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					     Sectors/Dpts                                       Activities
    General Activities   Database and web site management
                         Documentation (prep/research/writ/edit)
                         Electronic Document Management
                         Financ/operat/strategic plan & control
                         General administration
                         Management and coordination
                         Membership management
                         Negotiations and contract management
                         Participation in ITU meet. Conf. & works
                         Plan, org. & follow-up meet/conf/work
                         Publication (prep/research/writ/edit)
                         Registry function
                         Representation of the Union
                         Research activities
                         Security coordination and organization
                         Non-service time activities:

                         Idle Time
                         Annual leave
                         Official ITU Holidays
                         Other authorized leave
                         Sick leave

          ITU-R          Invoic/control/track cost recov outputs
                         IT assistance and support
                         IT training
                         Prep. special sections and IFIC contents
                         Regulatory/technical examination
                         Regulatory/technical training
                         Software development
                         Software maintenance
                         Software specification and testing
                         Validation - Data preparation

          ITU-T          ITU-T Study group secretariat
                         Operational Bulletin management
                         Technology watch

          ITU-D          Creation of tools and guidelines
                         Preparation and delivery of training
                         Assisting Members and related tasks
                         Sharing information and related tasks
                         Handling of special needs
                         Coordination within ITU
                         Resource mobilisation/Partnerships
                         Financial administration services
                         BDT staff/expert administration services
                         Contracts and Procurement services
                         Fellowships services

        Telecom          Coord. monitoring of service providers
                         Develop ICT plan
                         Develop media plan
                         Marketing and Sales

1                                                                    3/15/2010
                        On-site management
                        Planning, org. & follow up forum
                        Planning, org. & follow up exhibition
                        Registration and Security Services
                        Selection of ICT-providers and sponsors
                        Sponsorship management
                        Venue selection and allocation

        SGO             External auditors related work
                        Internal audits and inquiries
                        Internal consulting
                        Legal advices and revision legal texts
                        Representation coord & mgmt of the Union

         SPU            no specific activities

         CEC            Brand management
                        Communications Services (fax/mail/pouch/Circular/DM)
                        Customer Services & Public Relations & Advocacy
                        Issue/Crisis management
                        IT-Service Management
                        Management support
                        Media Relations and Media Training
                        Member Consultations
                        Protocol Services
                        QA of corporate website & related web tools development
                        Relations with UN & other organizations
                        Writing/Editing services

Conference Department Document management
                      Conference mgt and logistical support
                      Arabic transcription,composition, rev.
                      Chinese transcription,composition, rev.
                      English transcription,composition, rev
                      French transcription,composition, rev
                      Russian transcription,composition, rev
                      Spanish transcription,composition, rev.
                      Support to Editorial committee
                      Processing of ITU Publications
                      Electronic mgt documents & publications
                      Arabic translation, revision and editing
                      Chinese translation revision and editing
                      English translation revision and editing
                      French translation, revision and editing
                      Russian translation revision and editing
                      Spanish translation revision and editing
                      Editorial Committee, linguistic advice
                      Creation and mgmt of terminology base
                      Provision of reference support
                      Training on IT language tools
                      R&D / inter-agency coop (JIAMCATT)
  Common Services     Publication registration service
                      Analysis customer demand & market trends
                      Audiovisual services
                      Desk-top-publishing service
                      Dispatch service
                      Document Distribution service
                      Driver and transportation services
                      Electronic installations
                      Electronic Publishing service
                      External Printing service

2                                                                                 3/15/2010
                        Inventory operations
                        Mail distribution
                        Maintenance and renovation of buldings
                        Library and information services
                        Management of distributor contracts
                        Marketing and Sales
                        Reprography (printing and binding)
                        Processing of customer orders
                        Procurement mat/equip/office supplies
                        Production of CD-ROMs
                        Reception services
                        Records and archives management services
                        Removal services
                        Security services
                        Maintenance and renovation of technical installations
                        Telephone switchboard services
                        WEB-based Publications

