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					 Barton Aerodrome Newsletter
Vol 9 No 3                                                                       May 2002

In this issue...                                 Student Success
The Aerodrome land has now been sold Congratulations to the following:
and the Committee will begin
negotiations with the new Landlords      First Solo:
regarding our lease which expires in         Jeb Suresh, Dave Hotchin,
2005. More details inside.                   Lee Foundation, Jeff Nield,
                                             Janet Richardson, Damian Evans,
There were no controversial items at         Jeff Gosling, Garry Barr
the recent AGM, attended by around 80
members. Kevin McGuire was elected       Skills Test
on to the Committee — his life history      Dave Dudley, Tony Quinn,
and ideas for the future on page 2.         John Doyle, Claire Pinkney,
                                            Paul Goddard, Alexander
Lancashire Aero Club celebrates its      Madgwick,
80th anniversary this year. Look out for    Gary Grayson, Urfan Munir,
other special events.                       Steve Connah,

                                                 Around the Field
  Last date for next issue:                      Green Crossing Code
  30May 2002                                     Pilots please remember not to cross an
  Editor: Chris Hicks                            active runway without permission
  Contributors: Peter Smith, Steve               from the Control Tower (ATC). If you
  Todd, Kevin McGuire                            do not have a radio, stop and wait for a
                                                 Green Light from the Tower.
                                                 This is particularly relevant when

  Send comments, suggestions, news items to: TRIMTAB, Lancashire Aero Club,
  Barton Airfield, Liverpool Rd, Eccles, M30 7SA. Tel: 0161-787 7326 Fax: 0161-787 8782
  eMail:                    Website:
Runway 02/20 is in use, and aircraft are   Fly-In Weekend
proceeding to the hold or to the parking   The event on May 11/12th was part of
area by the Western windsock.              the 80th Anniversary Celebrations.
STOP and ASK before you CROSS. If          The weather was fantastic and
you are not sure where to taxy, ask ATC.   everything proceeded smoothly. The
                                           Fly-In attracted 77 aircraft from all
Car break-in                               over the country.
John Latimer parked his car outside
Hangar 2 (by the airfield entrance) on
Sunday morning (17th February) and         Kevin McGuire
popped into the hangar.. When he                                    by Kevin McGuire
returned a few minutes later, the car       [our new Committee Member...... Ed]
window had been smashed and a bag
stolen, The bog contained: an Icom         I originally started flying at Barton
radio, intercom/power pack, two            about 25 years ago. Cost then was £10
Communica headsets, a Magellan GPS,        per hour. Within a short time this
Pooleys, Lockyer’s Farmstrips Guide as     increased to £40 per hour due to the
well as items of clothing.                 oil crisis.
If anyone comes across or is offered any   In 1995 I started flying again, as the
of these items, please inform the Police   company I worked for agreed to pay
(crime 0161-856         for flying lessons.
5257 and LAC staff.
                                           Paul Simms, my instructor, was the
New certificates                           catalyst in 1996 in organising myself
Anyone having a Trial Lesson will now      and nine other Members to purchase a
receive a very smart full colour           Piper Cherokee 160, G –ARVU.
Certificate to hang on their wall. These   My other interest is rugby, and for
were designed by Nick Duriez, who is       some years I was Chairman of the
also responsible for LACs excellent        North Manchester and Oldham
website:           College RUFC. An arm injury in 1999
Repainting                                 ended my career, but I still assist the
Observant Members will notice that the     Club as Special Projects Executive.
ClubHouse exterior has been repainted.     My son Liam became an Air Cadet in
Likewise the Visitor Centre.               1998 and I joined their committee.
The Flying School portacabins are to       I gained a Postgrad Marketing Diploma
receive the same treatment, and general    and became an Associate of The
tidying up.                                Chartered Institute of Marketing. Until
Many visitors, particularly helicopters,   this year my work precluded standing
are expected during the Commonwealth       for election to the Barton Committee.
Games this July, and to assist with        On a personal note, I firmly believe
refuelling we are to acquire a portable    that to gain maximum benefit out of
fuel bowser.                               any organisation, one should be

