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					                                GRANT WOOD AEA BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                    REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING
                                         December 16, 2009

The Grant Wood Area Education Agency Board of Directors met on December 16, 2009 at the Grant Wood AEA
Facility, 4401 Sixth Street S.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
James Green, Board President, called the business meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
Board members present:            Marlene L. Hill          Sue Gates                      Morris Greenfield
                                  James Green              Lynne Cannon                   Robert Schneider
                                  Pam Jacobs               Marilyn Wirtz
Board members absent:             Mary Meisterling

Others present:   Ronald Fielder, Maria Cashman, Barb Harms, Jackie Schreder, George Held, Wayne Haddy, Kim
                  Martin, Sid Lutz, Sheila Matheson, Myra Hall, Phyllis Anderson, Michelle Heiserman
Grant Wood Education Association: Liz Hooley
Myra Hall, Phyllis Anderson and Michelle Heiserman presented information on the Iowa Core. The Iowa Core is a
state-wide effort to ensure that all Iowa students learn specific essential skills and concepts that will prepare them
for success in the 21st Century.

Greenfield moved and Schneider seconded a motion to approve the first reading of AEA Board of Directors
7245      Technology Resources Network Uses, Privileges, and Responsibilities
7245A Administrative Regulation
7247  Maintenance and Privacy of Personally Identifiable Information
7247A Administrative Regulation

4136    Separation: Agency Staff
4136A Administrative Regulation
Motion carried 8 to 0.

Wirtz moved and Gates seconded a motion to approve the second reading of AEA Board of Directors Policies.
7241    Public Meeting Room Use
7241A Administrative Regulation – Public Meeting Room Use

8620    Use of Van Delivery Services for Outside Mailings
8620A Administrative Regulation
Motion carried 8 to 0.

LEA Bus Routes Operating Outside the Boundaries of Their Districts (Code of Iowa 285.9)
Gates moved and Jacobs seconded a motion to approve the requests for out-of-district bus routes for:
     Cedar Rapids Community School District
     Lisbon Community School District
     Mid-Prairie Community School District
     Monticello Community School District
Motion carried 8 to 0.

Hill moved and Cannon seconded a motion to add Laurene Lanich and Terri McGraw to the contracted staff
negotiation team and Char Haddy to the classified negotiation team.
Motion carried 8 to 0.
Grant Wood AEA Board of Directors
Page 2        December 16, 2009

The following personnel items were presented for Board consideration:

(R) Cara A. Galloway, Paraeducator.                                                              Effective: 12/03/09
    37.5 hours/week; regular school year of 40 weeks (.721 FTE).
    Class 6, Step 2, $11.66 + .60 Market + .08 Ed credit = $12.34 per hour.
(N) Victoria L. Kane, COTA.                                                                      Effective: 12/02/09
    32 hrs/week; regular school year of 39 weeks (.6 FTE).
    Class 7, Step 6, $12.77 + 2.00 Market + .04 Ed credit = $14.81 per hour.
     To more closely align job title with job responsibilities and for internal
     realignment of existing staff, a change of status is recommended for
     the following individuals:
     L. Richard Toomsen, from Software Developer to                                              Effective: 11/30/09
     Lead Application Developer. No change in salary, FTE or
     benefit level.

     David J. Maiers, from Programmer, $50,377.00, to Lead                                       Effective: 11/30/09
     Application Developer, $57,500.00. No change in FTE or benefit level.

                                      - - INFORMATION - -
   Melissa R. Niermeyer, Paraeducator.                                                           Effective: 12/11/09

    Angela M. Ayres, Paraeducator.                                                               Effective: 01/04/10
    20 hrs/week; regular school year of 40 weeks (.38 FTE).
    Class 6, Step 1, $11.48 + .60 Market + .08 Ed credit = $12.16* per hour.
     *pending documentation
CONTRACTED STAFF – MODIFIED CONTRACT:                                                            Effective: 10/26/09
   M. LeAnn Trana, Occupational Therapist (1.0 FTE).
   From MA, Step 3, $27,093.93, to MA+45, Step 3, $30,474.76,
   per documentation provided.
     Identified dates are projected. Additional days may be worked
     as needed; up to the maximum of 90 days for this employee group.
     Carole J. Martin, Occupational Therapist.                                         Effective: 12/01/09-06/04/10
     26 days projected at per diem rate $232.95 (or
     $29.12 per hour) to provide support for vacant position.
     Total projected salary: $6,056.70

     Patricia A. Sebetka, Speech-Language Pathologist.                                    Effective: 01/04-01/29/10
     9 days projected (2 days/week) at per diem rate of $348.74
     (or $43.59 per hour) to provide support for staff member on leave.
     Total projected salary: $3,138.66.

