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					Quick reference summary of Academic Research titles:

Specialist Series       (APM 330)

Jr. Specialist

                    Bachelor’s degree is required
                    Limited to 2 years
                    Not an Academic Federation member
                    No search or search waiver is required
                    Faculty vote is optional
                    Brief letter from the chair indicating the results of faculty
                     consultation (if any), source of funding, and qualifications of the
                     individual is required
                    Biography form and publication list is required

Assistant, Associate, Full Specialist

Any “Appointment via change in title” to the titles below would require a search or
search waiver and all other documentation listed in the Academic Federation
checklists. Appointees:

      Need not have a Doctoral degree

      Will possess technical or specialized expertise in the planning and
       execution of a research project; perform work more technical in nature;
       need not have as broad a range of knowledge and competency as
       appointees to the Project Scientist or Professional Research series or
       have an independent research program; may request Principal
       Investigator status as an exception.

      May be ongoing members of a research team or may be employed for a
       short or limited period of time; may contribute skills to multiple projects.

      Will work under the Direction of an ORU Director, Professor, Professional
       Researcher, Specialist in Cooperative Extension, ____ in the A.E.S. or
       Project Scientist.

A Specialist differs from a Staff Research Associate title (or any other staff title)
in that Specialists are required to be actively/significantly involved in publishable
research activities as documented through publications or other methods; are
required to maintain/enhance their professional competence; are required to
show leadership in their technical expertise; and as in the case in other academic
series, mere length of service and continued meritorious performance are not
sufficient justification for advancement.

Project Scientist (APM 311)

      Doctoral degree required

      Makes significant and creative contributions to a research project; must
       possess high-level research skills, not simply technical expertise;
       expected to be able to work independently and to have a higher level of
       independence than required for those in the Specialist series. However,
       there is no expectation that he/she will have/develop an independent
       research program; usually supervised by a Professor or Professional

      May be an ongoing member of a research team or can be employed for a
       short period of time.

      May serve as Co-PI (Investigator) with Professors or Professional
       Researchers; may serve as PI by exception.

      Is eligible for off-scale salaries for recruitment or retention.

Professional Researcher (APM 310)

      Doctoral degree required

      Engages directly in independent research and functions as an
       independent investigator; has the major responsibility and leadership for
       his/her research program; has a research program that is equivalent to
       that expected of a professorial appointee at the same rank/step.

      Has PI status.

      May remain in the Assistant rank for no more than 8 years. Those
       currently in the Assistant rank for more than 6 years have two years to
       achieve promotion to Associate rank or to transition to another series.

      Subject to review on the same schedule as those in the professorial
       series, including review at least once every 5 years.

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