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Faith Audit Table of findings


Faith Audit Table of findings

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									Analysis of responses in relation to the priorities of Sheffield First.

Respondent A great place to grow up          Successful                   Strong economy      Inclusive, healthy,
                                             Neighbourhoods                                   communities
1             Baby and toddlers              Arts club                                        Badminton, over 60s
              Scouts and Guides
              Sports Ministry to children
              Children’s club
2                                                                                             45+ club
3             Girls’ Brigade, Boys’                                                           Over 60s, drop in coffee
              Brigade                                                                         shop
              Toddler group
4             Brownies                       Arts club, ladies                                Lunch club for over 60s,
              Boys’ Brigade                  meeting                                          pastoral care and home
              Toddler group                                                                   visiting,
5                                            Good Neighbours, North
                                             Sheffield Renewal
6             Uniformed youth groups                                                          Home visiting and
              Pre schools                                                                     bereavement support, over
7             Carers and toddlers            Choir concert                                    Home visiting and
                                                                                              bereavement support, health
                                                                                              and fitness
8             Toddler groups, uniformed      Arts and music, Sunday       Eco congregation,   Home visiting and
              youth organisations, parent    lunches                      Fair Trade          bereavement support,
              and baby group                                                                  Sunday lunch for older
                                                                                              people, flood appeal
9             Toddler groups, youth clubs    Drop in café and lunch                           Women’s group, exercise
                                             club                                             group
10                                                                                            Advice and counseling, hone
                                                                                 visiting and bereavement
                                                                                 support, drug and alcohol
                                                                                 user support, work with
                                                                                 learning disabled people
11                                                                               Lunch club
12   Toddler groups                Work with asylum                              Home visiting and
                                   seekers and refugees                          bereavement
13                                 Anti racism, work with   Drop in café, eco    Work with learning disabled
                                   asylum seekers and       congregation, fair   people, work with users of
                                   refugees, Burngreave     trade, local food    mental health services
                                   seminars                 sourcing,
                                                            academy, New
                                                            Roots Shop for
                                                            Justice and cafe
14                                                                               Positive thinking course, self
                                                                                 esteem course, meditation
                                                                                 course, yoga
15   Toddler group, drop in café
     for 13-19 year olds
16   Toddlers, parenting classes                            Charity shop         Over 60s lunch club, over
                                                                                 60s keep fit, café, provision
                                                                                 of clothing for homeless
                                                                                 people, food parcels, home
                                                                                 visiting and bereavement,
                                                                                 Agewell activity including
                                                                                 keep fit and crafts.
17   Toddlers, uniformed youth     Music together monthly                        Churches homelessness
     organisations                                                               forum, road peace service
                                                                                 for bereaved people
18   Toddlers, uniformed            Music                    Eco congregation     Home visiting and
     organisations, youth clubs,                                                  bereavement support, work
     pre school, holiday                                                          with learning disabled
     schemes                                                                      people, over 60s.
19   Student support, toddlers,     Support work with        Eco congregation     Bus for homeless people,
     youth clubs                    asylum seekers                                home visiting and
                                                                                  bereavement support,
                                                                                  alcohol and drug users
20   Youth activities, boys and                                                   Housebound older people’s
     girls brigades, youth                                                        lunch club with activities,
     fellowship                                                                   bereavement group.
21   Toddlers, secondary club                                                     Senior adults lunch club,
                                                                                  senior adults social club
22   Toddlers, Rainbows and         Drama group              Fair trade           Home visiting and
     Brownies                                                                     bereavement support, over
                                                                                  60s, health and fitness,
                                                                                  social services training
23                                                                                Zen meditation
24                                  Coffee morning monthly
25   Cubs, Beavers, scouts,                                                       Agewell crafts, slimming
     toddlers, school of dancing,                                                 group
26   Youth clubs                                                                  Home visiting and
                                                                                  bereavement support
27   Toddlers                       Arts and music; work     Credit union, Fair   Home visiting and
                                    with asylum seekers      Trade                bereavement support, drug
                                    and refugees                                  and alcohol user support,
                                                                                  parenting support over 60s,
                                                                                  housing and homelessness
28   Uniformed youth groups          Drop in facility/café                            Home visiting and
                                                                                      bereavement, over 60s
29   Brownies                        Weekly drop in; operatic                         Lunch club, senior citizens’
                                     society                                          orchestra.
