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					                        City of Monticello
                                             NEWSLETTER                                                                      Fall 2006

ABOUT THE CITY NEWSLETTER                                                  and drought tolerant plants to both enhance the area and
     The city newsletter is published quarterly to inform                  reduce the need for water and on-going maintenance. The
residents and business owners about Monticello happenings.                 landscaping phase of the project will be paid for with a
Please send comments or questions to:                                      $100,000 Transportation Enhancement grant from UDOT.
     City of Monticello                                                         The Welcome Center and Frontier Museum remain open
     Attn: Newsletter                                                      every day except Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM until
     PO Box 457                                                            the end of October, when the facility will close for the season.
     Monticello, Utah 84535
     Phone: 435-587-2271                                                   Funding Approved for New Fire Station/Public Works
     Email:                                    Facility
Additional information about Monticello, including past city                    The City received approval for a $465,000 grant and a
newsletters, is available at:                       $300,000 0% loan from the Community Impact Board for the
                                                                           construction of a new 7,500 square foot fire station and a
                                                                           5,000 square foot public works facility. The buildings will be
MAYOR & CITY COUNCIL                                                       joined by a two-story, 3,200 square foot office and training
Message from Councilmember Jeremy Hoggard                                  facility. An additional $100,000 in grant funding for this
     The community is growing and things are changing here
                                                                           project came from the USDA-Rural Development. The
in our sleepy little town. After nine months on the city council           complex will be located on 100 South from 33 West to 100
I have gained a respect for how things happen in cities and
                                                                           West. Some construction should take place this fall and the
counties. September 13-15, we had the privilege of attending
                                                                           balance of the project will be finished in summer 2007.
some training in SLC to learn more about strengths and
challenges other cities and towns face, challenges our
community will undoubtedly face in the future.                             PUBLIC WORKS
     FYI: There is a public hearing October 2nd at 11:45 a.m.              Mountain Pipeline Project Update
in the County Commission chambers to make decisions                             As of the end of August, only about one mile out of
regarding special service districts and to change the rules so             approximately 19 miles of pipe was left to be installed. Our
the commission would have the power to permanently close                   contractor has been working on a wetlands mitigation site and
the hospital. We might not make a difference; however, I think             is now in the final stages of construction. On September 18th
that the commission should know that what they are doing is                work began constructing the water collection sites. Weather
wrong. We need your support!                                               permitting, we expect to accomplish most of this construction
     Please know that you can contact me with any concerns                 before winter forces the contractor off the mountain. Even if
that you have and I will do my best to bring them to the city              the project is not completely finished this year, we expect our
council. I can be reached at or                   flows to be significantly improved due to the construction that
587-2697.                                                                  has taken place.

