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					                                                           LESSON PLAN
Topic           At home
                                                                            Level:         Breakthrough            Intermediate Advanced
Aims and                             Oracy                                     Literacy                   Knowledge about Language
Objectives                                                                                                Intercultural Understanding
                 To ask and answer ‘Where .?’ Halkee                  To match names to rooms in        Language Learning Strategies
                        questions.                                      the house and common               Link between words children find difficult to

                 To name some rooms in the house:                      objects.                                remember and words these sound like in
                                                                                                                other languages
                                                                                                               To remember / become familiar with
                                                                                                                Somali names, e.g. Xaawo, Jibril, Ahmed,
                                                                                                                Nimo, Madina Ali, Xaalima, Warsame
Prior           Talking about where a person is.
Learning        Words for rooms in the house: bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, garden
                                        qolka hurdada, qolka fadhiga, jikada, qolka cuntada, xamaamka, beerta
                Names for common objects.
Resources /     A – power point: house floor plan              B - Laminated picture of Bahal                 C – powerpoint: rooms
equipment       D – Task Sheet: C Listening                    E – domestic items (to laminate)               F - picture of a child in a domestic setting
                G – True / False Cards                         H – powerpoint: activities                     I - Pictures of Bahal’s family with names
                J - Task A2 Response sheets

                Laminated pictures of Bahal, cups, plates, table, chair, book, pen, photo

Minutes                                                                                                                 Resources      Comments
                                Teacher                                            Pupils
Starter    Set the context for learning:                     Rehearse Q&A.                                       Ball
10 mins
           Bahal is invited to someone’s house to meet       Make a circle.
           the family.
           Models ‘ Where do you live? I live ….’ Halkee     Pupil catches ball answers, throws across circle
           ku nooshahay? Waxaan ku noolahay…..               and asks Question
           Ask question and throw ball to pupil asking
Introduce a house floor plan with kitchen, living   Repeat names of rooms in simple sentence           A – power point
room, garden, bedroom labelled.                     ‘It’s the….. waxay tahay….                         house floor plan

Bahal is placed in different rooms, projected                                                          B - Laminated
on to IWB                                           Repeat ‘ He/ she is in…..’ Isaga/iyada waxay       picture of Bahal
Model ….. where is…? Halkee … ? He/she is           ku jiraa/jirtaa…..
in….’ Isaga/iyada waxay ku jiraa/jirtaa…..                                                             C – power point –
                                                    Following Task C Format listen to statements       Rooms
Explain task and support as appropriate.            about where Bahal is and write a number next
                                                    to the correct statement                           D – Task Sheet: C
Models ‘I am in … ‘ Anigu waxaan ku jiraa…                                                             Listening
                                                    Take turns to move picture of Bahal from room
(Opportunity to extend by making False              to room and make the statement ‘I am in….’
statements)                                         Anigu waxaan ku jiraa…
                                                    Children respond with thumbs up or down.
Bahal goes to the kitchen a, where he finds         Name items                                         E – domestic
different objects on the table.                                                                        items (to laminate)
                                                    Guess what’s missing. Play as a class or small
Revise ’It is a …..’ Waxay tahay… Tell              groups with sets of cards.
children to close their eyes. Remove an item

Present picture and ask questions or ask                                                               F - picture of a
children to write some simple questions ( state     Answer questions in Somali or repeat answers.      child in a
a specific number of questions or a time limit)                                                        domestic setting
they could ask the character.                       Play true/false using response cards.
                                                                                                       G – True / False
Show slides on IWB                                  2 teams – one ask, one answers in response to      H – powerpoint:
Practise What are you doing? Maxaad                 slides.                                            domestic activities
         I am …. gardening, cooking,                                                                   I - Pictures of
                  studying, reading Anigu           Children have Task A style response sheets         Bahal’s family
…. Beerayaa, karinayaa, baranayaa,                  with four activities named in boxes with letters   with names
akhriyayaa                                          above. Copy the correct letter next to the
                                                    character’s name.                                  J - Task A2
Teacher makes the statement beginning ‘I am                                                            Response sheets
going to…’ Waxaan tegayaa… and puts a
character picture on a slide.
eg. Xaaliima says – I am studying xalima
waxay leedahay – waxbaan baranayaa.
 Repeat for each slide
Plenary    Ask children to say a sentence in Somali about
10 mins
           the visit. eg Ali was gardening, Jibril was in his
           room or as simple as an It is…. statement.
Homework           Ask for a photo and write four questions to ask the subject.