 Personnel and Social
Protection Department   Career management
                        HR policy and regulatory framework
                        Job classification
                        Medical service
                        Pension and insurance schemes
                        Recruitment and placement
                        Retired staff pension and ASHI
                        Social services
                        Staff administration services
                        Staff/management relations
                        Training arrangements
                        Travel and removal arrangements
                        Travel contracting

      Finance           Accounts Receivable
                        Accounts Payable
                        Budget control
                        Cash management
                        Contracts management
                        Cost Analysis
                        Financial Management
                        Financial Planning
                        Financial reporting
                        General Accounting
                        Investment of funds
         IS             Client services - messaging
                        Client services - network/servers
                        Client services - service desk & training
                        CMS - Content Mgmt Services
                        DAS - Database Application Services
                        ERP (HR, Finance, CS)
                        FOC - Field Office Connectivity
                        M/C - Meeting / Conference - Services
                        TIES (incl. external infrastructure)
                        DAS - Database Applic Serv-Time-based]
                        double:FOC-Field Off Connect-Time-based
                        ERP (HR, Finance, CS) [time-based]
                        M/C - Meet/Conf-Services-Time-based

3                                                                               3/15/2010
4   3/15/2010
                    Aggregated outputs                                         Outputs
  INT    ITU Plenipotentiary Conference            ITU Plenipotentiary Conference

         World Telecommunication Policy Forum      World Telecommunication Policy Forum

         Council & Working Groups                  Council & Working Groups
                                                   Council 2006
                                                   Council 2007
                                                   WG - Cost recovery for SNF
                                                   WG - New Council Oversight Group (NCOG)
                                                   WG - ITU Structure
                                                   WG - Functioning of the Coord. Committee
                                                   WG-Contr. by SMs & Asso towards defraying exp. of the ITU
                                                   WG-Review & consolidation of prov. regarding Obs. (by PP)
                                                   WG - Financial Regulations
                                                   WG-Process of establ. priorities in ITU
                                                   WG - WSIS
                                                   WG - Strategic Plan 2008-2011
                                                   WG - International telecommunication Regulations (ITRs)

         World Summit on the Information Society
                                                   World Summit Info Soc (WSIS)-General
                                                   World Summit Info Society (WSIS) - Tunis
                                                   Prepcom 1 of the WSIS
                                                   Prepcom 2 of the WSIS
                                                   Prepcom 3 of the WSIS
                                                   WSIS Stocktaking
                                                   WSIS Thematic Meetings

         Social responsibility                     Social responsibility

         ITU-SG Publications                       ITU-SG Publications
                                                   ITU Internet reports
                                                   ICT Regulatory & Policy Publications
                                                   Final Acts
                                                   Resolutions and Decisions of Council
                                                   ITU Activities Report
                                                   Global Directory (Regulatory publications)

         ITU TELECOM Events                        ITU TELECOM Events
                                                   ITU TELECOM World
                                                   ITU TELECOM Africa
                                                   ITU TELECOM Asia
                                                   ITU TELECOM Middle East & Arab States
                                                   ITU TELECOM Americas
                                                   ITU TELECOM Europe

         Building Digital Bridges Programme        Building Digital Bridges Programme
                                                   Building Digital Bridges Workshop 1
                                                   Building Digital Bridges Workshop 2
                                                   Digital Bridges Publications

         Corporate Governance and Communication    Corporate Governance and Communication
                                                   Corporate Communication
                                                   ITU News
                                                   Membership services
                                                   Protocol services
                                                   Interagency and external affairs activities
                                                   Corporate Governance
                                                   Communication services

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                    Aggregated outputs                                              Outputs
         Internet Policy                               Internet Policy
                                                       Internet Policy Workshops and Meetings
                                                       WG - Internet Policy

         GMPCS                                         GMPCS

         ITU New Initiatives Programme                 ITU New Initiatives Programme
                                                       Ubiquities Network societies
                                                       New initiatives Publications

         International Telecommunication Regulations
                                                       International Telecom Regulations (ITRs)