                                                                           Landfill Winter Hours/Changes in Charges
CITY ADMINISTRATION                                                            Starting October 1st, the landfill will begin its winter
City Hires New City Recorder                                               schedule, open Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
    The City is pleased to announce that Cindi Holyoak has                     Also starting October 1st, the City will begin charging for
been hired as the new City Recorder, replacing Rita Walker                 disposing construction and demolition waste at the landfill in
who retired in August. Cindi is a lifelong Monticello resident             order to offset the cost of covering the landfill. Rates will be
who brings excellent skills and experience to her new job.                 published soon.
Welcome aboard, Cindi!
                                                                           Garbage Pick Up Reminders
Landscaping Plans for Welcome Center Now Complete                          1. On your collection day, please place your container at the
    Landscaping plans for the Southeast Utah Welcome                          curb with the handle facing your house. Be sure the
Center are complete. Drawn by landscape architect David Bell                  container is within two feet of the curb and clear of any
from Utah State University, the hardscape design calls for 22                 obstructions. If the city can’t get to your container then it
parking stalls for cars, up to six parking stalls and a pull-                 will be passed by.
through lane for RVs, an RV dumping station, two covered
picnic areas, a bike rack, a new sidewalk along Main Street,               2.   During collection hours (7:00 AM to 4:00 PM), please do
and other connecting sidewalks. The planting plan uses native                   not park vehicles on the street near containers.
                                                Monticello City Newsletter, Fall 2006, Page 1
3.   Use your container for such items as: paper, cans, garbage             backflow preventer installed and need only to be tested
     and other normal household trash, cardboard boxes                      annually. Others may not meet state and local regulations and
     (flatten to conserve space), grass, leaves, small hedge,               may need to be replaced with the proper backflow preventer.
     bush and yard trimmings. Please bag your trash in order                    In any case, the City of Monticello has a state certified
     to prevent it from being blown out during pick up.                     backflow technician available or a plumber can determine
                                                                            whether or not your system meets all the requirements. The
4.   DO NOT use your container for anything that will not                   regulations also require that a state certified backflow
     allow the lid to close, or for: tree limbs and trimmings               technician test the backflow preventer annually.
     over 4 feet in length and or 4 inches in diameter,                         If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at
     flammable items or hot ashes, un-bagged animal waste,                  587-2271.
     concrete, dirt, plaster or any other construction or
     demolition debris.                                                     PLANNING & ZONING
                                                                            Digital Mapping Project Begins
5.   PLEASE NOTE: If you consistently over fill your                             Thanks in part to a $10,000 grant from the Governor’s
     container the City will deliver you an extra container as              Office of Planning and Budget, the City is embarking on an
     deemed necessary for an additional $ 6.25/month.                       exciting new project to digitally map city infrastructure. This
                                                                            summer, city crews, with help from Magellan Mapping, Inc.,
6.   PLEASE NOTE: The first container is provided to you                    have been identifying and mapping all of our water and sewer
     by the City at no charge. Replacements for containers that             lines using GPS technology. This should save the City money
     have been lost or damaged will be billed to you at cost.               in the future and allow us to make better decisions about
                                                                            planning, installing and maintaining city infrastructure.
     The Quality of your water is something you might take
                                                                            PARKS & RECREATION
for granted. We don’t! Monticello’s water is continuously
                                                                            New Skate Park Officially Opens
tested and meets or exceeds all drinking water standards
                                                                                The long-awaited Skate Park in Monticello opened just in
established by the EPA.
                                                                            time for this year’s 24th of July celebration. A special Ribbon
     Depending on Mother Nature more or less chlorine is
                                                                            Cutting Ceremony on September 20th officially introduced the
needed to make our water safe. You may taste a slight
                                                                            park to the community. The park was designed by Reynolds &
difference, but you can be sure it is always safe to drink. Here
                                                                            Associates from Durango, Colorado, and built by Stapp
are a couple of tips for using water wisely at home and
                                                                            Construction from Farmington, Utah. Funding for the new
keeping our water safe:
                                                                            park came from a $192,874 Community Development Block
                                                                            Grant, administered by the Utah Department of Community
Be a Leak Seeker. A slow drip can add up to more than 20
                                                                            and Culture, through its Division of Housing and Community
gallons of water per day. Check all your faucets once or twice
                                                                            Development. This same source of funding will also be used
a year. If any of them leak after you’ve turned them off firmly,
                                                                            to make further improvements to Veterans Memorial Park.
try replacing the washers. Most leaks, aside from toilets, are in
faucets and are most commonly caused by worn washers.
                                                                            Summer Recreation Summary
     If the leak is still there after you’ve replaced the washers,
                                                                                 Eddie Allred and his crew have had a busy and successful
something else may be wrong and you may want to call a
                                                                            summer recreation program. It has been amazing how many
                                                                            activities have been going on this summer. The organization
                                                                            of the games has been great and the programs all ran
                                                                            smoothly. A BIG thanks goes out to all the volunteers who so
                                                                            graciously gave of their time. We would also like to thank
                                                                            Maloy Masonry, Sonderegger Inc., and all the volunteers that
                                                                            helped with the construction of the new dugouts at the ball
                                                                            field. The players have really appreciated the shade and
                                                                            comfort these two dugouts have provided.

