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Reed Ingersoll


									                                               Reed Ingersoll
                                                2167 48th ave
                                         San Francisco, CA 19116
                                               (415) 753-3855


Project Manager/ Lead Modeler --- Planet9 Studios
March 2007 - Sept 2008
Led team creating accurate, USGS-georeferenced 3D city models for use in many mobile phone, in-car
navigation, and PC-based environments. Created assets for proprietary avatar software packages that
feature mobile mapping, tracking, and “geo-serving”, as well as Planet9’s RayGun - a GPS tracking,
navigation and social networking application. Worked directly with clients including Nvidia, Intel,
Microsoft, Harvard University, University of Maryland, Magellan, TeleAtlas, BMW, Volkswagon, among
many many others, and most notably, The US Navy.

Independent Contractor-- Bay Simulations
May 1999 -- May 2006
Migrating architectural blueprints and translating them into 3D using Maya, 3ds max
Develop marketing tools to pre-sell high-end custom spec homes in the Hillsborough, Atherton, Pacific
Heights, and Woodside areas of Northern California.

3D Modeler --- New Pencil

Jan 2002 – Jan 2005
Develop, model, and test 3D artifacts for the Sims, Sim City, and The Sims2 environments
3DSMax, among other projects.
Multiple titles published as expansion packs.

Creative Director/Webmaster ----               ----
May 2000 – Aug 2001
Webmaster of online streaming audio start up, which operates much like a weekly magazine.
This company creates audio interviews of current musicians as an outsourced media content provider to
artists, labels, retailers, and other online entities.

                 Responsibilities include:

Design and conception of website
Weekly updates of new content
Oversee the implementation of our content onto the artists' sites
Design all marketing tools
Database management of hundreds of artists

Art Director and 3D Artist-- Silicon Art Architectural Simulation
March 1997 -- May 1999 - Silicon Art, San Carlos Ca

                   Responsibilities include:
Interpreting architectural blueprints and extruding them into 3D using Alias Power Animator, Maya
Complex texture mapping
Color correcting and printing
QTVR authoring
Bidding contracts

Art Director--Carlos Santana CD-ROM
November 1994 - December 1996 - CubeArt, San Francisco, CA

                           Responsibilities include:

  Designed and produced demo of working interactive demo
  Co-wrote budget and work flow schedule
  Assisted Creative Director on overall conceptual design
  Assisted in hiring additional staff artists
  Directed Asset Manager
  Assisted all aspects of on-site audio and video production
  Assisted in audio production
  Produced all still photography
  Assisted in project management
  Produced all 3-D art
Also produced demo art for The Jimi Hendrix Estate and
The Jim Marshall photography studio.
Extensively experienced in 3-D Studio, KPT Bryce, Photoshop,
Premiere, Director, SoundForge, Excel, QTVR, Painter

Designer/Animator --Rainforest Action Network San Francisco, CA
October 1995 -- January 1996

Designed and animated graphics for an educational video
documenting the life cycles of the rainforests around the world.
Utilized Director to synchronize the animations with the

3-D Artist -- Amazing Media San Anselmo, CA
March 1995 - August 1995
Worked with a team of 3-D artists on CD game-title: "The Mummy," an
immersive, Myst-like game of Egyptian tombs.

Co-partner and 3-D Animator -- Pixel Beach Publishing San Francisco, CA
March 1994 - May 1995
Directed and produced video content for cooking CD title: "The
Cafes of San Francisco." Project featured over 50 restaurateurs
and select recipes from their kitchens.

3-D Artist -- Co-op Media Group (CourseNet), San Francisco CA
April 1995 - May 1995
Developed a 3-D environment using 3-D Studio and QTVR for
title: "The History of Jazz." Main interface simulated a jazz
club with links to many of the greatest jazz artists.
June 1996
Developed a web site for Hewlett Packard “Tech City”
March 1997
Provided 3d animation for a trade show video for Sun Microelectronics

Video Producer and Director -- Skylord Productions San Francisco, CA
December 1992 - May 1993
Independent video production company that introduced new
technology of virtual reality hardware and software to already
established video community. As Production Director,
responsibilities included overall concept design for 3-D virtual
reality video production. Notable clients included the Grateful
Dead and Stereographics, Inc.

EDUCATION                  Computer Arts Institute, San Francisco, CA.

Rollins College, Winter Park, FL. Received Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1989.

Chestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia, PA. Graduated 1984.
                       ~~~~~~~~ Samples available upon request ~~~~~~~~

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