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                   Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on
                Sunday 14 December 2008 at Empingham Cricket Club

Present:              Alistair Smith (Chairman), Bobbie Worker (secretary), Rosalind
                      Fenton, Christine Cooper, Mick Whittle, Steve Fenton, Matthew
                      Holdroyd, Bill Kingston, John Holdroyd, John Thomson, Rob
                      Thomas, Dave Mee, Mark Thomas, Gary Cooper, Martin Dixon


These were received from Bill Ferguson, David Moore, Paul Angell, David Angell, Ryan
Worker, Adam Worker, Mick Stevens, Phil Dixon, Ben Harris, Simon Kidd, Matthew
Kidd, Malcolm Gott, Tom Gott.


Minutes of the meeting held on 9 December 2007 were approved and signed.


       All matters arising would be dealt with under the appropriate headings in the

       By Alastair Smith

       The Chairman thanked the sponsors who gave deals on tackle, Gary Martin, Phil
       and David, all of the Committee members and the parents. Special thanks went
       to Mike Childs who had kept things going but was now retiring.

       With excellent people now in key posts EYFA should go from strength to
       strength. Congratulations to the new committee whose biggest issue is now

       A drive on membership is necessary, the Wild Trout Trust has 2500 members,
       we should all try to recruit new members it does not matter who they are, go to
       fisheries and ask all who renew memberships to put a levy on top to give to

       Through the Angling Trust we should have a full time angling representative in
       each area, if we manage to do things properly we should be able to get funding.

       We look forward to a brilliant year and two brilliant teams.
     By Mike Childs - President

     Another year is almost over. Congratulations to our teams in particular our two
     Managers. Ireland was particularly difficult because of the weather, never the
     less great efforts were made and the team now know that you can be sick on a
     lake. Not recommended or to be repeated!

     Our rivers team upheld a growing reputation both in Wales and the Czech
     Republic as good sportsmen and able fishers.

     Our website is now showing the benefits of a make over thanks to Dr Thomas for
     that. There is still scope for more up to date reporting. Is it possible to develop
     a ‘members only chat room’?

     The committee under our Chairman Alastair form a valuable support group not
     only in fund raising but also as boatmen and river bank supporters.

     The future has the major challenge to try and fill the funding gap which has been
     caused by the cancellation of the Sports Council Grant. The development of the
     Anglers Trust will start to work in the new year under the leadership of Mark
     Lloyd currently Director of ACA. What changes will they generate and what
     effect will it have on competitive fly fishing?

     It has always been the case, each year brings its own challenge and 2009 will be
     testing for the Committee and the members. I am sure you will find the right

     After a very long association with the fishing and fly fishing in particular I have
     decided that it is time to bow out. I therefore tender my resignation from the
     Honourable position of your President. My timein the sport has been extremely
     interesting. Seeing the introduction of the ‘Sinking line’, what a fuss that caused
     at Internationals. The development of purpose designed rods to handle the
     different strains with sinking lines. The evolution of reels and new materials.
     Again I trust further development and evolution will occur.

     I will maintain an interest in, an be pleased to receive updates on the activities of
     EYFA. My very best wishes for the future to you all and in due time I hopein due
     time the children of today’s youth. Thank you.

     Bobbie Worker

     The secretary thanked the committee and in particular Janet Beeney for the
     assistance she had provided with being new to the job, but said that as she had
     just taken over the role there was nothing to report
       By Martin Dixon.

       Copies of the Income and Expenditure Account were distributed. It was
       explained that the 2008 International cost £8517.40 £6K more than the previous
       year. Martin had taken up the matter of the cost with the Irish but had received
       no response. The Chairman said that he had taken the matter up with Scotland.
       The accounts cannot be agreed until this matter has been finalised.

       It was stressed that the sort of hotels used have changed and they are going to
       be much more expensive. Special thanks to Roz and Josh Fenton for raising
       funds from the Rotary Club.

       We received £1000 from CEFF but this is likely to be the last such payment.

       Thames Water Shield is not as well supported as it had been but thanks to John
       Thomson for his organisation at Farmoor.

