Brand Strategy Session 1: Differentiation by Brandmilitia


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									Session 1: True Differentiation

What makes your brand truly different?
This document provides an overview of the True Differentiation session conducted by Justin Foster,
Tricycle’s Managing Partner.

The Rules: This session should be attended by all top executives that affect the organization’s
strategic direction.

The Format: Justin Foster will lead your team through a workshop-style session. The format of the
session is interactive. Debate and challenging assumptions are both expected. Sessions are typically
1 – 2 full business days, but can be compressed to ½ day depending on the objectives.

The Agenda: The agenda will cover the following areas but leave plenty of room to be flexible per
client situation.

       Introductions and Expectations
       Definition of “brand” and “branding”
       Review of Commander’s Intent
       Assessing the current state of your brand.
       File Folder exercise
       Core Values exercise
       Reviewing key competition
       Creating a profile of the ideal customer
       Oatmeal v Bacon™ differentiation exercise
       Determining Right Now steps

True Differentiation is step 1 of 3 in creating a relevant brand. Step 2 is Sharp Messaging; Step 3 is
creating a Right Now sales plan. For additional details, please see their respective overview

For questions, call 208-841-3497 or e-mail To learn more about Justin and
his team, visit

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