                              FONTAINEBLEAU
 Twenty-one players took part in the Hand-      There followed some dramatic retrieving            Jon Starks, Guy Demetriadi, Joe
 icap Singles Competition for players with      and defensive play and the score was               Morris, Patrick Charrington and
 handicaps between 45 & 55 held over the        again level at 3-all. In the deciding game         KK had a very enjoyable trip to
 weekend of November 13th & 14th.               of this four game set, Gren picked up a
                                                                                                   Fontainebleau on the weekend of
 Graham Stott, Harry Spur, John                 very fast low cross-court backhand and put
 Redmond, Gren James, Tricia Moffat and         it into the dedans. On the next point              November 6th and 7th, with An-
 Barbara Coates were the winners of the         however, he put a shot into the net and so         thony Scratchley their excellent
 preliminary boxes.                             lost the set 3-4.                                  host. On Saturday, Jon won his
 Graham Stott wasn’t able to play in the        After initially losing concentration in the        singles match against Helen Hend-
 semi-finals and his place was taken by the     second set, Gren won the long first game           erson 6-3, 6-0; Guy had a three
 box runner-up Chris Pople.                     from 0-30 down and stormed through the
                                                                                                   set battle to win his match
 There was a clear winner in each of the        second to 2-0. Harry recovered and fought
                                                                                                   against Rupert Donner 5-6, 6-3,
 semi-final boxes: Gren James and Harry         back to 2-all, but it was soon 3-all. The
 Spurr each won both their matches to go        deciding game was another long battle; at          6-5 and Patrick won his match 6-
 through to the final.                          40-all Harry misjudged a shot of Gren’s,           4, 6-4. KK and Joe lost their
 The final itself was a thriller, with Harry    leaving it to win the chase that gave Gren         matches against Olivier Michel
 twice returning two balls successfully         the second set.                                    and Yves Carlie. On Sunday morn-
 Henman-style from behind his back, and         The third set was also initially one of            ing KK played and won a singles
 some very good chases being laid and           quickly reversing fortunes: Harry took the
                                                                                                   match against Jon Hamer 6-4, 6-0
 won.                                           first game to love, Gren the second 40-15,
 With a 5 point difference, the handicap was    Harry the next two. In the final game              and the other four players played
 owe half 15, receive half 15 in Gren’s         exhaustion was becoming a factor and               friendly doubles games. The week-
 favour.                                        Gren served a double fault at a crucial            end was a great success and much
 In the opening game Harry coolly laid a        moment; Harry sent an excellent shot               enjoyed by the players.
 chase of better than 1 at 40-30 up and won     along the wall to win a chase of three
 Ihe game with it. Gren won the second          yards.
 game and in the third, Harry again laid two    Congratulations to Harry on winning 4-3,
 chases better than one and took the game.      3-4, 4-1 and to Gren on only just losing. It
 The fourth game levelled the score at 2-all.   was an exceptionally entertaining match.

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                           Bristol & Bath Tennis Club, Beggar Bush Playing Fields, Abbots Leigh Road, Bristol BS8 3QD
                The British Ladies' Handicap Singles & Doubles Tournament
                         at Hardwick House & The Oratory School
 Ann Skelhorne writes:
 The British Ladies' Handicap Singles & Doubles Tournament was held at Hardwick House & The Oratory
 School over Halloween (no derisive comments needed - Joe Morris has already published a book of them!).
 This tournament was a huge success for all players - a weekend of great tennis and excellent humour.
 Judy Orme, Angela Reichardt and Ann Skelhorne nervously ventured into the Singles competition. The
 Hardwick court cut needed some getting used to, and alongside the superb playing of Juliette Lambert and
 Susan Castley Ann's demise was swiftly ensured. Judy met with the extra handicap of Gabrielle Smart
 having been in altitude training (it's amazing the depths some delve to find an original excuse for losing).
 Angela was the most successful of the trio, having actually won TWO of her games and had the honour of
 being second in her group.
 The doubles proved to be more promising for all. Angela reached the semi-finals of her competition with a
 convincing 6-2 win. Judy and Ann, having had the wealth of experience of A coaching session - some ob-
 servers even thought they knew what they were doing! (Thank you Kevin) - had a sound first round win and
 an amazingly unexpected second win over the top seeds, Freddy Adam and Susan Castley. Unfortunately,
 they were not aware of the nervousness of their Final opponents and allowed a 6-2 lead dissolve into a 9-6
 loss. Both left Hardwick happy but bemused about what could have been...
 Fantastic hospitality and the wonderful opportunity to play on two very different courts makes this a bril-
 liant tournament -how about entering the next LRTA event - all abilities are made so welcome. Next

        Ladies Taster Session
                                                                      Dates For Your Diary
  Following the positive response to our            Sat 15th January                     CHARITY WEEK
                                                     to Sat 22nd January
   Ladies' Taster Session last year, we
  are planning to hold another one in the           Sun 23rd January                     All-comers Handicap Singles
    near future, possibly at the end of             Sat 29th January                     Ladies Open Championship
  January or the beginning of February.                                                  (The Ron Brown Trophy)
                                                    Fri-Sun 11th/13th February           Ladies Handicap Championship
   If you know any ladies who might be
                                                    Sat&Sun 19th/20th February           All-Comers Handicap Doubles
   interested to have a go, please let                                                   Tournament
   Kevin know so that we can keep you
                                                    Sun 27th February                    Under 18 Junior Championships
      informed of the arrangements.
                                                                                         (The Beale Trophy)

                                       WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS !
  A warm welcome to our new members:

  FULL MEMBERS:                                                     COUNTRY MEMBERS:
   Sarah Bryan has ended her trial membership and                    Anthony Barnes, Julia Davis, Ronnie Hicks,
   becomes a full member                                                  Mary Morris
   Toby Ingram
   Matthew Mann joins from Junior Membership                        JUNIORS MEMBERS:
   Danny Watkins                                                     Vicky Coombes, Louis Gordon,
                                                                           Edward Playfair, Arthur Radnall.
        Mark Beese

                                                     The NewsLetter
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                     by phone on 0117 9734966 or 07867 833476, or by e-mail to Trish.Morris@uk.fujitsu.com
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