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Zach Ruben


									                        CS Testimonials
                             Part I
Katharine Frankel
       I am a junior majoring in Consumer Science- Consumer Affairs in Business and interested

in the career of advertising and marketing. My summer internship is with the Phoenix Media

Communication Group located in downtown Boston. The Phoenix is primarily an Arts and

Entertainment guide, one of the first of a national wave of “alternative newsweeklies.” After nearly

forty years, it is one of the country’s largest alternative weeklies, reaching over 700,000 young,

active and educated readers.
        I am a sales intern working alongside a senior account executive. My main responsibilities

are putting together ad proposals, independent research, mailings, and creating budgets for

advertising campaigns. I obtained this internship by googling advertising internships in the Boston

area. My special project was creating a radio ad for a hotel located in the heart of downtown. After

creating the radio script it was produced in our studio and now plays on our station WFNX

101.7FM, a popular station for Massachusetts listeners. My favorite part of this internship is the

casual and relaxed atmosphere. There is an abundance of young professionals who bring a fresh

perspective to the field. They are easy to relate to and first hand know the challenges of planning a

career. The most valuable part of my internship is obtaining professional experience which will be

vital in choosing the direction in which I plan to move. Through this experience I have come to the

conclusion that I would like to become more involved in creative work. I can see myself becoming

more involved in the field of marketing. This internship is primarily sales, placing advertisements

into a select media for example newspaper and radio. I would like to work alongside companies

brainstorming what type of media would be most successful and targeting specific demographics.

Although this internship has given me valuable real life experience it has clarified my career goals

pointing my into the direction of marketing.

        This internship has highlighted my strengths which I believe is my consistency with my

work performance and positive attitude I put forth each day. Some areas I may need to work on

include my confidence. It is important to work with confidence in order for your co workers to take

you serious and produce the best possible results.

        Advice for future interns would be to start searching for an internship as early as possible.

Take advantage of connections and email your resume to as many family members and friends. The

most people you contact the better chance you have obtaining an internship and obtaining an

internship that fits best with your interests.
Zach Ruben
       I am working at Forest City Ratner Companies in Brooklyn, New York in the Retail

Development Department. Forest City Ratner Companies is part of the nationwide real estate and

development group, Forest City Enterprises. Forest City is one of the largest publicly traded real

estate investment trusts that maintains offices in L.A, San Francisco, Chicago, Brooklyn,

Washington D.C, Boston, and their headquarters in Cleveland. They currently develop and own

commercial and residential property in 25 of the United States. In Brooklyn, I am working for one

of the vice president’s who is in charge of one of the company’s biggest projects that is currently

under construction. This project is called East River Plaza and is a 6 acre site in Manhattan off of

the FDR Freeway and the East River. This site is being developed into a 4 level commercial retail

center which will include anchor tenants such as Best Buy, Target, and Home Depot.

       My main responsibilities so far have been to alter floor plans for interested tenants. This

means that I have been taking the amount of square feet requested by each tenant for each level of

the project, and creating a floor plan with their projected space. From here, my second

responsibility is to re-draft a lease for the specified tenant and include the amount of rent Forest

City decided to charge and the amount of space the tenant will be taking. This packet then gets

reviewed and commented on, and I usually have to make some adjustments. When we have a final

product, I put a package together for the tenant and mail it out to them so we can move forward in

the leasing process.

       I have done numerous other things including sitting on meeting with all of the leasing agents

to discuss their weekly progress and reports. This has been my favorite part of the internship so far

because it allows me to learn the most by observing the conversations that take place between the

executive vice president of commercial development and his leasing agents and vice presidents. He

acts like a catalyst and keeps everyone on their toes and productive. He raises issues that otherwise
might not have been mentioned and he covers all of the bases. My boss is one of the vice presidents

who participates in this meeting and is involved in this progress check. If anyone has questions

about my internship, they can feel free to contact me through my university email.

                                                               Kimberly Miller
       I currently am doing my internship this summer at the Abbey Resort and Fontana Spa,

which is located in Fontana, Wisconsin. I was fortunate to have received this internship through a

friend that I had traveled to Europe with. Her father is an executive at the resort. The title of my

position is a Reservations Agent. I have many tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. I am to

take and make reservations via the telephone, mailed correspondence, rooming lists, and email. I

then have to enter them into our Property Management System. Also on a daily basis, I need to

provide guests with information about the resort, the hotel services, and the city. There are normally

three to four other Reservations Agents that I work with at one time. When there are going to be

large groups in house, we have to prepare the necessary documents for room assignments and any

other specific planning they will need while they are here. Finally, I have to type up confirmation

emails and mail those out to our guests that will be coming.