Page 2                                                                   May 2002
prepared to offer help to that                   annual State of the Forest address.
organisation in any way we can. Since
we are not only a private members                This year’s main theme included the
club, but also a business, I believe we          theory that evolution not revolution
should be challenging our current                makes for better stability and
working habits. This could include               continuity in managing the club. A
seeking best working practice, auditing          pleasant revelation this, since I always
our work and having customer                     thought that evolution had missed out
satisfaction surveys to ensure that we           Barton completely. Grand eulogies
are developing customer focus. We                were attributed to all our various
should look at increasing the                    service centres, not least this year the
professionalism of our entire                    foragers in charge of building tree
organisation.                                    houses (Ground Staff and
Over recent years I have seen great
improvements at Barton and want to be            Not surprisingly the evil Whittaker,
part of the organisation which keeps             Sheriff de Trafford was on the main
these improvements moving forward                agenda. He and his cavalier henchmen
for the benefit of all our customers,            are endeavouring to chop the forest
members and staff.                               down and build chariot parks or
                                                 shopping malls upon the land.
                                                 Gold sovereigns are now managed by
All a’quiver                                     Andy Beaumont, who has located all
           This year’s AGM                       the treasure chests and put in lots of
                    by Steve “Friar Tuck” Todd   systems to manage the loot. As ever
The invitation to attend the annual              the ladies in the Tower have done a
gathering of Chairman Robbin’ (under             sterling job.
the) Hood and his band of Merry            Members traditionally use the AGM as
Wingmen led 80 or so brave club            an opportunity to bring the Committee
members to the Sherwood Tea Rooms          to heel about financial matters which
(aka Barton Clubhouse) one night in        concern them. Cadbury Dave was
April to hear the daring escapades of      challenged on the sticky subject of
the outlaws over the previous year.        non-allowable VAT but soon had Andy
As usual Maid Marion Williams was in on the run. Ex-banker Peter Flitcroft
attendance to scribe the parchments,       pursued a number of balance sheet
looking less maiden-like by the week       items round in circles until he got
(congratulations !). Secretary Little John cramp. The ugly visage of increased
Kavanagh banned the quaffing of mead bad debts also reared itself, but was
promptly at 19.30 and the hot air          deftly swept under the carpet by
festival commenced.                        auditors (or are they PR agents ?)
                                           Haslam Tunstall. In any event they
To get everyone in the mood it is          were obviously sufficiently adept at
customary to tell tales of last year’s     smoothing the mill pond to find
gathering, and we all had to approve of themselves appointed for a further
these. Robbin’ then stood to deliver his year.

May 2002                                                                          Page 3
Having lost the will to live, or perhaps         year, terminating at the next AGM.
sated on the gluttony of the previous          2. Membership Year
hour, members promptly re-elected all            That the Membership year be moved
retiring outlaws and Robbin’ retained             from 01 October — 30 September
his leadership. There would normally              to 01 April — 31 March.
follow a good bun fight of Motions for           This would be effected by introducing a
                                                 one-off six month membership period.
Consideration, but this year no one had
accepted the challenge. It was left to
the Committee to extend their term of         The Light Planes Lancashire Ltd (that
office from two to three years (Rule 6)       is the company running the business)
and to introduce a cunning ruse to            AGM was held on 7th May with the
collect two lots of forest tax next year,     Directors and Trustees. The accounts
by moving the membership year to 1st          were approved and auditors Haslam
April (no joke !).                            Tunstall were re-appointed.
As hog roasts go, this was a tame affair      We have finally been told that the
and the meeting concluded at 21.05,           Leases for Barton have been transferred
something of a modern day record. I           to Manchester Ship Canal
hope this is a reflection of Robbin’s         Developments Ltd. The Committee will
efficiency and not complacency on the         now be looking to negotiate with the
part of the membership. Sheriff               new Landlords to extend the Lease in
Whittaker is unlikely to be charitable if     line with the suggestions in our recent
we want to continue managing our              Development Study. We have not yet
forest as a sustainable ecology.              heard from the Ombudsman regarding
                                              our complaint against Manchester City
Chairman speaks
                             by Peter Smith
The recent AGM had no surprises, and
                                                    What’s On
72 voting members attended. See               Saturday 8th June — Social Event.
review in this issue. It has been             The Round Britain Microlight Rally
suggested the AGM be moved to the             leaves Barton on Thursday 6th June
Autumn and this is being considered.          and ends 8th June. Celebrated with
                                              Social Event in the Clubhouse at 8pm.
The two motions at the AGM were
carried by large majorities. Details of       North West Balloon & Airship Club
the motions are:                              21st Anniversary Event at Barton on
                                              31st May to 2nd June.
 1. Rule Amendment                            Hangar Dance, Saturday 10th August
   Rule 6 to be amended to read: Each year
   at the AGM three Members shall be          with The Tony Greenwood Band.
   elected to serve on the Committee for a
   period of three years. Retiring Members     To retain historical value, no changes were
   are eligible for re-election. The           made to the text in this old document when
   Committee reserves the right to co-opt      publishing on the www.
   up to three extra Members who would         Signed Chris Hicks (Dec 2006)
   serve for a period of not more than one

Page 4                                                                           May 2002

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