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									                                                                                                                    Volume 1         Issue 1

Oct., Nov., Dec.
                                                The Avista Center for Entrepreneurship
                                                The purpose of the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship is to provide specialized
                                                services to dedicated people like you. We combine academic knowledge with real
                                                life experiences and insights of business leaders.

                                                Entrepreneurs develop a stronger community and foster a greater sense of morale
                                                within their community. When you understand the goals of your business and see
                                                how your hard work and dedication help to achieve those goals, you will be on your
                                                way to achieving success.

                                                The key to success is utilizing your education and experience to benefit yourself and
                                                those around you. Let the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship assist you in
                                                implementing all your potential. At the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship, you learn
                                                the entrepreneurial skills needed to take your business idea to the next level.

                                                You can help your business succeed by networking in the community and at special
                                                events held by the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship Center.

                                                Grant to Help Entrepreneur Students:
                                                         Journal of Business; Featured Article
The Herbert B. Jones Foundation has awarded a grant totaling $146,000 to Gonzaga University and Spokane Community College
to support collaboration this fall between their respective entrepreneur programs.

The grant provides $93,000 to the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Gonzaga and $53,000 to the Avista Center for
Entrepreneurship at SCC, home to the college’s integrated business and entrepreneurship (IBE) program.

Starting in October, a select number of students enrolled in the SCC program will bring their entrepreneurial ideas to Gonzaga’s
New Venture Lab, a consulting service for startup businesses run by students as part of the Hogan program. The SCC students then
will work with GU students in preparing business plans, marketing strategies, and other activities.

SCC students’ plans will be chosen on the basis of sophistication, identification of “deliverables,” maturity, and intangibles such as
the applicants’ “coachability” and their commitment of time and energy. Working in teams, SCC and GU students will refine
business ideas, develop budget projections, and create timelines for implementation.

“This grant gives our institutions an incredible opportunity to raise the bar in entrepreneurial education,” says Rick Street, an SCC IBE
instructor and one of several SCC faculty members who participated in the grant application.

Tom Tilford, who directs the Hogan program, says, “I’m excited that our students will be able to work with SCC students planning to
launch new business enterprises in Spokane. Our students will be enriched by applying their academic training to real-life ventures
proposed by SCC students.”

He says he expects the partnership to serve as a model for similar collaborative efforts in the future.
                                          You’re invited: IBE Current Events
                                          Be aware of what is going on in your community. Come join us on October 29, 2008, from
                                          3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. to meet the current students of the Integrated Business and
                                          Entrepreneurship program.
        Need business cards?
                                          You will have the opportunity to explore the future of business in Spokane and engage in
             Check it out!
                                          one-on-one interaction with the current students in the Entrepreneurship program.
            www.vistaprint.com            Students will be sharing about their exciting business ventures.
        This Web site is offering
                                          Come experience for yourself the enthusiasm that will soon be a part of the Spokane
          free business cards.            business community. This will also be a great opportunity for networking.

                                          Many times, businesses only know what is going on with their company and do not see
                                          how their work fits into the bigger picture. By networking with different students and
                                          entrepreneurs, you can see how we all fit together to form the whole.

                                          Success Stories: Cory Komberec, Blazing Printz
                                                                           The Story of Blazing Printz
                                          My name is Cory Komberec; I am the owner of Blazing Printz Kustom Apparel & Gifts.
                                          Blazing Printz was started in January of 2008. I ran the business out of the back row in the
                                          Avista Center for Entrepreneurship until June when I graduated, and I had to find a new
                                          place and a new computer.

                                          Right before graduation I signed the lease papers for my location at 3038 E. Trent. As I was
                                          preparing my new location I began to learn things that the Center could never teach
                                          because everyone’s experience is different. With a limited budget you have to do a lot of
IBE Current Event: October 29
                                          things yourself whether you know how to or not.             I got to learn about demolition,
Explore the business opportunities
                                          construction,   electrical,   plumbing,    painting,   carpeting,   tile,   unpleasant   people,
available in Spokane.
                                          government bureaucracy, and how to stretch a dollar so tight it sings. But it was worth it;
    •                                     on July 28th, 2008 I got to unlock my doors for the first time and wait for the flood of
           p.m.—4:30    p.m.   in   the   customers to come in.
          Avista Center. Building 1
                                          Business has been growing steadily from the first day but not at the rate I would like to see
          Room 131.
                                          (obviously). That got me thinking about advertising. Naturally, we went over marketing in
  Do you know of other community          class, but it is different when it is your dinner on the line instead of a grade. I thought of all
  events that may be beneficial to
  other students? If so let us know.      the creative ways I could spend the rest of my loan to spread the word about Blazing
    grichards@scc.spokane.edu             Printz. I found the most cost effective way to reach 5 million shoppers in only four months:
                                          Put a location in the mall for the Christmas season. It is just like advertising (people see
                                          your logo, products, and message) but also has the potential for instant revenue (instead
                                          of waiting for the right person to see or hear your ad and pick up the phone).

                                          Maybe you think I am a glutton for punishment or that I hate myself because I am going
                                          through all the same troubles again so soon, but it does get easier the second time
                                          around. I now have two open stores operating well below full potential; but business is
           Blazing Printz                 growing steadily, and this is the calm before the storm for holiday shopping at our mall
             Visit Online                 location.

         www.blazingprintz.com            One of the things we went over in class that I found to be very true: It is very important to
                                          have a highly visible and memorable logo. I can’t tell you how many people have come
   This is your chance to find
                                          into my store because of my logo just to see what we are all about.
         that special gift.
                                          That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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