30KM_ 26KM_ 20KM_ 17KM “Splish-Splosh” Sunday Routes by malj


									30KM, 26KM, 20KM, 17KM “Splish-Splosh-Snow” Sunday Routes

All Routes: East from Store to Church, North on Church to King, East on King,
continuing on Queen. North at Booth Avenue, at end go North on Logan, at end go East
on Gamble. At Pape (one Block) go North, Keeping left Pape Turns into Millwood
which reaches Laird.

17-20K routes: At Millwood/Laird Lights go South West on SouthVale Drive.
SouthVale turns into Moore Avenue.
At Mnt. Pleasant go South three blocks.
20K: West on St. Clair to Spadina, South on Spadina – Pick up main route
17K: Cnt. South on Mnt. Pleasant, South on Jarvis, West on Front then Wellington home.

26-30K Routes: Go North on Laird, at end go West on GlenVale Blvd.
Cross Bayview and enter Mt. Hope Cemetery (small gate slightly south), Continue going
West in Cemetery hugging south wall, should exit onto Erskine Avneune.
[If cemetery is too icey/locked, go south to Broadway ave, West on Broadway, at end
north on Edith to Roselawn]
West on Erskine turning into Roselawn (at Yonge), West on Roselawn, then Elm Ridge
South on GlenCedar (after Bathurst). at roundabout - South East on Claxton.
Cross Bathurst and at end of Claxton go south on lonsmount to Tichester
East on Tichester (3 blocks) to Spadina, South on Spadina to St. Clair.

20-30K Routes: South on Spadina (stairs at Casa Loma) to Dupont, East on Dupont to
St.George, South on St. George, Beverley, Grange Park, John.
26K: East on Wellington
30K: at King go West to Strachan, South to Wellington(Duoro), East on Wellington

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