       A lot of money had been invested in kit and this was done before knowing what
       the cost of Ireland was likely to be. No stocks of caps and ties were held this

       Sale of fish is included in the income for the other areas.

       Affiliation fees may not be required in future years.

       The overall result is disastrous. If the international costs had been in line with
       pervious years we would have broken even.

       Acceptance of the accounts were proposed by Mick Whittle and seconded by Bill


       Christine Cooper reported that membership for 2008 was 48 adults and 23
       youths and wished Roz Fenton good luck in the role of membership secretary for

       Thanks were extended to the Christine for her hard work.


       By Dr Mark Thomas

       The website carries all up to date information as it becomes available. Intend to
       change the newsletter for 2009 and will discuss with the committee later which
       will include an annual report for 2008 to assist with fundraising. We should do
       more by email to cut down on costs and only post to those who are not on email.

       Intention to have a members area of the website for training logs and feedback
       etc. Dave Mee can test it and if it works it can be rolled out to the loch style team.

            The chairman said that we should not try to do too much in a limited time and
            should consentrate on getting new members in. Try and get a flyer round all of
            the fisheries and contac the people who sponsor us to see if they are happy to
            continue to do so.

            Any member can get a discount from the tackle suppliers Hardy/Greys,
            Snowbee, Guideline and Fulling Mill but must go via Dave mee.

11.         Review of Constitution - Proxy voting – Chairman

            Dr Mark Thomas reported the process of the EYFA incorporating to become a
            Company limited by guarantee. With the current constitution all members have
            unlimited liability. There would need to be consequential changes to the
            constitution to encompass the implications from Angling Unity (not yet known)
            and requirements of the Company Act.

            The objectives proposed for the new company would need to be finalised by
            CEFF, the sooner this happens the better. To save calling an EGM the
            resolutions were proposed by Dr Mark Thomas to be reviewed by a postal vote.

            A discussion took place as to the implications, reasons, what the insurance
            doesn’t cover etc.

            It was unanimous in vote of using a postal voting system

            John Holdroyd

            Mr Holdroyd felt that there were an insufficient number of training days in 2008
            for the youths to bond and learn about lochstyle skills. Martin Dixon responded
            that the members had appointed him as manager and it was up to him how he
            managed the details and carried out the role to fullfill his objectives and win Gold.

            Martin stressed that he was uncomfortable with Managers being dictated to by
            parents and members. Chairman said that this was a fair point to bring up.

            Martin Dixon said tat he did not need to be accountable for every detail, if the
            committee didn’t like it they would replace him. He stressed that the manager or
            coach would decide how to proceed but there would be a different approach for
            different conditions.

            Chairman felt that Martin & Phil had planned the training on a needs basis.

            Steven Fenton suggested that it was put to the lads to see what they wanted to
      Martin responded that there would be difficulty with exams and all would have a
      different view.

      Dave Mee said that there were costing issues and a need to keep a balance,
      individuals should go out and practice themselves and the rest should be down to
      the managers.

         John Holdroyd

         Mr Holdroyd said that he was disappointed with the turn out at Farmoor, only
         3 youth lochstyle members turned out compared to the previous year 13/14.

         He said that the Chairman should make sure that it is better supported.

         It was agreed that the dates and forms would be put on the website and
         discussed the possibility of making it a boat match which would be discussed
         at committee level.

         John Holdroyd

         Mr Holdroyd wanted to know whether there would be a lochstyle advance
         party which he considered to be essential.

         Martin Dixon responded that any decision would be his to make but in
         principle there may be a need for an advance party.


      All officers of the Committee resigned.

      The following officials were elected to the committee: -


      CHAIRMAN           Alistair Smith Proposed by John Holdroyd and seconded
      by John Thomson unanimously elected.

      SECRETARY          Bobbie Worker proposed by Gary Cooper, seconded by
      John Thomson and unanimously elected.

      TREASURER          Martin Dixon proposed by Mick Whittle, seconded by John
      Thomsonl and unanimously elected.

      MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY             Roz Fenton proposed by Christine Cooper,
      seconded by Bobbie Worker and unanimously elected.

      RIVERS TEAM MANAGER             Dave Mee proposed by Mick Whittle,
      seconded by John Thompson and unanimously elected.
      LOCH STYLE TEAM MANAGER Martin Dixon proposed by John Holdroyd,
      seconded by Bill Kingston and unanimously elected.

      The following committee members resigned: - Brian Beeney, Janet Beeney

      Remaining on the committee for 2008 are: - Gary Cooper, Mick Whittle, John
      Thomson. All were proposed en bloc by Alastair Smith, seconded by Mark
      Thomas and unanimously elected.

16.      LOCHSTYLE
         By Martin Dixon

         Ireland was an extremely hard ‘lottery’. Decided to have localised practice
         weekends at Ullswater with some of the best guides in the country and
         Tallylynn where plenty of fish were caught.

         Most of the lads had not fished for wild brown trout before. Difficulties
         encountered with the Irish promising the earth and delivering nothing.

         Thank you to Lorraine we managed to get out for ½ day fishing on the first
         day and the second day was not much better due to problems with the boats
         and bad organisation.

         The weather turned on match day, the fishing was rubbish, it was a lottery
         which boat the irish gave you and they also had the best boatmen.

         It was gutting that the majority of lads blanked which was not right for them
         and no fault of their own.

         Behaviour was impecible throughout.

         Excellent job done by Captain Stephen Pringle, well done. Great thanks to all
         of the boatmen.

         Hope to see fish in 2009 at the Lochstyle Youth Internationa at Llandegfedd

          2009 Lochstyle Team
         Josh Fenton (Captain)
         Tom Gott (Vice Captain)
         Matthew Holdroyd
         Carl Malpass
         Tom Davies
         Patrick Senior
         Matthew Kidd
         Stephen Pringle
         Adam Worker
         Kieran Bonas
         Tom Leslie
         Dominic Sheratte
         Ryan Matthews
         Mark Harrison      Reserve 1
         Ryan Worker        Reserve 2


      Dave Mee gave an excellent presentation, which included all activities of 2008.
      These were Newark fly Fishing Show, Bolton Abbey, Tregaron Rivers Festival,
      All events proved very successful and enjoyable.

      Dave said that he had some fly packs for sale as stocking fillers for Christmas..

      Dave Mee was thanked and congratulated for all his efforts during the year, in
      particular on winning bronze medals in the World Championships.
      Dave extended his thanks to The Team, the EYFA committee, Sally Merrison,
      Simon Kidd, Mark Thomas, Malcolm & Mandy Gott, Alex Jardine, Scott Nellins,
      Ian Mann and Mike Mee.

      Dave went on to say that the dates for the Spring Flyfair in Newark were
      28/02/2009 to 1/03/2009.

      7th Youth World Flyfishing Championships (Chotebor –Czech Rep)
      21/07/2009 to 27/07/2009

      2009 World Squad – 6 people
      Ben Harris   -      3 lochstyle caps and 3 world championships (captain)
      Matthew Kidd -      2 Lochstyle caps (Ireland & Wales), Tom Bilson highest
                          rod, 3rd in rivers championships
      Tom Gott     -      4 years in the Rivers team, best fly tyer, Lochstyle
                           champion and 2 lochsyle caps (Ireland & Wales).
      Rob Thomas -        Most improved angler, current rivers champion, 1 lochstyle
                          Cap (wales)
      Terry Mann -        1 lochstyle cap (Ireland), too old for lochstyle this year but
                          going from strength to strength.
      Carl Malpass -      2 Lochstyle caps (Ireland & Wales), CLA casting champion

      Dave requested approval of the World squad – carried.

      Dave Mee gave a list of thank you’s, too many to list individually, ranging from
      parents, ex-team members, friends, supporters, families and fisheries. None of
      the successes and achievements that the Youth had attained could have been
      done without all their help and support, and on behalf of the Youth Dave wanted
      to thank them all for all their help over the year. It was truly appreciated

             Next AGM 13/12/09 – Empingham Cricket Club

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