30                                                                                    Meditation
31   Uniformed youth groups,         Crime prevention           Fair trade, local     Home visiting and
     pre school, toddlers            support, monthly coffee    food sourcing         bereavement support, health
                                     morning                                          and fitness
32   Youth activities                Social events such as      Fair trade and        Home visiting and
                                     firework nights, special   parish fairs          bereavement support
                                     means for groups of
                                     housebound people
33   Toddlers, uniformed youth       Arts and music, drop in    Eco congregations     Hone visiting and
     groups                          café, crime prevention                           bereavement support, work
                                     support, musical groups                          with learning disabled
34   Toddlers, pre school and                                                         Home visiting
     youth activities
35   Toddlers                        Monthly coffee morning
36                                                                                    Over 60s, lunch club, Home
37   Homework club, toddlers,        Coffee morning twice       Training from IT to   Lunch club, Darnall old folks’
     girls’ brigade, holiday club,   weekly                     food hygiene          club
     youth group, music club
38   Support for local primary       Coffee morning and
     school                          supper club
39                                   Homeless café                                    Clothing store for homeless
                                                                                      people, soup run for
                                                                                      homeless people and people
                                                                                with addictions, advice and
40   New mums, toddlers,         Communal meals                                 Lunch club for older people
     playgroup, parenting
     groups, youth clubs,
     Guides, Brownies,
     Rainbows, cubs and scouts
42                               Arts and music, work     Drop in               Home visiting and
                                 with asylum seekers      facility/café, fair   bereavement support, drug
                                 and refugees             trade, local food     and alcohol support, over
                                                          sourcing              60s.
43                                                        Drop in               Home visiting and
                                                          facility/café, eco    bereavement support, health
                                                          congregations, fair   and fitness activities
                                                          trade, local food
44   Youth club for notorious    Drama – panto and play
     Flower Estate children,     annually
     boys and girls brigades
45   Uniformed youth groups                               Learning centre        Advice and counseling,
                                                          provides IT            home visiting and
                                                          training, basic skills bereavement support
                                                          , literacy
46                               Panto                                           Lunch club, drop in lunches,
                                                                                 women’s group
47   Uniformed youth groups                               Fair trade, local      Home visiting and
                                                          food sourcing          bereavement support, over
48   Parent and toddler                                   ESOL                   Lunch club, senior citizens,
                                                                                  food parcels supporting
                                                                                  people in need
49   Youth club                     Outdoor drama                                 Home visiting, Parent
                                                                                  Lifeline – helpline for parents
                                                                                  and courses for parents, run
                                                                                  with Sheffield MIND.
50                                  Village newsletter                            Home visiting and
                                                                                  bereavement support
51   Children’s arts and singing,   Coffee morning                                Home visiting and
     parent and toddler, youth                                                    bereavement support, over
     clubs                                                                        60s.
52   Youth club                                                                   Worker with older people
53   Rainbows and Brownies          Coffee mornings                               Home visiting
54   Summer playscheme,             Work around the murder IT classes, cake       Soup kitchen, lunch club,
     community Funday               of Jonathan Matonda in decorating             Sheffield flood support.
                                    October 07, Gospel for
                                    Burngreave, street
55                                  Barn dances and                               Dinners at the church
56                                  Reading room
57   Parent and toddler, youth                             Drop in café, fair     Advice and counseling, over
     club                                                  trade and local        60s, work with users of
                                                           food sourcing          mental health services
59   Youth café                     Women’s conversation      Terminus
                                    club for asylum seekers   community café,
                                                              sale of second
                                                              hand clothing and
                                                              household goods
60   Parent and toddler           Women’s Art weekly                            Hone visiting and
                                                                                bereavement support,
                                                                                martial arts, over 60s
62   Parent and toddler, boys     Drop in café                                  Older people’s dance
     brigade, Rainbows
63   Youth club, holiday          English classes for                           Home visiting, alcohol user
     schemes                      refugees, drop n café                         and support group for
                                                                                families of alcoholics.
64   Youth clubs, qoranic                                    Conferences and    Bereavement support, older
     teaching to young boys and                              seminars           people’s lunch club
65                                                                              Dance group, tranquility
66                                English teaching                              Mediation practices,
                                                                                exercise periods, toga, tai
68   Carers and toddlers, pre     Arts and music, work       Fair trade         Home visiting and
     school, holiday scheme       with asylum seekers                           bereavement, health and
                                  and refugees                                  fitness activities, over 60s
69   Toddler groups, new mums,
     pre school
70   Carers and toddlers,         Arts and music, drop in    Eco congregation   Counseling, home visiting
     uniformed youth groups,      facility/café, work with                      and bereavement, over 60s.
