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                                                           JOB DESCRIPTION


JOB TITLE:                                             Facilities Manager (Fixed term 2 years)

DEPARTMENT AND                                         Office Services and Premises, Central Offices

IMMEDIATE MANAGER’S                                    Operational Services Manager

Consider the reason why the post exists. What is its main function? Only one statement is
required, comprising one or two sentences. It may be easier to complete the rest of the form
before returning to this section.

To directly manage facilities and premises for Central Offices estate ensuring operational
effectiveness and provision of a healthy working environment for staff and visitors.

To support the Operational Services Manager in meeting corporate and organisation objectives
such as the implementation of the NES Property Strategy for Central Offices.

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Include information that captures the range and scope of the post, (e.g. support, technical, advisory,
supervisory, managerial) within your department. Also include details of any measurable resources for
which you have either some control or impact, e.g. budgets, numbers of staff, etc.

     1. Central Offices is currently split between 3 buildings in Edinburgh and Glasgow and comprises the
                   th    th
                 4 and 5 floors, Thistle House, Edinburgh : Total 1108 sqm staff 103
                                     nd      rd
                 Hanover Buildings, 2 and 3 floors, Rose Street, Edinburgh :Total 1518 sqm staff 101
                 1 Floor, Clifton House, Glasgow:Total 889 sqm Staff 80 (also 14 non-NES staff)

     NES central offices are in City Centre locations within managed, multi-tenanted buildings.     NES has
     responsibility for demised areas. NES properties are managed in line with the scope and principles of the
     NES Property Strategy.

     2. Responsible for staff management of Office Services and Premises Staff (10) spread across the three
        sites. To lead, motivate and develop team working across the three sites.
     3. To maintain and improve office services and facilities standards over the three sites ensuring maximum
        availability of services at all times and operational effectiveness thereof.
     4. To effectively manage and monitor the office costs and premises costs of OS&P budget ensuring cost-
        reducing measures are introduced whenever possible. To support the Operational Services Manager in
        the preparation of the OS&P budget and funding bids. To produce business cases, reports for
        procurement of equipment/furniture.
     5. Manage all maintenance, refurbishment and office renovation projects across Central Offices estate, eg
        creation of office space, internal redecoration. Ensure all relevant authorities have been applied for and
        granted, eg building warrants, landlord licence for works, etc. Approval of tenders and costs. Liaises with
        consultants and contractors throughout lifetime of works and co-ordinates work with minimal disruption to
        NES staff and operations.
     6. Management of security for Central Offices. Updating of local security policies and procedures.
        Compliance with NES Security Policy. Investigation of breaches of security, carries out risk assessments
        and takes/advises on remedial actions where necessary.
     7. Responsible for H&S and Fire procedures. Ensures policies are in place within Central Offices in liaison
        with NES H&S advisor and legislative requirements. Attends NES Health, Safety, Welfare at Work
        Committee as NES Central Offices rep.

     8. Undertakes space-planning exercises to make best use of space allocations in line with NES Property
     9. Plans, co-ordinates and manages internal office moves and office relocations.

     10. To represent NES in landlord and tenant meetings relating to NES properties. Liaison with NES landlords
         and NES tenants in relation to occupancy agreements in place.

     11. Negotiate service level agreements for facilities management services ensuring value for money.
     12. Negotiate with contractors for services and supplies provided ensuring value for money.
     13. To ensure Pre Planned Maintenance (PPM) contracts are in place where necessary for premises.

     14. Maintaining of inventories for furniture and equipment within Central Offices in compliance with NES SFIs
         and NES fixed assets registers.

     15. Ensure accurate floor plans for Central Offices are maintained.

     16. Responsibility for ensuring premises Central Offices Business Continuity plans are updated and ensures
         arrangements are in place and OS&P staff training in business continuity takes place regularly.
     17. Responsible for ensuring Environmental Management takes place in all Central Offices sites in
         accordance with NES policies and procedures, promoting uptake and culture of environmental awareness
         and energy management in line with NHS Scotland policies. Member of NES Environmental Management

     18. Provides professional advice, guidance and expertise on all aspects of facilities matters.

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Organisation chart
                          CURRENT STAFFING ARRANGEMENTS
Office Services and Premises Section
Central Offices (Thistle House, Rose Street and Clifton House)
Director of Planning and Information

Operational Services Manager (AfC6)

                   THIS POST

                                                Office Manager (AfC4)

                                                                     Receptionist /Admin Assistant AfC3

                                                                    Receptionist/Catering Assistant (AfC2)

                                                                    Receptionist/Procurement Assistant(AfC2)

                                                                        Procurement Assistant (AfC2)

                                                                      Admin Assistant (General) (AfC2)

                                                                       Admin Assistant (OS&P) (AfC2)

                                        Senior Office Administrator (AfC4)

                                                                            Office Assistant (AfC2)

                                        Admin Assistant (Property) (AfC2)

OS&P implements NES Property Strategy in relation to Central Office Estate ensuring
accommodation is fit for purpose.
OS&P Central Offices ensures the smooth operational functioning of Central Offices supporting
the business needs and maximising availability of all services.
OS&P centrally manages the implementation of NES-wide facilities and property related
initiatives eg Environmental Management and Business Continuity Management and Planning.

