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									                            CAREER PLANNING/PERSONAL FINANCE
                                              JoAnn Jackley Instructor
                                              Career Development Core
                                               Personal Finance Core
                                                       1 Credit

          Career Planning/Personal Finance is a Career/Technical Course that is a required business class for graduation.
This course will develop an awareness of career clusters, work readiness skills, employment opportunities, and interview
skills. Students will also study personal finance for successful management of their personal finances. It is a course that
addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors associated with the management of family economics and financial
education. The course will include budgeting, financial records, checking accounts, investments, responsible use of credit,
and personal decision making. Students will develop a notebook of career and personal finance resources and an
employment portfolio to include application, resume and samples of own work. A project-based approach will be utilized.
This course is a prerequisite to the STC Youth Internship Program. A grade of C or higher is required for entrance to the
STC Youth Internship program. It is designed for grades 10-12.

Prerequisite: Beginning Computers/Computer 1

Materials from the Take Charge of America Curriculum developed at Montana State University will be utilized.


Topics included in this course:

        Analyzing needs versus wants                                       Managing cash, credit and bank accounts
        Researching careers                                                Examining the time value of money and savings
        Setting financial goals                                            Identifying major expenditure categories
        Researching the lifecycle of financial planning                    Developing personal spending plan
        Investigating human capital                                        Investigating the stock market
        Reading paychecks and tax forms                                    Examining economic systems and consumer


Instruction will focus on hands-on activities as well as lecture, group discussion, guest speakers, use of technology, and
other methods. Students will have the opportunity to work both individually and as part of a small group to complete
assignments. Projects will require students to use academic skills in language arts, math, social sciences, and science.
Community resources will be accessed through speakers and field trips.


Various assessment tools including worksheets, learning activities, refection writing assignments, and quizzes will be
utilized to assess student knowledge. “Life In…” is a family spending plan simulation that emulates the constraints typical
American households encounter when managing their finances which will be used as a final assessment of all course
Career Planning/Personal Finance                                                                                2

               Assessment                                   Description                            Percentage
        Daily Assignments                          Daily assignments include                    60% of final grade
                                                   but are not limited to
                                                   notebook activities, guest
                                                   speaker evaluations, written
                                                   summaries, computer
                                                   activities, etc.
        Career Notebook and                        Completion of the Career                     20% of final grade
        Employment Portfolio                       Notebook and Employment
                                                   Portfolio according to the
                                                   assessment rubric
        Tests and Simulation                       Quizzes, Computerized                        20% of final grade
                                                   Unit Tests and Life In

LATE and/or MISSING WORK—Points will be deducted as follows:

        Late Work
               o Next Day ....................................................... 80%
               o Within One Week ......................................... 50%
               o After One Week ....................................... 0 Points
        Work Missed While Absent
               o Within One Day upon Return ............. Full Credit
               o After Two Days ............................ See Late Work

It is each student’s responsibility to obtain missed work while absent. Homework partners will be assigned to help
facilitate this process.

SUPPLIES NEEDED                                                                  It is expected that students will:
                                                                                      1. Follow the rules of the Sturgis Brown
   Black pen (Erasable for Applications)                                                 High School handbook
   Assignment notebook                                                               2. Be mature, respectful, and
   Three-ring binder for notebook (2-3 inch)                                             responsible
   Three-ring binder with clear front cover
                                                                                      3. Use appropriate language
    for employment portfolio (1-2 inch)
   Divider pages for binder                                                          4. Be prepared for class and meet all
   Package of plastic pocket inserts                                                     deadlines
   Rewriteable CD or flash drive                                                     5. Hand in own work
                                                                                      6. Keep hands and feet in own work
                                                                                      7. Stay in assigned seat until bell rings
                                                                                      8. Bring only bottled water to class
                                                                                      9. Ask to use the restroom only in an
                                                                                      10. Ask if you have a question
                                                                                      11. Read when all work is complete
                                                                                      12. Enjoy this class

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