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Freshers Fair 2009 Booking Form

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									Freshers’ Fair 2009 Booking Form
Tuesday 6 October 2009
       Situated in the heart of South Kensington, Imperial College is one of the top Universities in Europe, with
     an international reputation that draws in students from every part of Britain and every corner of the world.
 Imperial College Union is an independent body governed by elected       are studying either science, technology, engineering or medicine.
 students that provides representation for the 12,000 students at        Imperial is a lucrative market for future consumers world wide.
 Imperial College. One of our core aims is the development of our
 students’ university experience through extra-curricular activity.      The Freshers’ Fair is a high profile event which allows all 300 clubs
                                                                         to advertise their clubs, recruit members and introduce freshers
 The Union supports over 300 clubs and provides opportunities            to the remarkable range of activity on offer. Not only do all 300
 ranging from 53 different sports, through to gliding, caving, dance,    clubs exhibit, but we run an outdoor stage that allow clubs to
 music, media, drama etc. The Union invests £350,000 directly in         demonstrate their activities ranging from acoustic sets through to
 these clubs and for the current year there were over 12,000 club        full Jazz Big Band, karate shidokan through to advanced fencing
 memberships, the most by-far for a British university.                  techniques. In addition IC Radio and STOIC, the student television
                                                                         club, run outside broadcasts publicising their clubs and the fair. This
 Around 4,000 new students join Imperial each year. The Freshers’        dynamic event caters for freshers, undergraduate, postgraduate
 Fair is a superb opportunity for your business to contact this fresh    and international students, attracting over 6,000 students each year.
 market, while they are still new to London and Imperial. Almost
 a quarter of the students are from countries outside the Uk and         Ultimately the fair provides a unique opportunity for your
 EU. Well over a third of our students are female, and all students      organisation to raise its profile and target our large student market.

Please complete the following details below in BLOCK CAPITALS and return to Alex Mckee no later than Wednesday 16 September to:

Alex Mckee
Freshers’ Fair 09
Imperial College Union
Beit Quadrangle Prince
Consort Road
or Fax to: 020 7594 8065

I, on behalf of_____________________________________________________________________________________________________
would like to take up the following advertising and sponsorship opportunities at the Imperial College Union Freshers’ Fair 2009, subject to
the terms and conditions outlined over leaf.

stall choices
         Standard Stall - £450 + VAT                                                 We have four different stall package options,
         2m x 2m area                                                                   varying in position and size. All standard
                                                                                              packages include a 1m x 2m table,
         Charity Rate - £250 + VAT                                                                    2 chairs and a power point.
         Only available for Registered Charities

         Premium Stall - £700 + VAT
         3m x 2m area

         Premium Plus Stall - £800 + VAT
         The premium plus stall is a 3m x 2m area within one
         of the main foyers giving you a greater throughput of
         students throughout the day.
Once we have received your booking for Freshers’ Fair 09, we will send you a letter, confirming receipt and an invoice.
Further details including a map of the area and of the fair will be sent out to you prior to the event.

We must point out that due to our Central London location, NO FREE PARKING is available.

All enquiries regarding Freshers’ Fair stalls should be directed to the Communications & Sponsorship Co ordinator, Alex Mckee on
020 7594 8091 or

  Company Name:                                                                               Order Number:

  Contact Name:

  Your Address:                                                               Billing Address (If Different):

  Telephone:                                                                  Telephone:
  Fax:                                                                        Fax:
  E-mail:                                                                     E-mail:

 Name________________________________________ Signature__________________________________                                Date_________________

 terms and conditions
 By signing this form I/ We agree to abide by the following Terms &           All off-loading and loading of exhibits will normally be carried out
 Conditions.                                                                  by the exhibitor and not by staff of Imperial College Union or other
 This includes signing students up to contracts, bank accounts or             Once exhibitors have off-loaded, vehicles should be removed from
 credit agreements of any kind.                                               the ICL campus. There is no parking available on the day. Advance
                                                                              deliveries cannot be accepted.
 No distribution of alcohol and/ or glass items will take place the Fair.
 VAT applicable at standard rate to all prices.Cheques should be              Displays involving equipment which moves shall not be left
 made payable to Imperial College Union.                                      unsupervised.

 Payment will be made in full by Wednesday 16 September 2009.                 Exhibits will be constructed in locations allocated by the organisers
 Confirmation of bookings is subject to ICU Regulations and                   and kept within the space parameters.
 procedures. A confirmation/ cancellation letter will be posted to your
 company within two weeks from receipt of the booking form.                   Information and goods (including, but not limited to flyers, products
                                                                              etc.) may only be distributed from the appropriate stall location.
 Failure to pay in full will risk loss of the stall in question. Any stalls   Third party material may not be distributed.
 lost through non-payment will be invoiced as cancelled bookings
 (see cancellation charges).                                                  All electrical fittings, wiring and appliances shall be constructed
                                                                              and maintained in a safe condition. Particular attention and must be
 Cancellation:                                                                paid to the nature of temporary wiring and the need not to overload
 The following cancellation rates apply for companies withdrawing             electrical sockets.
 within these periods:
                                                                              Loose packages must be removed once exhibition stands have been
 6 weeks prior to the Fair 50%                                                assembled.
 4 weeks prior to the Fair 75%
 2 weeks prior to the Fair 100%                                               All exhibitors should note that ICL and ICU operate a strict no-
                                                                              smoking policy within all buildings.
 All measurements are approximate.
                                                                              Exhibitors exhibit entirely at their own risk. ICL and ICU are not
 Persons attending the Fair will at all times: behave in a responsible        liable for any losses or damage to persons or property which may
 manner whilst on the ICL campus; not inconvenience either their              occur. Insurance against such contingencies is recommended.
 organisers of the Fair or any other exhibitors in any way; comply            Exhibitors must also indemnify ICL and ICU against all costs, claims
 with the policies of Imperial College Union and Imperial College             and liabilities sustained by any persons or to any property as a result
 London (copies available on request). Failure to do so may result in         of their actions.
 removal from the Fair without prior notice or recompense.
                                                                              Failure to comply with any aspect of these Terms & Conditions/
 Exhibitors and their staff must conform to relevant legislation,             Code of Practice will result in the removal of permission to
 regulations, British or EEC standards etc. as appropriate.                   exhibit. Neither ICL or ICU will refund any payments under these
 Exhibitors are required to provide information on all displays
 including dimensions before Imperial College Union will accept the           All details are correct at time of going to print. However they may be
 booking.                                                                     subject to change without notification.

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