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									                                             Family History

                 Checkpoints –MILITARY PERSONNEL (2007)

Imperial Period 1788 – 1870
    □ British Regiments microfiche in Military folder - lists names of serving military personnel
    & the regiment they served. If the name is found, there will be a number code in brackets which
    refers to the name of the regiment. A printed table to the number code is kept inside the
    microfiche folder. Next step is to go to AJCP booklets.
    □ AJCP Part 4 War Office booklet
              WO 12 Returns of muster books & pay lists, p.16. This lists regiment name, where
                 it was stationed, the dates it was stationed & the reel numbers.
              WO 25 Regimental Description & Succession Books, p.27. Records for some
                 regiments are available, check the listing carefully for those regiments with records
                 still in existence. Not all are available.
              Films can be viewed at AOT or obtained on Inter Library Loan from the National
                 Library. For ILL ask staff to order through Document Delivery. Cost is $13.20 &
                 this usually covers up to 6 - 10 reels. The reels must be a consecutive sequence to
                 be covered by the one fee.

Colonial Period – 1871 – 1901
British regular troops garrisoned the colonies until the 1850s when local forces began to be
recruited. News of war between Britain and Russia in the Crimea led to the establishment of
volunteer corps in some colonies and the formation of informal rifle clubs in others. By early 1860
most suburbs and towns in Australia supported a volunteer unit, usually a rifle corps. After the last
British regiment left in 1870, the colonies were obliged to assume responsibility for their own
defence. The administration of colonial military forces passed to the Commonwealth on 1 March
1901, following Federation.
Sudan 1885
A contingent of 785 from NSW went to the Sudan; offers from other colonial governments were
declined by the British Government. For further information & nominal role see Australian War
Museum website.

20th Century
    □ Australian War Memorial Museum
        Go to Biographical Databases and choose one of the following search options –
            Research a person – allows you to search for a person who served in a particular
               conflict. Currently covers 12 conflicts including Vietnam, Gulf, East Timor &
            Roll of Honour – gives details of Australians who died on active service with
               Australian forces.
            Commemorative Roll – details of Australians who died while on active service with
               allied forces.
            Nominal Rolls – details of people who served in various conflicts.
            Australian Red Cross Society Wounded & missing Enquiry Bureau files –
               32,000 case files of Australians reported as wounded or missing WW1

                                                              Launceston Reference Library
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                                             Family History

                 Checkpoints –MILITARY PERSONNEL (2007)

              Australian Military Forces Prisoner of war & missing, Far east & South West
               Pacific Islands – details approximately 23,000 AMF prisoners of war & missing
               from operations as at June 1944
    □ Commonwealth War Graves Commission
            Search by surname for place of burial or commemoration for service men & women
               from both WW1 & WW2
            The "Debt of Honour Register" is the Commission's database listing the 1.7 million
               men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars
               and the 23,000 cemeteries, memorials and other locations worldwide where they are
               commemorated. The register can also be searched for details of the 67,000
               Commonwealth civilians who died as a result of enemy action in the Second World
    □ National Archives of Australia The National Archives stores service
    records for Australian service personnel – not all records are available
            Click on the Record Search option from the side bar
            Click on Search now (as a guest)
            Type name in to keyword box. Records returned may not be a service record; they
               can be anything from court records to patent applications to shipping records etc.
            If a service record is found, click on “display” button. If the record has already been
               digitised, a symbol with a link will appear on the record. Click on link to view digital
               image of the original documents. Images can be printed out but the quality is
               generally not very good.
            If a record has not been digitised already, click on the link under the series heading
               to display information about the record. Request a copy by clicking the “request a
               copy” button – this will take you to an online request form or email address. Make a
               note of the date you made the request, it takes up to 8 weeks for a digital copy to
               appear online – keep checking the site until it appears.

