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                                                                           Date    26 October 2006

To: NHS applicants for HTA pathology licence – attention Designated Individual

Post-mortem licences for removal of relevant material for research purposes

This refers to your recent application for a licence (or licences) under the Human Tissue Act 2004
(HT Act) in respect of pathology services.

We have received a number of requests for clarification about licensing the retrieval of organs and
tissue from a deceased person for the primary purpose of research. This letter is to advise
Designated Individuals (DIs) that this activity is licensable under the HT Act. The compliance report
licence application form for post-mortem and related activities allows the option of requesting a
licence for “the removal from the body of a deceased person of relevant material of which the body
consists or which it contains, for use of a Scheduled Purpose other than transplantation”.

If your licence application has requested “removal for a scheduled purpose” the DI should provide
floor plans and identify the specific rooms and/or departments where removal takes place (e.g.
suite of operating theatres/rooms). This is because the HTA must be able to identify and inspect
these departments/rooms as part of our inspection programme. If your licence application did not
include a request for “removal” and you require it, please advise David Crossland, Regulation
Manager (david.crossland@hta.gov.uk) quoting your licensing reference number, and we will amend
your application. We will also require the floor plans and details of the rooms/departments as
explained above.

Please note that the addition of “removal” as a licensable activity to your post-mortem compliance
report will not incur any additional fee. Could you please respond with the required action by
For your information, we will soon be listing on the HTA web-site all establishments (in all sectors)
that have applied for a licence. This information will include the name and contact details of the DI.
This will allow appropriate organisations and transplant co-ordinators to liaise directly with DIs at
licensed establishments to determine exactly what activities have been licensed.

Yours sincerely

Dr Sandy Mather
Director of Regulation