     youth clubs, pre schools     asylum seekers and
71                                Arts and music
72                                Book group, church                            Home visiting and
                                  meals                                         bereavement
73                                 Arts and music, festival    Eco congregation   Advice and counseling
                                   8 times a year
74   Carers and toddlers, youth    Housing and                 Fair trade         Over 60s
     clubs, parenting support,     homelessness support
     pre school, holiday
75                                 Community liaison with                         Bereavement support
                                   Muslims and everyday
                                   non religious activities
77                                 Crime prevention work,      Credit union       Advice and counseling,
                                   ant racism work                                home visiting and
78   Parent and toddler, after     Photography                                    Bely dancing, cardiac rehab
     school club, father figures                                                  sessions, live at scheme for
     group supporting men in                                                      over 60s
     parenting skills
79                                                                                Lunch club for over 70s
80                                                                                Advice and counselling,
                                                                                  home visiting and
81   Teaching Punjabi to           Opening up Gurdwarah                           Sikh University and hospital
     children                      to all for food and drink                      chaplaincy
82                                 Occasional concerts
83                                 Gujerati and Hindi                             Dancing, yoga
Physical capital
The following chart shows the activities and services being provided from faith group buildings in relation to the priorities
of Sheffield First.

No. of respondent        A great place to          Successful                Economic growth           Inclusive, healthy
                         grow up                   Neighbourhoods                                      communities
1                        Youth group, Hobby        Conservation group        Probus group, market
                         time                                                research
2                                                                            Hire for seminars and
3                        Drama group, dance        Neighbourhood Forum                                 NHS Ladies Group,
                         group                                                                         line dancing, creative
                                                                                                       writing, advice
4                                                  Townswomen’s Guild                                  Mencap office
5                                                  Parties and jumble        Craft club                Dance group
6                        Mother and toddler,                                                           Samaritans, karate,
                         Guides                                                                        weightwatchers,
                                                                                                       carers, sword dancers
7                                                                                                      Slimming club
9                        Pre school, martial       Lunch club, women’s                                 Sequence dancing,
                         arts, boys’ brigade       group, dog training,                                exercise class
                                                   parties, meetings of
                                                   tenants’ groups
10                                                 Neighbourhood                                       SCC disability support
                                                   Forum, south area                                   group
                                                   panel, information
                                                   days of local groups,
11                          Parish council, local     Adult learning,     Dance groups,
                            elections, community      computers for all   slimming clubs
                            meetings, social
12   Toddlers                                                             Health clinic, stroke
                                                                          support group
13                          Spital Hill Local Voice                       Turning Point Drugs
                                                                          rehab, arts therapy
16                          Advice centre
17                          Committee meetings
                            of local groups
                            including Sheffield
                            Homelessness Forum,
                            UNA, SCCCC, South
                            Ward Sitting Service
19   Mother and toddlers    International café
20   Homestart group and    Community Forum,          Adult education     Older people’s activity
     creche                 area panel,               classes             drop in, hone carers’
                            community safety,                             team meetings,
                            asylum seekers group                          conversation club
21   Young people’s dance                             WEA classes         WEA over 50s, yoga,
     class, youth club,                                                   slimming club
