Electric Blanket Safety

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					                       Electric Blanket Safety

There are several things that you can do to protect yourself.

Before you buy:

•   Ensure that it carries a recognised approval mark, such as the British
    Electrotechnical Approvals Board (BEAB) mark, or the International
    Standard number EN 60967.

•   It is not advisable to buy a second hand electric blanket.

Before using your electric blanket:

•   Read the instructions provided and keep them safe so you can refer to
    them again in the future.

•   Ensure the blanket is not scorched, soiled or wet.

•   Never position electric under blankets on top of the bed covers (i.e. Over
    the person in bed).

•   A high number of house fires have been linked to blankets that are over 10
    years old, this is a good reason to have your blanket regularly checked or
    replaced, if needed.

During use ensure that:

•   Your electric blanket is laid flat on the bed, because folds or creases could
    cause internal wiring damage and overheating.

•   The lead and controller switch on underblankets are hanging freely and
    cannot become caught up in the blanket.

•   Underblankets are securely tied to the bed if tie tapes are supplied.

•   The blanket is switched off or unplugged before you get into bed if it is
    marked as a pre-heating underblanket.

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Caring for your electric blanket

 •   It is recommended that you have your blanket tested at least once every three
     years. (Never assume that a relatively new blanket is necessarily any safer).

 •   Only wash or clean your blanket in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

 •   Check the blanket frequently for detached tie tapes, frayed edges, scorch marks
     and loose electrical connections.

 •   If you doubt your blanket’s safety for any reason, stop using the blanket
     immediately until you can have it tested!

 •   Have it tested by a suitably qualified Electrician.

 Storing your electric blanket (Not in use)

 •   Leave it on the bed or roll it or fold it loosely to avoid unnecessary creases. (Under
     blankets can remain secured to the bed all year round).

 •   Avoid placing or storing objects on top of your blanket.

 •   Keep it dry.

For further information or advice, call Consumer Direct (working in partnership with
                    Norfolk County Council Trading Standards) on:
                                  08454 04 05 06

If you need this advice sheet in large print, audio, Braille, alternative
format or in a different language please contact Trading Standards on
0344 800 8020 and we will do our best to help.

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