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									                Dayle Adams (front left) with Hollie (Right); Sian, Gemma, Ashleigh, Laura, Lisa and Pat (Above)
           take time out to let their hair down at the recent Salon International Exhibition where they were showcasing
                                   their innovative Flip-in hair extensions to a worldwide audience!

                          FLIP-IN HAIR
In the past the words “hair extensions” had become synonymous with the use of clips, velcro, and even glue.
Whilst these extreme methods may have achieved the objective in adding length to the hair, they also created
serious repercussions, as highlighted with photographs of leading celebrities, including fashion icon Victoria
Beckham, revealing balding patches in their hair.

Now, thanks to revolutionary Warwickshire-based FLIP-IN HAIR™, it’s possible to achieve full and beautiful,
natural looking long hair in less than 1 minute!

Speaking exclusively to Media Today, founder of FLIP-IN HAIR™, Dayle Adams, a busy mother with two
young children, agreed to let us in on the secret to the success of this unique brand of hair extensions that is taking
the Hair & Beauty sector by storm:

QUESTION: How does FLIP-IN HAIR™ differ from other forms of hair extensions?

DAYLE ANSWERED: “As FLIP-IN HAIR™ does not require clips, glue, Velcro or weaving it is a far safer
and healthier way of extending the length and volume of your hair without causing unnecessary damage to your
scalp or your own hair.”
QUESTION: What makes FLIP-IN HAIR™ so quick and simple to fit and can clients rest assured that
once in place it is completely secure?

DAYLE ANSWERED: “FLIP-IN HAIR™ is on a fine wire that fits around the front of the head, just behind the
hair line; with the hair piece sitting at the sides of the head and back of the skull. It takes under 1 minute to fit into
place and attaches snugly to the head making it completely secure.”

QUESTION: When in use does FLIP-IN HAIR™ require any special treatment and is it suitable for all
types of hair?

DAYLE ANSWERED: “Whether your hair is fine or already damaged, FLIP-IN HAIR™ will instantly make
your hair look thicker, longer and more beautiful. As FLIP-IN HAIR™ is made from 100% human hair it can be
treated like your own hair, in that you can use hairdryers, curling tongs, straightening irons etc. To wash FLIP-IN
HAIR™, you just use warm water and gently smooth over the shampoo. It is then best to gently pull the shampoo
through the hair before rinsing it thoroughly with warm water. Do the same with conditioner. You can then hang it
to dry, or use a hairdryer.”

QUESTION: Where can prospective clients find out more about FLIP-IN HAIR™ and where can they buy
the hair extensions?

DAYLE ANSWERED: “You can see our full range of hair extensions, which are available in over 30 different
colours, at our new sales office located at the Bull Ring Business Centre, Harbury, Leamington Spa by
appointment. Alternatively, you can purchase FLIP-IN HAIR™ at over 30 salons and stockists in the UK, details
of which are listed on our website www.flipinhair.co.uk.

Having enjoyed considerable success since it was first launched at the Salon International Exhibition in 2007, it
comes as no surprise to learn FLIP-IN HAIR™ is now expanding into the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain,
Denmark, Africa and even Israel.

As Dayle explained: “At our first trade show we were overwhelmed with people from within the industry, eager to
find out more about FLIP-IN HAIR™, one of the many new products on show. She added: “Extending our client
base into the European sector has given us the confidence and motivation to ensure the company continues to
expand and grow in the future.”

For further information contact FLIP-IN HAIR on Tel: 01926 613129 Email: info@flipinhair.co.uk
Alternatively, visit website: www.flipinhair.co.uk

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