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Facilities/Premises Management: 65% - Directly responsible for the on-going management of
Central Offices. Ensures smooth operational running of NES Central Offices by ensuring office
services functions and facilities are provided in response to business needs and legislative
requirements across the three sites. Responds to emergencies to take corrective action
ensuring business continuity over all facilities aspects. Liaises with landlord agents to ensure
services are provided as per occupancy agreements in place. Manages sub-tenants occupancy
agreements. Implements and develops office services procedures for Central Offices and
communicates to staff. Maintains inventories for furniture and office equipment in accordance
with NES SFIs.

Planning and preparation of all maintenance and refurbishment programmes for Central Offices
premises to required standards and deadlines, including those specified in occupancy
agreements, and within agreed budget.
Plan and carry out accommodation renovations in accordance with requirements both legislative
and in keeping with provision of a safe and healthy working environment for NES staff/H&S
obligations for contractors and visitors. Obtain quotes for works and manage works in liaison
with contractors. Obtains relevant legal documentation regarding works, ie licence for works,
building warrants, completion certificates.
Maintains, updates and develops premises Business Continuity Plans for Central Offices and
co-ordinates OS&P staff training.
Maintains floorplans of Central Offices, carries out space planning exercises, manages internal
office moves/ and relocations. Represents NES at landlord/tenant meetings.
Ensure Central Offices compliance with NES Environmental Management policy and

Management, Supervision & training of staff: 10% - Overall management responsibility for a
team of 11 staff ensuring ongoing development of staff and staffing requirements over three
sites. Directly manages 3 staff.

Procurement/Financial Management: 15% - Procure appropriate supplies and services
ensuring value for money in line with NES SFIs. Procurement of office equipment eg
photocopiers, furniture in line with NHSScotland contract procedures ensuring fitness for
purpose. Negotiate with suppliers and contractors ensuring value for money. Manage works
programmes/contracts/SLAs identifying Key Performance Indicators and ensuring these are
met. Responsibility to ensure office and premises costs are in line with agreed budget,
implementing cost-reducing measures and forecasting overspends and underspends. Prepares
budget bids and recommendations for procurement options ensuring at all times value for
money and fitness for purpose.

Health & Safety: 10% -. Responsibility to ensure Central Offices premises are compliant with
relevant H&S and Fire legislation. To ensure OS&P staff with H&S roles are trained
appropriately. Co-ordinates H&S issues at Central Offices sites, liaising with NES H&S Adviser
as necessary. Ensures H&S duties are fulfilled by NES landlords and NES fulfils requirements
for its tenants.   Carries out risk assessments and maintains paperwork according to
requirements. Attends NES Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Committee.

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Specify the reporting relationship and the source(s) of the work required of the post and
who checks that your work is completed to standard. Also specify to whom you delegate
responsibilities and whose work you review.
Postholder has defined responsibilities for work and thus largely has autonomy. Postholder is
responsible for planning, prioritising and allocating his/her own work. Postholder directs
workload of OS&P team. Postholder will require to keep files and records.
A high percentage of work generated is reactive at times unprecedented. This is as a result of
emergencies such as incidents or accidents or building issues eg power outage, or security
breaches eg intruder alarm fault, equipment/facilities failures or staffing issues which require
immediate reprioritising of workload. This can happen several times during the day.
Work is proactive being generated through continuous improvement to office services and
facilities provided. Review and updating of office procedures, building inspections,
improvements in services/facilities eg technological change or contract renewal and negotiation.
Work is created as a result of legislative change eg in relation to H&S and fire, accessibility to
services; NHSScotland policy, eg environmental management targets, or procurement.
Work is created via lease conditions/occupany agreements/landlord programmes of work, eg
internal/external redecoration/refurbishment, maintenance programmes.
Work is created via landlord policy/procedural changes for building eg security of
Work can also be generated due to organisational growth and re-organising causing internal
office moves/alterations in order to better suit NES business needs or office relocation.
Work is created in response to requests via Local Consultative Group or Business Group.
Postholder required to interpret national policy and legislation to meet NES objectives and
compliance, eg NHSScotland procurement, Disability Discrimination Act. Implement local
policies and procedures, eg Environmental Policies, H&S policies.
Directs workload for self and others.
Reviews work of direct reports.
Postholder requires to plan and co-ordinate workload of team to ensure objectives are met.
Postholder reports to and supports role of Operational Services Manager and has scheduled 1-

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Equipment and machinery

PC: using word processing, spreadsheets, databases, internet and email.

Printer, Telephone, Photocopier, Fax machine, CCTV system, access control system; ID Badge
printer equipment, intruder alarm systems, manual handling aids such as evacuation chairs..


