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									Shareholders Meeting Notice
This is a notice that can be sent to the shareholders of a corporation informing them of
the date, location, and time of a shareholders meeting. Unless the notice requirement is
waived, shareholders must receive timely notice of any shareholders meeting. This form
can be customized to specify whether it is an annual shareholders meeting, a regular
shareholders meeting, or a special shareholders meeting. Additionally, the purpose of
the meeting can be included in this notice. This document should be used by small
businesses or other entities that want to notify shareholders of the date, location, and
time of a shareholders meeting.
                        [Instructions: Insert the Corporation’s name]

Dear Shareholders:

Notice is hereby given that the [Instructions: Choose one, delete the others: annual / regular
/ special / general] meeting of the shareholders (the “Meeting”) of ____________________
[Instructions: Insert the Corporation’s name] will be held at ___________________________
[Instructions: Insert the address where the meeting will be held] on ________________,
[Instructions: Insert the date of the meeting] at __:__ a.m. / p.m. [Instructions: Insert the
time of the meeting] to consider and act upon the following matters:


[Instructions: Specify the purpose of the meeting e.g. to elect directors; ratify some action;

Pursuant to the Bylaws, the Board of Directors has fixed the close of business on
_____________________ [Instructions: Insert the record date that will be used as the cutoff
date so that any new shareholders after this date will not be entitled to notice or meeting
participation] as the record date for determining which shareholders are entitled to receive
notice of and vote at the Meeting and at any adjournment or postponement thereof.

Every shareholder is invited to attend the Meeting in person. In the event that any shareholders
are unable to attend the Meeting in person, they may appoint a proxy holder to attend and vote in
their stead. It is requested that shareholders unable to attend the Meeting in person complete,
execute, and return a proxy form to the corporation’s secretary.


[ ] The President
[ ] The following director(s)
[ ] The following shareholders


[Instructions: Provide the name(s) of people who called the meeting. If this is a regular or
annual shareholders meeting, delete the section above entirely]

Dated: _________________ [Instructions: Insert the date of this notice]

_____________________,       [Instructions:    Insert   the    secretary’s   name]     Secretary

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