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					I remember one magical Christmas morning when I woke up to find a line of
Strawberry Shortcake dolls in front of the tree. They were all for me,
but I suspect my mom had gotten them for herself too. I had not really
stated that I liked this line of dolls, but my mom kept buying things for
me. I suspect she was hoping I would. I had a comforter and a lamp, and
that morning, I got a bunch of the dolls. They were fine, and I loved
owning them, and I am also glad that they are still around.

The Strawberry Shortcake dolls that I had as a child all came with their
own scent. The one I loved the most was blueberry, though I can’t seem to
remember her name at the moment. I think I got five of them that year,
and I did keep them around for a very long time. I think you can still
find them as I had them, but they have also changed much over the years.
Some of them don’t look like the same line to me, but children will see
these Strawberry Shortcake dolls as something they recognize. Many toys
lines get a face lift, and this is no exception.

If you have a daughter that loves Strawberry Shortcake, the line of dolls
they have out will thrill her to no end. If you are like my mom, you
might even get them hoping your daughter will love them. Honestly, I
think that is a little sneaky, but as moms, you have to be sneaky. There
are many toys out there that I find questionable in nature and in value,
so if buying Strawberry Shortcake dolls might take their minds off
wanting the other ones, well, being sneaky is well worth it. Sometimes,
moms just have to do what they feel is best. Buying Strawberry Shortcake
dolls is a minor infraction. It’s ultimately up to them if they like

Those, like me, who may have owned and love Strawberry Shortcake dolls
when they were young might try looking around online. You may be able to
find the original dolls for sale. Though you may not want to give these
to your child, you can still find them for yourself if you are missing a
bit of your childhood. Having the originals that you owned as a girl will
bring back many wonderful memories. I know that just looking at pictures
of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls take me back to that wonderful
Christmas morning with my family.