Understanding of access control system and ID badge production equipment, CCTV operating
system. CEDAR financial system for authorising purchase orders. Financial reports.
Knowledge and application of IT, HR and Finance systems and procedures. Monitoring of pre-
planned building maintenance schedules and reactive maintenance call out services for
premises. Works schedules. Inventory databases. Understands Building Management systems.
Space planning systems eg CAD/CAM or MS Visio.


To what extent do you need to be a good communicator, to use interpersonal skills or powers of
persuasion? This section identifies the skills required to execute your responsibilities effectively
and with whom you need to have contact. You should also identify your role at any meetings you
attend both within the organisation and externally.

Requires highly developed interpersonal and influencing skills, eg in implementing a new
procedure or reinforcing an OS&P procedure; and dealing with NES staff at all levels.

Requires highly developed negotiation skills to secure best value for NES with external
Liaison and negotiation with landlords and their agents over office renovations, planned
maintenance programmes, office refurbishments obtaining necessary documentation.
Liaison with NHS Central Legal office over issues relating to works and lease conditions.
Meetings with building contractors/suppliers and consultants such as GVA Grimley to oversee
works and ensure takes place on time and to budget
Requires to liaise with IT department in relation to office moves and voice requirements,
technical aspects of CCTV and access control system.
Liaises and co-ordinates with NSS facilities team in relation to Clifton House facilities
Attends OS&P Management Meetings
Attends NES Environmental Management Meetings deputising as Chair in OSM’s absence.

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Attends NES HSWaW Committee as Central Offices Representative.
Attends Scottish Government Thistle House Client Committee; Clifton House Tenant Liaison
meetings, and Hanover Buildings Tenant Liaison meetings as NES representative and as

Describe what you see as the aspects of the post which are the most challenging to any post
Managing a diverse range of facilities and office services provision to NES Central Offices.
Co-ordinating services provided over three sites ensuring common standards and levels of
Managing demands of workload and that of direct reports to ensure objectives are met requires
strong planning, communication and organisational skills.
Ability to absorb and analyse complex situations in order to take action – at times immediately –
to meet the operational demands of the business.
Ability to remain flexible and alter plans due to unforeseen changes - continual reprioritising as a
result of conflicting demands and response to emergency issues.
Ability to communicate at all staff levels, frequently imparting information to which there is a
wilful barrier to communication. Maintaining patience and goodwill in difficult circumstances.
Negotiating with external authorities / contractors maintaining working relationships ensuring
NES business needs are upheld. Dealing with 3rd parties, ie landlords can be frustrating over
lack of control of progress requires persistent emotional effort to obtain results.

 Specify and describe the nature of any effort required on a regular or intensive basis in carrying
 out the post.
 Physical skills
 Advanced keyboard skills requiring speed and accuracy. Use of office equipment.
 Physical Effort
 Manual handling skills. Required to visit all sites on a regular basis. To carry out risk
 assessments and building inspections at all sites as required.
 Mental Effort
 To accommodate and deal appropriately with constantly changing demands and frequent
 interruptions. Concentration required to check documents and for prolonged periods, eg
 inventories, floor plans, contractual agreements; move plans
 Analytical skills
 Ability to provide recommendations for a course of action that has a level of complexity eg
 photocopier/printer requirements for offices. Interpreting lease agreements to put in place
 maintenance programmes. Planning and organising execution of office moves.
 Emotional Effort
Susanm/staffing/staffing review 2008/jd Fac Mngr new Nov 08v5.doc                                  7
 Exposure to grievances from staff in relation to premises and facilities; disciplinary issues in
 relation to line management. Influencing, persuasive and assertiveness eg used with
 contractors and suppliers of services to ensure NES requirements are taken into consideration.
 Customer facing post requires a positive and supportive approach to be upheld.
 Working Conditions
 On emergency call-out list. Any incidents might require call-out at short notice. A serious
 incident could involve extended working hours.
 Requirement to work flexibly over the three sites.
 Occasional exposure to aggressive/irate visitors as indicated above.

Include only those qualifications and experience specifically required for the post, recognising
that individual post holders may have additional qualifications and experience.

          HND Facilities Management or equivalent underpinned with several years relevant
           experience min 3 years. Preferably over a multi-site function.
          H&S qualification
          BIFM member


          Capacity to progress several complex projects simultaneously and meet tight and
           competing deadlines
          Excellent written and verbal communication
          Excellent organisational, planning and project management skills
          Team leadership skills.
          Sound customer focus.
          Time management skills
          Managerial/supervisory skills
          Interpersonal skills.
          Negotiation /influencing skills.
          Report writing and presentation skills
          Demonstration of initiative and ability to manage change
          Budgetary/procurement experience min 3 years.
          Contract management experience
          Knowledge and understanding of property management and lease terms and conditions
          Experience of spreadsheets, word processing and database software
          Ability to keep records and files.
          Analytical judgement

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This job description should cover the whole of the post, the skills required and the working
environment in which the postholder operates. Both post holder and manager should check the
form, agreeing content and sign it as an accurate record.

Job holder’s signature: …………………………………………………..                       Date: ………………………

Manager’s signature: ……………………………………………………                           Date: ………………………

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