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Style                                     Proscenium Arch Theatre
Proscenium Width                          9340 mm
Proscenium Height                         3660 mm
Stage Height (from auditorium floor)      1120 mm
Stage Depth (from curtain line)           6300 mm
Apron Depth (from curtain line)           1800 mm
Height of Grid                            9000 mm
Number of Hanging Lines                   28
Stage Depth (from curtain line to last
                                          5900 mm
hanging line)
Stage Surface Type                        Black Painted Masonite
Stage Surface Condition                   Fair to Good
Prompt Side Wing (from stairs to edge
                                          2000 mm
of masonite)
O.P. Wing Space (from fly lines to edge
                                          3700 mm
of masonite)
Crossover                                 To Rear of Stage
Fly Gallery is Situated                   O.P.
Height of Fly Gallery (from stage)        5400 mm
Docking Facility                          Available
Height of Dock (from ground)              250 mm
Dimension Dock Door                       2500 x 4800 mm
Legs and Borders (colour)                 Black (Wool)
Legs and Borders Condition                Good
Dimension Borders                         13000 x 1800 mm
Dimension Legs                            3000 x 4500 mm
F.O.H. Curtain Colour                     Red (uncut cord)
F.O.H. Curtain Operation                  'fly out' manually O.P.
Cyc (colour)                              7oz seamless canvis
Cyc condition                             Good
Dimension Cyc                             12500 x 5000 mm
Black Tabs (tied off to barrel)           Line #26
Black Tabs condition                      Good
Dimension Black Tabs                      2 at 4800 x 7000 mm
Gold Tabs (French action operated         Line #6
Dimension Gold Tabs                   2 at 4800 x 7000 mm
Black Tabs (motorized, operated
                                      Line #4
Dimensions Black Tabs                 2 at 6500 x 4500 mm
Black Tabs Condition                  Good


Electrical Voltage Used in Theatre     240 Volts
Theatre Lantern Stocks                 Well Equipped
Control Board                          LSC Axiom 48
Dimmers                                (Strand JTM's) 30 x 2000 Watts
                                       (Jands/CCT Rack) 6 x 5000 Watts
                                       (Jands/CCT Rack) 12 x 2000 Watts
                                       The Analogue Dimmers in the Patch
                                       Room are fed from an LSC Lightlink
                                       (DMX512 to Analogue Converter)
                                       (LSC Wallpack Rack DMX512) 12 x
                                       2000 Watts in P.S. Gallery
Number and Position of outlets         Contact Theatres Manager
Sub-patch position                     P.S. Gallery
Number of Outlets sub-patch to dimmer 21 plus LSC Wallpack (12 x 2000
room                                   Watts)
Additional 3 Phase outlet (Wilco 5 pin
                                       Prompt Corner
Blue Workers (Operated Prompt
                                       P.S. and O.P. Wings
House Light Control                    Prompt Corner and Bio Box


Auditorium System                     Bose 402
Sound Mixer                           Inkel 16 channel
CD/Cassette Players                   Available
Show Relay to dressing rooms          Available
Show Relay to Bio Box                 Available
Foyer Chimes (operated Prompt         Available
Corner, Bio Box and Ticket Booth
Foyer Paging                        Via Aiphone
Auditorium Paging                   Via Aiphone
Dressing Room Paging                Via Aiphone


External Phone (local calls only)   Bio Box
Pay Phones                          60 sec. walk from Theatre
In-house talk-back system           Available
Headset talk-back system            Available
Intercom Phone                      Aiphone System
Video Monitoring                    Available

Dressing Rooms

Number of Dressing Rooms            3
Number of Persons Per Dressing Room #1   3

                                    #2   4

                                    #3    10
Mirrors and Make-up Lights          All Rooms
Sinks with hot and cold water       All Rooms
Shower                              Available
Dressing Room Location              Directly under stage
Access to Stage                     via Stairs Prompt Side
Costume Racks                       All Rooms


Capacity                            300
Style                               Raked
Acoustics                           Excellent for voice, acoustic music and
                                    stage production
Site Lines                          Good
Seat Colour                         Blue/Green Fabric
Wall Finish                             Slatted Wood
Floor Finish                            Grey Fleck Carpet
Heating                                 Available
Cooling                                 Available
Air Flow Control                        via AMX
Auditorium Floor Plans                  see Floor Plans

Lecture/Conference Facilities

16mm Projector                          Bio Box
Cinema Screen                           Line #15
Cinema Tabs (Motorized)                 Line #14
Kodak Carousel Slide projector          Available
Overhead Data Projection                mounted Ceiling Centre Auditorium
High Speed Ethernet Connection          Available
Overhead Transparencies Projector (on
Large White Board (on casters)          Available (1200 x 2400 mm)
Lecture Screen                          Line #1 (3600 x 3600 mm)
Lecturn                                 Available

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