       My special project for the summer consists of working throughout the summer on different

promotional packages to offer to clients. We have so far had summer promotions, July 4th

promotions, Jimmy Buffet promotions, and just recently released a Labor Day promotion. With all

of these, we offer the clients promotional rates and packages to stay here at the resort.

       During my internship thus far, the most important thing that I have learned is great customer

service is essential while doing my job. While working with clients, making reservations and

planning events, I have found that by making sure that the customer is getting everything that they

like, I'm making them happy and doing my job to the best of my ability. It is important to work with
the client in a friendly matter and let them know that I am here to work for them, and to make sure

that there stay at the resort is everything that they are expecting and more. Also it is important to be

an active listener while working with the client to make sure that their needs are being met. Finally,

with customer service, it is important to realize that I am representing the entire Abbey Resort and

Fontana Spa, and I need to be professional with the clients, and keep the reputation of the resort in

high regards, and also to make sure for return business with the clients I am working with.

For more information and pictures on the Abbey Resort and Fontana Spa go to:


This summer I have spent my time as the Marketing Intern for GCG Financial in Bannockburn

Illinois. I was hired to help the firm with marketing their services to prospective clients to help raise

their numbers for this year. I have been in charge of creating a new flyer to send out to old and new

clients to get them to fill out a survey. This survey will give the clients a better idea of where they

stand against their competition. GCG will then have the chance to talk with these clients once they

have taken the survey to discuss their results and how to improve themselves. The mailer is one of

the most important aspects because it is the client’s first impression of the firm and if it is not

appealing they will not want to be involved in taking the survey. I have also been responsible for

contacting clients by telephone to confirm their attendance at certain events. This experience talking

with clients has helped build my professionalism in the work place.

       This internship was introduced to me by a friend who is family friends with one of the

bosses at GCG Financial, he gave me their contact information and from there I applied for the

internship by sending in my resume and cover letter. My favorite aspect of this internship is by far

the work environment and the people. The work environment is very relaxed and the people are
very easy to get along with. Instead of judging me for not knowing something they take an interest

in teaching me various things which not only have to do with marketing but things that are valuable

when working with others in any situation. I have learned how to write professional letters to make

it about the client and not about the company which can be a difficult task. I have learned how to

handle myself in a meeting with clients, how to listen to them and ask them insightful questions. I

have also learned where my personal strengths are, I am good at communicating ideas to my bosses

and I am a hard dedicated worker when it comes to getting things done. I do however need to

improve on focusing my attention on what is being explained to me. Sometimes I only focus on the

first part of the task and then I do not pay full attention to the second part and end up having to have

my boss re-explain it to me. By paying more attention to the entire assignment I should be able to

complete it in a more orderly fashion.

       This internship has changed my career goals in the fact that I have decided that I would

probably like marketing a product better than marketing a service. While I am enjoying my

internship, I think it is nice for the summer but not for the rest of my working years. I think I would

rather work in a marketing office where everyone is working on similar goals instead of being the

marketing person for a company.

       As of Wednesday May 30th I have been an intern in the advertising

department at Interview Magazine. This magazine, known as “the crystal ball of

pop” is located in the West Village in New York City. My days usually run from 10am

to 6pm and consist of a variety of activities. My responsibilities include: mailings, a

bank run once a week, and assisting the sales representatives and advertising

assistants. In addition, I have been given projects that involve researching
upcoming events, competing magazine information, and to assist with their

Superstars of the Web promotion for the July 2007 issue. Currently, I have been

given the responsibility to temp as an advertising assistant as wells as prepare

materials for a strategy meeting at the end of the month.

      Thus far this internship has truly been like a dream; I get to work in New York

City, and work in an industry I hope to work in post graduation from UW-Madison.

      The experiences I am having this summer are helping me to see the

processes and task in advertising for a magazine as well as make contacts for the

future. Furthermore, I will always value my experiences this summer and hope to

take advantage of every opportunity thrown my way. This internship has caused

me to evaluate my future, as well as my strengths and weaknesses. I have found

that with hard-work, I can do anything I put my mind to. However I need to work

on taking more initiative and being more confident when taking on tasks, if I want

to achieve all my future goals. Lastly, I have received great advice from my

supervisor, which is to work hard but remember this is my summer, and I need to

relax a bit and not be quite so tense.

      Thus far, this summer has been something out of a dream. I am working for

one of the leading pop-culture magazines started by the great Andy Warhol, and I

am working in a department that I hope to have a career in some day. Now truly,

what else could a girl ask for?

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