                                                                            Adult Softball Report
                                                                                 There were six co-ed teams and four men’s teams in the
                                                                            league this summer. A tournament was held at the end of the
For Customers with Underground Sprinkler Systems                                 The 24th of July Fast Pitch Tournament surpassed all
Connected to Culinary Water: Plumbing Code requires a                       expectations. Fourteen teams came from Salt Lake, Provo,
backflow preventer on all underground sprinkler systems that                Moab, Blanding, Farmington and Monticello. BMC West
are connected to the culinary water system. This does not                   from Utah Valley won the tournament for the third year in a
apply to those sprinkler systems that use water solely from the             row, and Bayles from Blanding took second. It took a lot of
secondary water system.                                                     hard work and coordination to pull off the event, but from the
     The backflow preventer is a device that prevents                       comments heard from the participants, the tournament was a
impurities or contaminants from being drawn into the drinking               roaring success and a lot of fun for the community.
water system. Many sprinkler systems already have the proper
                                                 Monticello City Newsletter, Fall 2006, Page 2
Youth Softball & Baseball Report                                            we already feel about the Hideout and what a great course it is.
     Over 150 games were played this summer, requiring a lot                Come join us for some fall golf, or if you just want to come
of organization and coordination. Three teams from                          visit and have a famous Hideout Dog (best hot dog in town!).
Monticello went to the state tournament: (1) the Dodgers took               Thanks again for your support and may you hit it long and
1st place, coached by RT Nielson and sponsored by Blue                      straight!
Mountain Foods, (2) the White Sox took 5th place, coached by
Steve Draper and sponsored by Days Inn, (3) the Diamond                     For more information, call the Hideout at 587-2200.
Backs also qualified for the state tourament, coached by Robin
Garner and sponsored by Empire Electric. If any kids still                  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
have uniforms, please return them to the City Office.                       Anemometer Towers Up and Running
                                                                                 Three wind towers with anemometers are up and running
Swimming Pool Report                                                        at various locations near Monticello. These anemometers will
     The swimming season was considered a success due to                    gather wind data for at least one year, leading to potential
better attendance and better management of the pool. Natalia                future investments in wind development in the area. The City
Bailey was the new manager of the pool. Natalia Bailey and                  has contracted with Wasatch Wind to conduct the study, paid
Cathy Hatch were the new swimming teachers. The pool                        for primarily through a $66,500 grant from USDA – Rural
remained open for two weeks of high school classes, closing                 Development.
on September 1, 2006.
                                                                            What is the Canyon Country Discovery Center?
Fall Soccer & Football Programs are Underway                                     In fall 2002, the Monticello Economic Development
     Twelve teams with 107 kids (K-6th grade) have signed up                Committee proposed the idea of a hands-on, informal,
for youth soccer. Games are on Tuesday, Wednesday and                       educational science center in Monticello that they believed
Thursday evenings. Three teams with 55 boys have signed up                  would create new opportunities for the area’s students,
for youth football. Games are played in Moab, Monticello and                teachers, families, and economy. The idea was developed and
Blanding on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.                              expanded by the Committee in partnership with the Four
                                                                            Corners School of Outdoor Education (FCS). Numerous
Upcoming Recreation Events                                                  public meetings and events were held to make certain that
 Sign-ups for Jr. Jazz basketball will be in December                      such a center was likely to succeed, and would meet the needs
 The Blue Mountain-Canyonlands Triathlon will be March                     of the community.
   3, 2007. Start training now for this challenging event.                       As the idea progressed from Feasibility Study to Business
                                                                            Plan, a twenty-five member community Interim Leadership
Aquatics Center Feasibility Being Explored                                  Team (ILT) determined that the Four Corners School was the
     The City has hired the architectural firm GSBS from Salt               best organization to make the proposed center a reality. Since
Lake City to research and design a possible new Aquatics                    1984, FCS has been operating informal, outdoor, hands-on
Center in Monticello. The firm will perform various tasks                   education programs on and about the Colorado Plateau,
related to the project, including a market analysis,                        similar to what is proposed to be offered in the new center. In
programming, operations analysis, schematic design, and                     early 2006, the ILT, City of Monticello, and FCS Board
fundraising options. A timeline for completion has not yet                  formally agreed that FCS would continue its current programs
been set.                                                                   and take on the work of creating a new program: the Canyon
