Minutes of the Meeting of Shareholders


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									This short-form document provides a template for the minutes of a corporation's
meeting of its shareholders. This basic template form contains standard language
intended to give an overview of the structure of the meeting and the issues discussed in
the meeting. This document can be modified to fit the needs of any corporation needing
to draft or record minutes for an annual or special shareholders' meeting.
               [CORPORATION’S NAME]
The [Annual/Special/Regular] Meeting of the shareholders of the above-named corporation
was held on ________________, 201__ [DATE] at the offices of the corporation beginning
at _________ [TIME] and ending at ______________________ [TIME].

On motion duly made and carried, a Chairman and Secretary of the Meeting were elected, the
same being ___________________ and _____________________, respectively.

The Chairman then called the roll and found that the following shareholders, constituting a
quorum, were present in person:


A written Waiver of Notice of the time and place of the present meeting, signed by all of the
shareholders of this corporation was then presented and read by the Chairman and the same
was ordered, filed, and spread at length upon the minutes.

Actions Taken:

    The minutes of the [Annual/Regular/Special] Shareholders’ Meeting, held on
     ____________________, 201__ {Instruction: provide date of relevant prior
     meeting}, were approved.

    The       shareholders      took      the       following      actions:

There being no further business before the meeting, the same was, on motion, duly adjourned.

By: _____________________________________ [SIGNATURE]
Printed Name of Secretary: __________________
Secretary of: ______________________________

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