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					When a mom is responsible for keeping her floors clean she’s going to
look for a product that is both easy to use and inexpensive. Trying to
mop up after small children’s spills or pet accidents can be burdensome
and time-consuming if you are working with a pail and a mop. It’s also
unsanitary. With a Swiffer Wet Jet whether it’s a wet spot clean-up or
washing the entire floor the job is done in a flash with little effort.

Most of us who are adults can remember being a child and being delegated
to the floor washing chore. This usually meant filling a bucket with
soapy water, getting either a string mop or a foam mop, rolling up our
sleeves and getting to work. With the Swiffer Wet Jet system, it’s much
simpler and after the job is done there’s no bucket to rinse or mop to
wring out.

There are three main components to this cleaning system. The first is the
handle. The handle can be purchased alone or in a Swiffer Wet Jet starter
kit. The latter is perfect for someone just new to the Swiffer
experience. In addition to the handle, you’ll also receive a bottle of
the cleaning solution as well as a supply of Swiffer Wet Jet cleaning

The cloths are disposable and are designed to be discarded after one use.
Some people may view this as wasteful but it’s important to bear in mind
that a Swiffer Wet Jet cloth collects all of the dust and dirt from the
surface of the floor. This contains bacteria and germs that you don’t
want to come in contact with again. In the case of a regular mop you are
simply reusing the same device to wash and rewash your floor. There is no
way you are going to achieve the same deep down clean you would with a
Swiffer Wet Jet.

Using it is very simple and don’t be surprised if your kids want a chance
at cleaning the floor. All that is required is that you attach a Swiffer
Wet Jet cloth to the handle, then spray the solution and start cleaning.
The solution is attached to the handle so it’s an all-in-one operation.
Once you are done, remove the cloth, toss it and store the Swiffer Wet
Jet until it’s time to use it again.

You can wash any floor with it including the bathroom and kitchen floors.
All that is required once you are done washing it is a few minutes drying
time. After that, enjoy your spotless floor until the next grape juice
spill or puppy accident.