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					EXTEND was founded in 1976 and is a                     EXTEND MEMBERS SAY:-
Registered Charity as well as a Registered
Company Limited by Guarantee.
                                                        My arthritic joints are more moveable and
                                                        useful - I can work more quickly."                 EXTEND
EXTEND         Teacher      Training
progressive programme to promote the
                                         offers   a
                                                        "The rheumatic pains are le ss. I feel ten years
                                                        younger and no longer have fits of depression."    TEACHER
quality of life for the over sixties and less able
people of any age.                                      “My breathing has improved. I feel younger."
                                                                                                           REGISTERED CHARITY No. 802498
EXTEND Teachers come from a variety of                  "I would never have believed you could do so
professions,    including    teachers,     doctors,
                                                        much exercise sitting on a chair."
nurses, physio and occupational therapists,
                                                        “ EXTEND cheers up my Friday mornings.”
care    assistants,   wardens      of    sheltered
housing, health educationists, and qualified            Could YOU achieve comments like
movement / fitness teachers - all of whom               these from YOUR EXTEND class ?
value the health benefits of the classes.
Some EXTEND Teachers use their training
                                                        Of course you could !
as part of their occupation, and others are           REGIONAL CONTACTS
totally self-employed.
                                                      Greater London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and
                                                      Essex Anita Best tel: 020 8886 0494
EXTEND Teachers are fully insured and are             Surrey, Sussex
required to attend an annual Continuing               Pat Holden tel: 01903 782 209
                                                      East Anglia
Professional Development Day.                         Patsy Martin tel: 01508 570 124
If you feel you would like to become an               South and South West England
EXTEND Teacher, or if you would like to know          Jane Watts tel: 01202 840 935
                                                      Home Counties, North of the Thames
more about the work of EXTEND, please                 Judith Holpin tel: 01582 834 494
contact                                               Midlands
                                                      Wendy Penny tel: 0121 355 1512
                                                      North East
  EXTEND EXERCISE TRAINING                            Pat Goodacre tel: 0113 286 8193
                                                      Barbara Craven tel: 01274 630 146
            LTD.                                      Scotland                                                EXTEND EXERCISE TRAINING LTD.
      2 PLACE FARM.                                                                                                   2 PLACE FARM.
                                                      Rose McFarlane tel: 0131 478 7049                             WHEATHAMPSTEAD.
    WHEATHAMPSTEAD.                                   North Wales and North West                                  HERTFORDSHIRE AL4 8SB.
                                                      Linda Smith tel: 0161 427 3539                                 TEL/FAX 01582 832760
         HERTS AL4 8SB.                               South Wales                                                 e-mail:
       TEL/FAX 01582 832760                           Pauline Hughes tel: 01873 830 269                    COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE No. 2305901
  EXTEND TEACHER TRAINING                           circulation, respiration and responses,            Lecturers include:-
EXTEND offers a Teacher Training Programme          especially with regard to the safety element in    Consultant Geriatrician.
which has proved highly successful, but we          relation to an ageing or less able-bodied          Physiotherapist.
need to qualify more teachers to work with the      person.                                            Health Educationist.
over 60's, as well as with the frail elderly and    (b) Exercise Component Main Content.               Nutritionist.
less able of all ages. Movement to music,           Selected exercises to music, adapted from          First Aid Tutor.
using graded exercises in a recreational            tried and tested systems, aiming at keeping        Specialist in Voice Production.
atmosphere, is the core of class work. A            joints mobile, muscles in good tone, improving     This specialist knowledge will give candidates
primary aim of EXTEND is to help class              and maintaining posture, breathing, relaxation,    an insight into the problems of our clients.
                                                    circulation,   co-ordination       and    mental   Application of the Training.
members to maintain as full a life as possible,
                                                    responses.                                         How to initiate new groups; the importance of
whether they are living at home, or in long stay
                                                    Application of small apparatus, structuring        appropriate liaison with health professionals,
                                                    exercises through progressive routes, based        carers and helpers, or anyone else associated
Course Syllabus covers:-
                                                    on the theoretical knowledge and kinesthetic       with the well-being of the individual and the
Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, The Process
                                                    awareness of the body functions and guidance       costing of private classes.
of Ageing, Recreational Movement to Music,
                                                    concerning     physiological   changes.     This   EXTEND Philosophy.
Teaching     Practice,    Effective     Speaking,
                                                    includes the natural process of ageing and         History and management of the, company;
Recreational Rehabilitation, Promoting Good         areas of special need.                             Teachers' Affiliation; support from the Course
Health, Use of Music and Rhythm, Diet &             With this sound ground work, students              Directors/Area Director of Development; ethics
Nutrition, EXTEND Philosophy. The training          are encouraged      to   explore    elementary     of class management;          insurance;   Friends
programme covers a variety of subjects, as listed   free movement patterns and create their own        of EXTEND and Head Office support.
below. Before being accepted for a course,          work in class in an imaginative manner.            Assessment.
candidates are interviewed or required to submit    Instruction is given in the correct use of the     There is a written theory assessment during the
a relevant essay.                                   body in every day living to conserve energy        course and continuous practical assessments.
(a)Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and             and minimise strain in day to day activities.      On reaching the required standard, a Diploma is

the Process of Ageing.                              This training leads to the understanding of        awarded and the successful student is invited to
                                                    potential achievement of those being taught,       become affiliated to EXTEND.
Designed for those needing an appropriate
                                                    as well as ideas for further development.          Continuing Professional Development Day.
grounding in these subjects, and as a refresher
                                                    Teaching Practice.                                 Within a few months, a further training day is
for those allied to the medical profession. The
                                                    The Psychology of Teaching at different            held. This serves to consolidate training and
practical anatomy syllabus follows the theory
                                                    levels. Music and Rhythm guidance is given in      affords an opportunity to share any problems.
lecture on each body system as it is taught, in
                                                    the use of tapes, percussion and other             Thereafter, further C.P.D. days are arranged
order to help the student understand how the                                                           within each area.
body functions and how different positions

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