         ICT Projects                                  ICT Projects
         Infrastructure - Buildings Maintenance        Infrastructure - Buildings Maintenance

  BR     World Radiocommunication Conference           World Radiocommunication Conference

         Regional Radiocommunication Conference        Regional Radiocommunication Conference

         Radiocommunication Advisory Group             Radiocommunication Advisory Group

         ITU-R Study Groups                            ITU-R Study Groups
                                                       Study group 1
                                                       Study group 3
                                                       Study group 4
                                                       Study group 6
                                                       Study group 7
                                                       Study group 8
                                                       Study group 9

         Seminars                                      Seminars

         Radiocommunication Assembly                   Radiocommunication Assembly

         Radio Regulations Board                       Radio Regulations Board

         ITU-R Publications                            ITU-R Publications
                                                       Maritime Manual
                                                       Radio regulations
                                                       Rules of procedures
                                                       BRIFIC space
                                                       BRIFIC Terrestrial
                                                       HFBC Schedule
                                                       List IV-Coast stations
                                                       List V-Ship stations
                                                       List VI-Radiodetermination (incl. sup.)
                                                       List VIIA-Call signs (incl. sup.)
                                                       List VIII Monitoring stations

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                    Aggregated outputs                                                Outputs
         Processing of space notices and other related
                                                         Processing of space notices and other related activities
                                                         API -Request Not subject to Coordination
                                                         API - Request subject to Coordination
                                                         API-RR (9.5D, 2C-date change, SUP, Ass)
                                                         API - Other
                                                         Coordination - CR/C
                                                         Coordination - CR/D
                                                         Coordination - 9.41/9.42
                                                         Coordination - RR (SUP, Assistance,…)
                                                         Coordination - Other
                                                         Notification - S/S subject to CR
                                                         Notification - S/S not subject to CR
                                                         Notification - E/S
                                                         Notification - 11.32A
                                                         Notification - 11,41
                                                         Notification -RR (11.44, 11.4.1, 11.47, 11.49, RES 4, 49, SUP,
                                                         Notification - Other
                                                         AP 30/30A - Article 2A
                                                         AP 30/30A - Article 4 (Part A)
                                                         AP 30/30A - Article 4 (Part B)
                                                         AP 30/30A - Article 4 (Part C)
                                                         AP 30/30A - Article 4 (Part D)
                                                         AP 30/30A - Article 5
                                                         AP 30/30A-RR (RES 49, Assistance)
                                                         AP 30/30A - Other
                                                         AP 30B - Article 6
                                                         AP 30B - Article 7
                                                         AP 30B - Article 8
                                                         AP 30B-RR (RES 49, Assistance)
                                                         AP 30B - Other

         Processing of terrestrial notices and other
                                                         Processing of terrestrial notices and other related activities
         related activities
                                                         Plan modification
                                                         Admin & Oper. Proc
                                                         Art.12 procedure

         ITU-R General Assistance and co-operation with ITU-R General Assistance and co-operation with ITU-T and other
         ITU-T and other organizations                  organizations

         Liaison with and support to development
                                                         Liaison with and support to development activities

  TSB    World Telecommunication Standardization
                                                         World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA)
         Assembly (WTSA)

         WTSA Regional consultation sessions             WTSA Regional consultation sessions

         Telecommunication Standardization Advisory
                                                         Telecom. Standard. Advis. Group (TSAG)
         Group (TSAG)

         ITU-T Study Groups                              ITU-T Study Groups
                                                         Study Group 2
                                                         Study Group 3
                                                         Study Group 3 - TAS
                                                         Study Group 3 - TAL

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                     Aggregated outputs                                         Outputs
                                                     Study Group 3 - TAF
                                                     Study Group 4
                                                     Study Group 4 Focus Group
                                                     Study Group 5
                                                     Study Group 6
                                                     Study Group 9
                                                     Study Group 11
                                                     Study Group 12
                                                     Study Group 13
                                                     Study Group 13 NGN Focus group
                                                     Study Group 13 OCAF Focus Group
                                                     Study Group 15
                                                     Study Group 16
                                                     Study Group 17
                                                     Study Group 19