                                                                            Country Discovery Center.
For more information, call City Recreation at 587-2029.                          For more information on the history, programs, facility, and
                                                                            leadership of this project go to and
GOLF COURSE                                                                 click on Canyon Country Discovery Center to view a slide show.
News from the Hideout Golf Club
     Another summer season is winding down at the golf                      POLICE DEPARTMENT
course. This year has been exciting both with the tournaments               Have You Lost Your Keys?
that we held and the new faces that we introduced to                             There have been a number of keys turned in to the Police
Monticello and the course.                                                  Office. If you are missing some keys, you may want to come
     Mother Nature gave us some good moisture most of the                   by the office and see if any of these are yours.
summer, and the course is in great shape. This fall looks like it
is going to be a great time to play golf, especially with the fall          MONTICELLO TRIVIA
colors that we get on the oaks and cottonwoods. We still have
                                                                            1.   Where does Monticello’s name come from?
a couple of tournaments left on the calendar, including the first
                                                                            2.   What was Monticello first known as?
annual Ironhawk Tournament on Friday, October 6th to
                                                                            3.   What is Monticello’s elevation?
benefit the Gentle Ironhawk Shelter in Blanding, which serves
                                                                            4.   How tall is Abajo Peak?
victims of domestic violence throughout the 4 Corners area.
                                                                            5.   Who is Loyd’s Lake named after?
Don’t put away your clubs just yet. Watch the paper for details
and come play.                                                              Answers:
     Golfweek magazine came out with the annual rankings of                 1. Thomas Jefferson’s Estate 2. North Montezuma 3. 7,069 ft.
golf courses in Utah and we were number four! This is a great               4. 11,360 ft 5. Loyd Young, original proponent of the ambitious project
accomplishment for our course and town, and validates how
                                                 Monticello City Newsletter, Fall 2006, Page 3
                                              3-MONTH CITY CALENDAR*
                October                                      November                                     December
  3     Planning Commission Meeting,            2      Golf Committee Meeting,                 5    Planning Commission Meeting,
        6:30 pm                                        7:00 pm                                      6:30 pm
  5     Golf Committee Meeting,                 7      Planning Commission Meeting,            7    Golf Committee Meeting,
        7:00 pm                                        6:30 pm                                      7:00 pm
  9     VMTE Committee Meeting,                 8      City Council Meeting,                   11   VMTE Committee Meeting,
        5:00 pm                                        7:00 pm                                      5:00 pm
 10     Economic Development                    9      Parks & Beautification                  12   Economic Development
        Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm                     Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm                   Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm
 11     City Council Meeting,                   9      Airport Committee Meeting,              13   City Council Meeting,
        7:00 pm                                        7:00 pm                                      7:00 pm
 12     Parks & Beautification Committee       10      Veterans Day Holiday – City             14   Parks & Beautification Committee
        Meeting, 7:00 pm                               Office Closed                                Meeting, 7:00 pm
 12     Airport Committee Meeting,             13      VMTE Committee Meeting,                 14   Airport Committee Meeting,
        8:00 pm                                        5:00 pm                                      7:00 pm
 17     Recreation Committee Meeting,          14      Economic Development                    19   Recreation Committee Meeting,
        7:00 pm                                        Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm                   7:00 pm
 25     City Council Meeting, 7:00 pm          21      Recreation Committee Meeting,           25   Christmas Holiday – City Office
                                                       7:00 pm                                      Closed (trash pick-up on 12/26)
                                             23-24     Thanksgiving Holiday – City
                                                       Office Closed

*Calendar subject to change. All City meetings are conducted at the Monticello City Office, 17 North 100 East, and are open to the
public. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, anyone needing special accommodations to attend a meeting may
contact the City Office, 435-587-2271, at least three working days prior to the meeting.

City of Monticello                                                                                                  STD. A MAIL
                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
PO Box 457                                                                                                              PAID
Monticello, UT 84535                                                                                                Permit No. 24
                                                                                                                    Mont.UT 84535

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                                               Monticello City Newsletter, Fall 2006, Page 4

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