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									                                                                                                                                    Please photocopy & circulate to:
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                            Essential...PEOPLE SKILLS
                                                      Working Effectively with Others
                                    NB This seminar will
                             only be held in London, no out of
                                  London venues SORRY!
                                                                   9-10 NOVEMBER 2010 - LONDON
                 This popular two-day seminar is designed for all those in the public sector wishing to improve their 'people skills'
                 to work more effectively with others. The programme will focus on practical and proven skills and techniques, with
                 plenty of case studies and practical examples included throughout the two-day programme. The seminar will be
                 'interactive' with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion. A detailed workbook accompanies the seminar.

                    PROGRAMME (2 Day)                                        Presented by:
                                                                             Kathryn Pepper, Associate Consultant and regular presenter for ETC
   'Solutions Focus' - A Way of Working Effectively with Others              Kathryn is a regular and popular presenter of ETC seminars. Her formal training
   ● What is 'solutions focus'?
                                                                             is in occupational psychology and she currently advises a wide range of public
   ● How is it different from 'what we normally do'?
                                                                             and private sector organisations on all aspects of workforce development. Her
   ● Understanding the problem is not the same as solving it
   ● Learning the essential skills of working with others
                                                                             expertise ranges from personal skills development including; 'solutions focus',
   ● Take notice of what works and do more of it                             communication skills, management and leadership training, conflict resolution
   ● Stop doing what doesn't work and try something else instead!            and assertiveness training through to psychometric assessment, personality
   ● How will you know when things are working better/most effectively/      profiling and competency frameworks.
       being most useful to you?
                                                                                0945 Registration (day 1), 1000 Start (Both days), 1630 Close, Lunch is included
   Clear and Professional Communications
   ● Language tools for communicating professionally                                     Venue: Park Inn Hotel, Southampton Row, London WC1
   ● Transactional Analysis ● Advocacy-Inquiry                                                        Nearest Underground Station • Holborn •
                                                                                                            Piccadilly and Central Lines
   ● Questioning, Listening and Body Language - getting these right for
       the most productive relationships                                               Fee per delegate: £395.00 plus £69.12 VAT Total £464.12
   ● Building Rapport, Credibility and Influence
   ● Moving through fields of conversation to improve communication
   ● Ethos Pathos Logos
   ● Levels of Listening - listening for and working with values
                                                                                          FAX BOOKING LINE 0113 298 2088
   ● Balancing Advocacy with Inquiry
                                                                                                e-mail mail@publicsecta.com
   Managing Others Effectively
   ● MBTI - Understanding people's preferences and how people
                                                                                               This seminar can also be run In-House for £2,495 plus VAT, 'ALL IN',
     are reliably different                                                                 anywhere on mainland UK. Maximum 15 delegates from the organisation
   ● How to communicate most effectively with different types of people                    booking the in-house seminar. Please contact ETC to discuss possible dates.

   ● Persuasion and putting your message across
   ● Transactional Styles - A tool for building professional relationships
   ● Effective giving and receiving of feedback - positive and negative                              www.publicsecta.com
   Handling Conflict and Difficult People                                      ETC is one of the leading providers of short course training to the public sector
   "We don't have to like each other, but we do have to work together"         in the UK, Ireland & Europe , with a fifteen year plus track record of delivering
   ● Conflict Management that works
                                                                                        practical, detailed and focused training that will help you to
                                                                                                             ‘do your job better’
   ● Understanding Conflict
   ● Communication styles - how do people typically deal with conflict?
   ● Essential steps to conflict resolution
   ● Assertiveness skills - step by step techniques that work!                                        ETC, PO Box 999, Leeds LS16 0AA
   ● How to say "No" professionally and collaboratively
   ● Courageous Conversations - practice makes perfect!
                                                                                                      Telephone 0113 230 6170

BOOKING FORM                                                Essential PEOPLE SKILLS                                                 9-10 November 2010 - London

ORgANISATION                                                                   ①    First Name                                  Surname

AddRESS                                                                             Job Title

                                                                               ②    First Name                                  Surname

                                          POSTCOdE                                  Job Title

 TEL                                                 FAX
 inc                                                 inc                                         e-mail
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