         Workshops                                   Workshops
                                                     Workshop 1
                                                     Workshop 2
                                                     Workshop 3
                                                     Workshop 4
                                                     Workshop 5
                                                     Workshop 6
                                                     Workshop 7
                                                     Workshop 8
                                                     Workshop 9
                                                     Workshop 10
                                                     Workshop 11
                                                     Workshop 12
                                                     Workshop 13
                                                     Workshop 14
                                                     Workshop 15

         ITU-T Publications                          ITU-T Publications
                                                     Conferences Publications
                                                     Recommandations ITU-T
                                                     Software Application
                                                     Other Publications

         ITU Operational Bulletin                    ITU Operational Bulletin

         Database publications                       Database publications
                                                     ITU-T Patent database and IPR groups
                                                     ITU-T Terminology database
                                                     ITU-T Formal languages descr. database

         UIFN registrar                              UIFN registrar

         UIPRN/UISCN registrar                       UIPRN/UISCN registrar

         ITU-T General Assistance and co-operation   ITU-T Gen. Assistance & co-operation

         Promotion                                   Promotion

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                    Aggregated outputs                                               Outputs

  BDT    World Telecommunication Development
                                                        World Telecommunication Development Conference
                                                        Regional Preparatory Meeting AFR
                                                        Regional Preparatory Meeting AMS
                                                        Regional Preparatory Meeting ARB
                                                        Regional Preparatory Meeting ASP
                                                        Regional Preparatory Meeting EUR
                                                        Meeting for CIS countries
                                                        Rapporteurs Meeting

         Telecommunication Development Advisory
                                                        Telecommunication Dev. Advisory Group

         ITU-D Study Groups                             ITU-D Study Groups
                                                        Study group 1
                                                        Study group 2

         ITU-D Publications                             ITU-D Publications
                                                        Conferences Publications
                                                        ITU-D Recommandations
                                                        Other Publications

         Prog. 1 – Regulatory Reform                    Prog. 1 – Regulatory Reform

         Prog. 2 - Technologies and telecommunication   Prog. 2 - Technologies and telecommunication network
         network development                            development

         Prog. 3 – E-strategies and e-
                                                        Prog. 3 – E-strategies and e-services/applications

         Prog. 4 - Economics and finance, including
                                                        Prog. 4 - Economics and finance, including costs and, tariffs
         costs and, tariffs

         Prog. 5 – Human capacity-building              Prog. 5 – Human capacity-building

         Prog. 6 – Special programme for least
                                                        Prog. 6 – Special programme for least developed countries
         developed countries

         Statistics and Information Activities          Statistics and Information Activities

         Partnership & Promotion Activities             Partnership & Promotion Activities

         Private Sector Initiatives                     Private Sector Initiatives

         Youth/Gender/Indigenous People Initiatives     Youth/Gender/Indigenous People Initiatives
                                                        Youth Inititiatives
                                                        Gender Initiatives
                                                        Initiatives to Assist Indigenous People

         Regional Initiatives                           Regional Initiatives
                                                        Regional Initiatives AFR
                                                        Regional Initiatives AMS
                                                        Regional Initiatives ARB
                                                        Regional Initiatives ASP
                                                        Regional Initiatives EUR

         Funds-In-Trust Projects                        Funds-In-Trust Projects

fdb9ae66-c351-435b-9b9a-4a2ae2e46e54.xls                                                                                3/15/2010
                   Aggregated outputs                                   Outputs
         UNDP Projects                       UNDP Projects

         Telecom Surplus Projects            Telecom Surplus Management and Coordination
                                             Application of new technologies
                                             Human Resource Development
                                             Countries with Special Needs

         Cooperative agreements with other
                                             Coop agreements with other organisations
                                             Co-operation with other Sect. & Organ.
                                             Gen. Assistance & external co-operation
                                             Liaison w/& support to dev. activities

         BDT TELECOM Initiatives             BDT TELECOM Initiatives
                                             Telecom Development Symposium
                                             Youth Forum

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