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                                                    Organic Vegetable Gardening
                                                                By Joe Weiss

  Organic vegetable gardening? The benefits to you and your family are huge.
Would you rather eat fresh lush vegetables without the fear of insecticides and chemicals or worry
about what you are feeding your family? Wouldn’t you like to feed your family a natural food, full of
antioxidants and vitamins? Organic vegetable gardening is your one and only, your bes answer.

Have you ever seen soil after years of applications of chemical fertilizers? Icky. The color is just like the
soil, bleached, colorless, lifeless. Have you seen organic soil? Organically managed soil is rich in
beneficial organisms, richly composted to a rich dark color. Which soil would you rather grow
vegetables, any of your plants in?

Are you becoming aware or very aware of the need to preserve, to protect our environment? Organic
vegetable gardening, organic gardening in any form is the better way to grow. You can grow lush
delicious fruit and vegetables, wonderfully strong flowers, trees, and shrubs without the harmful effects
of chemicals.

There are so many sources on the net, in magazines (we highly recommend “Organic Gardening”), in
books to research all the benefits of Organic Vegetable Gardening. Whether you have a small patio
space for containers only, or a huge garden space, you can successfully grow the ‘Organic’ way.

Healthy soil is full of beneficial organisms called nematodes. Growing beans, peas, and nasturtiums
encourage and multiply these beneficial organisms. In naturally organic soil, worms are your friends,
multiplying quickly to organize a huge troop of soldiers to munch and digest the soil. They naturally
compost the soil through the digestive process to give you a rich beneficial medium to grow your plants
in. Chemicals kill the beneficial organisms and discourage the worms. Who wants to eat plastic?

With a little research, you can find out that you rotate your crops so that the peas, beans, and pretty
nasturtiums reinvigorate the soil depleted by other crops. You can plant marigolds to repel the natural
enemies of your vegetables. They don’t like the color or the smell. Marigolds are priceless to a natural
organic vegetable garden, pretty and workhorses for you.

Encourage natural predators in your organic vegetable gardening plans. These natural allies will assist
you in keeping your vegetables pest free. They include ladybugs that voraciously eat aphids and

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                                         Presented by Daniel Toriola

wasps who love to sting and eat worms, anything that moves into their territory.

Other natural organic vegetable gardening friends are the friendly preying mantis which has an
enormous appetite for bad bugs and the delicate lovely green lacewing. Welcome these friends,
encourage their presence in your organic vegetable garden.

Gurneys’ Seed and Nursery is a long time favorite for strong vegetables for your organic vegetable
garden. Their fruits are wonderful too. You can’t miss with this aged company who also offers natural
sprays, traps, and pest solutions. Their constant research and development programs guarantee you
the finest quality. We just ordered a big order ourselves.

Strong plants naturally discourage pests and disease, cuts your work and preservation needs down
considerably. You can order from Gurneys’ online or through their catalog. We at highly recommend this tried and true organic vegetable gardening source.

The benefits of feeding your family food you have homegrown are enormous. You know what
conditions they are grown under and what they have been exposed to. You know you are getting the
best of the best, naturally grown organic vegetable gardening at it’s best, all in your control and

Lastly, you not only benefit your family, you benefit your immediate neighborhood, your local natural
ecosystem. A pebble dropped in a pool has radiating patterns of effect. You can be that pebble that
starts a no chemical, all natural organic vegetable gardening project in your own backyard.

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                                   How To Grow Your Organic Vegetable Garden?
                                                By Krishan Bakhru

 To grow your organic vegetable garden is not a difficult thing and in fact many people who enjoy
gardening are now turning to organic gardening methods. This doesn't mean that you need to grow
only organic herbs and vegetables in your garden. Organic gardening can encompass all aspects of
gardening, including a flower garden or an ornamental garden as well.

Just because you want to have an organic vegetable garden that doesn't mean that you only need to
stick with the organic vegetable garden. You can expand to include such things as herbs as well if you
like, not mention flowering plants and others.

The one thing that you do want to look out for when you're growing your organic vegetable garden
alongside your flower garden, is that your flower garden is also grown organically. After all, it kind of
defeats the purpose of growing an organic vegetable garden if right next to it you use all sorts of
chemical pesticides and fertilizers in your flower bed.

Other than that you should be fine when constructing and maintaining your own organic vegetable
garden, but if you feel that you neighbor's pesticide filled garden is too close to your own garden and
that all your good efforts are going to waste you might want to look at either moving your own organic
vegetable garden further away, or using pots, tubs and troughs to grow your vegetable garden.

The first thing that you need to decide when planting your organic vegetable garden is what types of
vegetables you want to have. The next thing is to finding the right place to have your garden, along
with how large you want, or can have, your garden. It is entirely possible to grown your organic
vegetable garden in a small closed off patio on the 44th floor of your high rise apartment as long as
you are willing to accept your limitations and work with them.

This means being aware that although you might want to plant an acre's worth of organic vegetable
crops, you will instead have to make do with a small 4x4 or even smaller sized enclosure in which to
grow your organic vegetable garden.

Once all of these things have been factored in and you have a rough idea of what you want in your
organic vegetable garden, and how big you want your garden to be, you can then move on to the
serious subject of just where to get your organic vegetable seed or plant stock from.

Here, you might have to make a decision as to whether you want your organic vegetable garden to be
planted from completely organic seed or plant stock, or whether, if you have difficulty in obtaining
these, you want to resort to using plant stock from a nursery which is not organic, but which you will
grow from scratch utilizing organic methods. Once all these are done, you can then get started on your
organic vegetable garden.

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