     children’s parties
22   Mother and toddlers   Parties and concerts,     Karate, table tennis,
                           sales, exhibitions        keep fit, Social
                                                     Services and Pennine
24   Children’s singing    WI, women’s group
25   Scouts                Parties and fund
26                                                   Dance classes,
                                                     painting class
31                         Local history group,      Aerobics, belly
                           residents’ association,   dancing, keep fit, table
                           women’s groups            tennis, tai chi,
                                                     slimming, yoga, music
32   Mother and toddlers   Local area groups of      Dancing groups,
                           SCCCC                     slimming, tai kwando
33   Playgroup with
34                         Bingo, parties, social    Karate, adults with
                           events                    learning disabilities,
                                                     slimming. Parents
35                         Social events, fund
37                           Darnall Forum, Labour    Dementia group
                             Party, parties
40                           Neighbourhood
                             Townswomen’s Guild,
                             Probus Group, NW
42                                                    Alcoholics Anonymous
43                                                    Slimming, yoga
44   Youth group                                      Cerebral palsy Group
45                           Wedding receptions
                             and parties
46                           Birthday parties,        Karate, carpet bowls,
                             funeral teas,            dancing, osteoporosis
                             consultation events,     mobility classes,
                             community fairs          counseling, slimming
47   Parent and toddler      Arts group, garden       Slimming, over 50s
                             club, TWG, craft group
49   Pre school, Brownies,   Drama, barn dances,      slimming
     guides                  quiet days
50                           Local history group,
                             Tenants and
                             residents’ groups,
                             community safety
                             steering group
51                                                                      Alcoholics Anon,
                                                                        group for adults with
                                                                        learning disability
53   Brownies               Photography,                                Yoga, slimming,
                            environment group                           stretch and relax
54                          Sheffield Asylum ?,
                            Zimbabwe Social
                            Group, place to
                            support the Montando
55   Surestart              Meetings of                                 Rethink
                            associated with the
                            Sharrow Forum
56                                                                      Lunch club, Stroke
                                                                        Association, mental
                                                                        health groups
59                                                                      Activities with older
60   Parent and toddlers    Arts group, parties                         Kung Fu, yoga, older
                                                                        people’s dance
62   Parent and toddlers,   Railway group                               Yoga
     boys brigade,
     Rainbows, guides and
63   Youth club and                                Workplace chaplaincy, Al-Anon
     holiday scheme                                   prison fellowship,
                                                      signing classes
64   Youth club               Support for new         Conferences,         Plans for lunch clubs
                              migrants                seminars, special
67   Little Stars playgroup   Art group with yearly
70   Brownies, Guides,                                                     SVP meetings
     carers and toddlers
72   Guides and Brownies,     Historical society,                          Over 50s keep fit.
     youth club, parents      environment group,
     and toddlers             male vice choir
74                            Nether Edge Wildlife
79   Signpost – works with    Weekly bingo for
     excluded teenagers       community group
80                            Too many to mention
82                                                    Bridge Community
83   South Yorkshire     Women’s Construction Lectures on health
     Women’s             Development Centre   awareness
     Development Trust
Analysis of information found during web search in relation to the priorities of Sheffield First

Name of faith group    A great place to           Successful               A healthy and          A strong economy
                       grow up                    Neighbourhoods           inclusive community
Christ Church,         Summer holiday youth                                Befriending schemes,
Pitsmoor               drop in                                             sanctuary for people
                                                                           seeking asylum,
                                                                           project for vulnerable
St. Chad’s Woodseats   Youth at St. Chad’s –                               Besom project – a
                       a range of activities                               project bridging
                                                                           church and
St. Tim’s, Crookes     Parent and toddler,        Hospitality Sunday       Elders’ lunch club,
                       uniformed youth                                     club for socially
                       organisations, youth                                marginalised people
                       and children’s groups
Shiregreen URC         Children and Families      Living History –
                       Project provides a         Changing Times –
                       wide range of              Changing Lives which
                       activities for people of   has produced a book
                       all ages to meet           of stories and photos.
                       together in a safe         Church related
                       environment to play,       community worker.
                       develop, grow and
                       access learning
St. Andrew’s URC       Child Contact Centre       Network – organises     Tennis club, Tuesday
                                                  social events, lunches, afternoon social
                                                  concerts and talks and afternoon
                                                  celebrations and walks.
Church of Christ in     Youth work, Home          Lunch clubs and coffee   Old people’s group,
Darnall                 work evenings –           mornings                 slimming club,
                        organised by Family                                Sheffield yoga for ME
                        Project, Girls’ Brigade                            sufferers
St. Polycarp, Malin     Polytots, Friday          Poly’s People
Bridge                  evening club
St. Saviour’s                                                              Alzheimer Thursday
Dore and Totley URC                               Wednesday Guild,         Totley Brook club
                                                  Ladies Group,
                                                  Dramatic Society,
                                                  social club
St. Andrew’s Psalter                                                                               Rooms for hire
Arbourthorne Centre                                                                                Intro to computers,
                                                                                                   specialist IT sessions,
                                                                                                   internet availability
NESP                                                                                               Focus on adults skills
                                                                                                   and work
St. Mark’s, Broomhill                             Coffee mornings
Handsworth Paris                                  Handsworth craft group
Holmhirst Methodist                               Holmhirst Art Group
Al Khair Masjid         After school tuition      Function hall            Advice and
                                                                           Sports and activities
Ar Risala Mosque        After school tuition      Function hall            Advice and
                                                                           Sports and activities
Baital Mukarram                                              Advice and
Jamia Mosque                                                 counselling
Haideriah Mosque      After school tuition   Function hall   Advice and
Hanfia Mosque and                            Function hall   Advice and
Islamic Cultural                                             counselling
Haqqani House Suffi                          Function hall   Advice and
Centre                                                       counselling
                                                             Sports and activities
Jamia Mosque          After school tuition                   Advice and
Jamia Mosque          After school tuition                   Advice and
Ghausia                                                      counselling
Jamia Mosque          After school tuition   Function hall   Advice and
Gulzar-E-Habib and                                           counselling
Education Centre
Jamiyate Tablige                             Function hall   Advice and
Islam Masjid                                                 counselling
Madni Masjid          After school tuition   Function hall   Advice and
Makki Jamia Masjid    After school tuition   Function hall   Advice and
Masjid-e-Umer                                                Advice and
Muslim Welfare        After school tuition   Function hall   Advice and
House                                                        counselling, sports
                                                             and activities
Norr-al-Hadi Mosque                                          Advice and
Quba Cultural Mosque    Function room   Advice and
Sheffield Allyah Jame                   Advice and
Mosque and Islamic                      counselling
Cultural Centre

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