; Enjoy Alfresco Dining with MeatMATTERScom
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Enjoy Alfresco Dining with MeatMATTERScom


Enjoy Alfresco Dining with MeatMATTERScom

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									          Enjoy Alfresco Dining with MeatMATTERS.com

It’s time to make the most of the weather with some alfresco lunches and suppers.
Picnicking has always been a great summer tradition, whether the sun is shining or
the heavens have opened. From simple sandwiches to gourmet hampers and
champagne we just love a good picnic!

                                       Whether you are enjoying the lush green
                                       countryside, sandy beaches, or a park bench
                                       outside the office, finger or fork food is the
                                       way forward. Tarts, quiches, pasties, terrines
                                       and frittatas make perfect picnic fodder and
                                       are guaranteed to impress.

                                       So it’s time to think beyond the pre-packed
                                       sandwiches, artificial-flavoured crisps and
                                       supermarket dip, and take inspiration from the
                                       days when picnics were all the rage.

                                        Why not try Bacon, Black Pudding and
                                        Grape Tarts. Easy to make in just 20
                                        minutes, these mini tarts combine dry cured
bacon with black pudding, fruity apple sauce and grapes to create delicious treats
that can be served hot or cold.

If you are short of ideas for alfresco food look no further than
www.MeatMATTERS.com, the home of hundreds of fantastic recipes for all


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                      Bacon, Black Pudding and Grape Tarts

Makes about 12 tarts
Takes about 20 minutes


100g     (4oz)         Black pudding, cubed or cooked spicy sausages
100g     (4oz)         Smoked dry cured back bacon rashers, cut in half
375g                   Puff pastry
5ml      (1tsp)        Apple sauce per tart
2                      Grapes per tart


Preheat oven to Gas 4-5, 180oC, 350oF.

Roll out pastry on a lightly floured surface and cut out circles large enough to line
greased fairy cake patty tins.

Place a teaspoon full of apple sauce in the base of each pastry case. Add two
grapes per tart, a few cubes of black pudding and half a rasher of bacon.

Bake in oven for about 20 minutes.


Serve hot or cold, snack, picnic or canapé!

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