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Elephants Never Forget)


Elephants Never Forget)

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									The RUN Drama Scripts - A RUN Resource

RUN Script No. 855:

Elephants Never Forget)
by Dave Shailer & Marc Titley

 This sketch has been made available to you on the following conditions:
 •   It should only be used by RUN members.
 •  This permission entitles your church and/or not-for-profit organisation to unlimited use when used as
 part of your regular church services or non-profit programmes. This includes photocopying the scripts
 for each actor in your church or organisation only, and performance as often as you like without royalty
 or fee.
 • Drama sketches are non-transferable between churches or organisations and cannot be resold or
 published elsewhere.
 • For any other use please contact RUN, PO Box387, Aylesbury, HP21 8WH. Tel; 0870 7873635.

Keywords: Forget, Forgiveness, Anger,

Scene: 2 elephants by a watering hole

1        That's it - you just go and trample all over my trunk - see if I care ! Honestly !
         You go around like a herd of elephants !
2        That's because we a re a herd of elephants and anyway, you shouldn't leave it
         lying around like that - I thought it was a snake !
1        A snake ? how many snakes do you know that are long, fat, grey and wrinkly ?!
2        Well, there's the long, fat, grey, wrinkly lesser spotted python for one !
1        Oh rubbish ! You're taking out of your earlobes again !
2        Tusk ! Tusk ! There's no need to insult me, you know ! Don't forget - I have an
         extremely long memory
1        Yeah, well, I've got one too- it's part of being an elephant isn't it ? Everyone
1+2      Elephants never forget
2        I can't forget how you pulled my tail when I was little
1        Well, you started it by squirting muddy water in my face
2        That wasn't me ! That was Cousin Nellie. Y'know, that one over there. She came
         back from the circus...
1        What Nellie the Elephant ?
2        (sings) Packed her trunk and said "Goodbye" to the circus. Off she went with a
         trumpity trump. Trump Trump Trump
1        Shut Up ! Anyway, it wasn't her - it was definitely you - And I know because..
1+2      Elephants never forget
2        Speaking of remembering, I don't think anyone will forget old Uncle Albert's first

RUN, PO Box 387, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 8WH Tel 0870 787 3635 email: Web:
                                                                               RUN Drama Script No. 855
                                                                                           Page 2 of 3

         appearance on television
1        Why? He wasn't featured in a David Attenborough documentary, was he ?
2        No
1        He wasn't in a Survival programme on the Serengetti ?
2        Guess again - it was a long time ago..
1        Errr... Jonny Morris' straightman ?
2        Who's Jonny Morris ?
1        Never mind - Why won't anyone forget Uncle Albert on TV then ?
2        Cos he's the elephant who did a whole heap of ... stuff on Blue Peter
1        You don't mean (makes a gesture - not too obscene please, Marc) ....
2        I do ! And you know what he remembers most - They never gave him a Blue
         Peter badge. He'll never forget that because..
1+2      Elephants never forget
1        Must be a painful memory..
2        For everyone involved
2        Some of my memories can still make me feel embarrassed or even angry
1        Angry ? Like what ?
2        Like the day I trampled over that Ivory Poacher
1        At least you got him
2        Yeah - but it took ages to get his rifle out of my trunk
1        And I remember the day the lion came round asking who was King of the Jungle
2        Oh yeah ? What happened ?
1        Well he went up to the monkeys and asked "Who's the King of the Jungle" and
         the monkeys said, "You are ! O mighty Lion !"
2        Yeah ?
1        Then, he went up to the zebras and asked "Who's the King of the Jungle" and
         the zebras said, "You are ! O mighty Lion !"
2        And then what ?
1        Well he went up to the antelope and asked "Who's the King of the Jungle" and
         the antelope said, "You are ! O mighty Lion !"
2        What happened next ?
1        Finally, he went up to BarBar the elephant over there and asked "Who's the
         King of the Jungle" and BarBar grabbed lion by the tail and slammed him on his
         left then he slammed him on his right then he trampled all over him, spun him
         around his head and threw him into the sea. And when the lion dragged himself
         out of the ocean he said to BarBar - " Well there's no need to get angry just cos
         you don't know....!"
2        I bet the lion will never forget that !
1        You can still hear him roaring about it in the jungle and the hyenas can't stop
         laughing about it !

RUN, PO Box 387, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 8WH Tel 0870 787 3635 email: Web:
                                                                               RUN Drama Script No. 855
                                                                                           Page 3 of 3

2        Well, it's embarrassing, isn't it ?
1        I reckon that it's the times when we get hurt the most are the ones we remember
         the most
2        Well, it's not easy if all you seem to have are hurtful memories...
1        It's worse being an elephant
2        Yeah because...
1+2      Elephants never forget...
2        Still, I wish we could sometimes let bygones be bygones ....
         (1+2 start to leave and the conversation fades)
1        Yeah anyway - get off me trunk !!
2        And stop splashing that water
1        Honestly that's just like you, isn't it !
2        You can talk - why, I remember the time ..............................etc,etc

RUN, PO Box 387, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 8WH Tel 0870 787 3635 email: Web:

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