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									                                                                                                                                                                                    QMS ISO 9001:2000 Form
                                                                                               Processes List                                                                              Date: 16.03.2006
                                                                                                HR Manager                                                                                       Version: 01
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pag: 1 of 1

No.   Process Name           Code    Process Type DMP PO    Domain                     Target                      Measurement                                 Records (including location)                              Deposit Time    Time
1   Personnel             DMP_HRM_01 Support      Yes No HR              Min 80% of the recruited          Number of recruited personnel    Recruitment plan (available at the General Manager and HR Manager)           3 months     1 year
    Recruitment                                                          personnel should be evaluated     concluded as « effective » /     Recruitment minute, Recruitment report (available at the HR Manager)
                                                                         as “effective” in the Personnel   Total number of recruited        Recruitment data base (available in electronic format at the HR              During the    5 years
                                                                         Evaluation Process                personnel                        Manager)                                                                     employment
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Permanently   NA
2   Coordinating Social   DMP_HRM_02 Support    Yes   No   HR            100% performing the planned       Performed events / planned       Invoices (available at the accounting department)                            1 year        7 years
    Events for                                                           events                            events
3   Planning and          DMP_HRM_03 Support    Yes   Yes HR             Min 80% of the trainings should Number of Training Evaluation      Training plan (available at the HR Manager)                                  6 months      1 year
    Evaluating the                                                       be evaluated as “effective” in the Reports concluded as «          Evaluation report (before training), training evaluation report (available   6 months      5 years
    Training of the                                                      Training Evaluation Reports        effective » / Total number of   at the HR Manager)
    Employees                                                                                               Training Evaluation Reports     Training minutes, diplomas, certificates (available in the personnel files   During the    5 years
                                                                                                            (each 6 months)                 at the HR Manager)                                                           employment
4   Personnel             DMP_HRM_04 Support    Yes   No   HR            Min 90% of the personel should    Number of evaluation forms       Assesment plan (available at General Manager and HR Manager).                1 year        5 years
    Assessment                                                           be evaluated by the Direct        filled in.                       Evaluations forms (available at HR Manager).                                 1 year        5 years
5   Preparing the         DMP_HRM_05 Support    Yes   No   HR            100% of personnel should have     Number of personnel files        Personnel files (available at HR Specialist)                                 During the    5 years
    personnel & payroll                                                  updated records.                  updated                          Personnel package report (available at General Manager and HR                employment    5 years
    policies                                                             100% of personnel should have     Number of updated personnel      Manager)                                                                     period
                                                                         updated package according to      salaries and packages.                                                                                        1 year
                                                                         the market.

Date: 06.07.2005                                Created by:     HR Manager                                                                  Approved by: General Manager

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