          Contracts for the purpose of tax sheltered annuity programs were approved, and the
          Secretary of the Board was authorized to sign modification of contract forms on file
          in the Human Resources Office.
Grant Wood AEA Board of Directors
Page 3        December 16, 2009

Cannon moved and Greenfield seconded a motion to approve the personnel items listed above, including the
Motion carried 8 to 0.

CONSENT ITEMS – Minutes/Claims
Schneider moved and Wirtz seconded a motion to approve the November 11, 2009 regular business meeting minutes
noting the administrative regulation number is #7241A in the motion to approve the first reading of the AEA Board
of Directors Policies and 8 board members voted to approve the personnel items, and the November 30, 2009 special
meeting minutes, and the monthly claims list as presented.
Motion carried 8 to 0.

Harms reported the Statement of Operations for the first five months of the fiscal year reflects receipt of the first
quarter of federal funds. The expenditures are slightly higher than the same point last year.

Fielder reported some states are withholding their state aid payments.
Fielder will engage legal counsel to assist with the final phase of the LOMA appeal.
Fielder will consult with legal counsel regarding the selection of a realtor to market the 33rd Avenue Building. The
possibilities for the southern facility will be discussed.
The agency experienced some major problems with its email server. While there were various reasons for the
failure, the primary culprit was the large quantity of emails sent from PowerSchool to parents of students in our area.
After trying several options, it was finally decided that the best route was to move our email program onto a new,
more powerful server and rebuild the email database from scratch. Over the next several months the current email
software will be evaluated.

Iowa will apply for the U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top (RTTT) program. Fielder is a participant in
the State Success Factors Work Group. The work group is deliberating over Iowa’s approach to Race to the Top.
The process will be facilitated by West Wind Education Policy. School districts in Iowa can be a partner in this
process by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Iowa Department of Education no later than January
14, 2010.

A second source of funding is available through Investing in Innovation grants. To be eligible to compete for i3
funding, local education agencies (including charter school LEAs), and nonprofit organizations need to work in
collaboration with LEA(s) or a consortium of schools. Applicants will submit proposals to one of three categories:
"Scale-up", "Validation"; or "Development." The level of evidence supporting the idea will determine which
category is most appropriate. The Department of Education anticipates accepting applications in early 2010, with all
applications due in early spring of 2010. The department will obligate all i3 funding by September 30, 2010.

Fielder discussed the relationship between retirements, revenue, cuts and redesign as they relate to budget decisions.




The Iowa Department of Education (DE) recently issued a declaratory order that Teacher Salary Supplement funds
are subject to the 10% across-the-board budget reduction ordered by Governor Culver on October 8, and the Agency
Grant Wood AEA Board of Directors
Page 4        December 16, 2009

will proceed accordingly in making the adjustments for Teacher Quality (TQ) pay. These TQ pay adjustments are
projected to begin with the January 22 payroll.

Lynne Cannon commended Liz Hooley on her fine presentation on the Parent Education Partnership program

Lynne Cannon is the voting Director on the Board of Directors of the Iowa Association of AEAs. The Board
recently met and Lynne shared a list of the projects currently supported statewide.
Lynne recently attended the Iowa Association of School Boards conference. She provided a brief overview of the
conference and expressed her opinion that the Iowa AEAs should review data to confirm having an AEA booth at
the IASB conference makes sense.

Lynne recently attended the AESA Annual Conference in Austin, Texas. She provided a written summary on the

Jim Green represented the Grant Wood AEA at the IASB Delegate Assembly. Green stated it was decided to focus
on one priority this year.

The Iowa Association of School Boards:
Supports setting allowable growth at a rate that encourages continuous school improvement and reflects actual cost
increases experienced by school districts and AEAs. Our priority is to increase and maintain the state cost per pupil
and the spending authority associated with it to build a strong base for future education resources.

Green represents the Iowa AEA’s on the IASB Board of Directors. Green provided a summary of the recent board
meeting. He reported IASB has transitioned its construction management support and is partnering with Estes
Construction, an IPD leader in Eastern Iowa, to provide the school boards with the technical expertise needed during
the construction process. IASB and Estes have developed a simple, two-phase collaborative process for a district to
use. Lee Ann Grimley was elected to the position of IASB President-Elect.

The regular meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Kim F. Martin, Board Secretary                                 James C. Green, Board President