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					       Essential Life Style

      Getting together to
Ensure the plans we make (for people who cannot
    say how they wish their lives to be), are:

      Relevant and specific, to that person.

   My Life
  My Choice
  My Future
                    For People who have Profound, complex
                    needs, and some people in transition, it is
                    essential that the lives they lead are lives that
                    are relevant and specific to them.


That services and supporting care should be focused around that
person and enable them to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Plans to ensure that people are living a life best suited for their
needs have to be specific and individualised.

How can we make a plan for someone who cannot
Everyone can communicate – for some it is immediate, for others it
requires an understanding and time commitment on the part of
those that care for them.

It is the Care -giver who knows them best.
To make a plan for a person who has
complex needs a Person Centred Facilitator
will interview all those people who care for
and provide services to, that individual.

From the information gained a detailed plan
(An Essential Life Style Plan) will be
      If you are over the age of 16 and want a plan
   You are requesting a plan on behalf of someone,
                         Please contact:

    Community Learning Disability Team William Molson Centre,
                Kent Street, Grimsby DN32 7DJ

                                      01472 629321

                   Ask to speak to a Person Centred Planning
                   Facilitator. You will be asked / helped to fill in
                   a request form.

On receiving the form:

A Person Centred Planning Facilitator will
contact you and arrange a meeting.

Together you can discuss what you wish to
do and how to proceed.

An Essential Life Style Plan takes time to
complete, as it is a highly detailed plan.
An Essential Life Style Plan will find out:
• Who the person is - their personality,
  how they interact; what they bring to
  the World.
• What is essential to them, and what
  must be in place –for them to lead a
  life specific to them?
• What is important and special to

And identify

• What do we need to do in order to support and enable them to
  live their life? The plan will enable uniform / individualised
  care, by all care providers.

 An Essential Life Style Plan is a profile of a person, and
 what is needed to support this person in living their life:
                the way they wish it to be.

                    The Plan will identify what that person’s life is
                    like now. Is the life they are leading reflecting
                    the identified needs of the Essential Life Style
                    Plan created? If not do things need changing?

                    If so – an action plan can be made, and those
                    caring and supporting the individual can
                    ensure the Essential Life Style plan is fulfilled.

                    People’s lives change
Once an Essential Life Style Plan has been created it can be
added to and changed to reflect present and future needs.

The plan and the person, rely on those caring for them
to review the plan and ensure their lives are fulfilled,
and that supporting - services reflect the needs of the

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