Books & Pamphlets
    □ Fowler, Simon. Army Records for family historians Kept with military indexes
    □ Montague, R.H. How to trace your military ancestors in Australia & New Zealand
    Kept with military indexes
    □ Rhodes, Frances. Photographic record of service personnel – Furneaux Group Kept with
    military indexes
    □ Wyatt, Douglas Morris. When duty calls: a history of the
    Tasmanian Rangers, 1886-1945. LSC.Q 355.3109946 WAY
    □ Nicholls, Bob. The colonial volunteers: the defence forces of the
     Australian colonies, 1836-1901. REF 355.00994 NIC
    □ Spencer, William, Medals: the researcher’s guide. REF 737.2207 SPE

                                                              Launceston Reference Library
                                                              Civic Square LAUNCESTON TAS 7250                                   ph (03) 6336 2642 fax (03) 6336 2639

                                            Family History

                 Checkpoints –MILITARY PERSONNEL (2007)

British Army
    □ Donohoe, James Hugh. The British Army in Australia 1788 – 1870. Check the contents
    page for further information about what may be found & where. Also has an extensive
    bibliography. Kept with military indexes
    □ Sexton, Rae. The Deserters Kept with military indexes
    □ Crowder, N. K. British Army pensioners abroad 1772 – 1899 Kept with military indexes
    □ Thomas, Garth. Records of the militia from 1751 Kept with military indexes
    □ “British Regiments in Tasmania” in news cuttings files– general information about the
    regiments stationed in Tasmania (Ref workroom files, ask staff member for folder)

Boer War 1899 – 1902
    □ Bufton, John. Tasmanians in the Transvaal War.       LSC 968.2 BUF. Account of the
    Tasmanian contingents. No index. Includes a large number of soldier photos. A version of this
    title is available on CD at the Reference desk. The CD is searchable and the pictures print out
    □ Murray, P. L. Official records of the Australian military contingents to the war in South
    Africa. Available on CD at the reference desk.
    □ Watson, Reg. Heroes All: Tasmanian casualties in the Anglo – Boer War. Kept with
         military indexes

World War One 1914 – 1918
     □ Broinowski, L. Tasmania's war record, 1914-1918. LSC 940.412946 TAS
     □ Hosken, Graeme. Digging for Diggers: a guide to researching an
       Australian soldier of the Great War, 1914 – 1918 Kept with military indexes
    □ Knolle, Wendy. Index to photographs of WW1 servicemen & women….
      Vol 1 – 2 “Weekly Courier” Kept with military indexes
    □ Knolle, Wendy. Index to news items& obituaries of WW1 servicemen & women….
      Vol 1 – 2 “Tasmanian Mail” Kept with military indexes
    □ Wigmore, Lionel. They Dared Mightily. Kept with military indexes
World War Two 1939 – 1945
     □ Knolle, Wendy. Index of news items, obituaries & photographs of WW2
       Tasmanian servicemen & women – “The Examiner” 23rd September 1940 –
       9th March 1946 Kept with military indexes
     □ Watson, Reg. Names of all Tasmanian Personnel who lost their
        lives from whatever cause in World War 2 Kept with military indexes

                                                             Launceston Reference Library
                                                             Civic Square LAUNCESTON TAS 7250                                  ph (03) 6336 2642 fax (03) 6336 2639

                                           Family History

                 Checkpoints –MILITARY PERSONNEL (2007)

        □ Australia. Dept. of Veterans' Affairs. The nominal roll of Vietnam veterans.
            LSC 959.7043394 NOM

Online resources
Australian war museum

Archives Office of Tasmania Brief Guide 32; regiments of the British army serving in
Tasmania, 1803 – 1870. Lists regiments & dates
stationed in Tasmania

United Kingdom National Archives. This website will give you information about how to research
British military personnel

                                                            Launceston Reference Library
                                                            Civic Square LAUNCESTON TAS 7250                                 ph (03) 6336 2642 fax (03) 6336 2639


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