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									Dolly Parton has always made it known that she loves where she comes
from. The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee are where she grew up and in
addition to the creation of the Dollywood Amusement Park there have been
a lot of other changes. One noticeable change has been the number of
tourists flocking to this beautiful location. Given that the mountains
are spectacular and the area residents so friendly it’s really no
surprise that more and more people are discovering this hidden oasis each
year. If you are considering a trip to Tennessee consider staying in a
Smoky Mountain cabin.

With the introduction of the theme park many new hotels have popped up.
Although this is certainly a comfortable way to soak in the local
culture, it pales in comparison to staying in a Smoky Mountain cabin. In
a cabin visitors can enjoy their own home away from home and can stay
just one night or weeks at a time. It’s their choice.

Another appealing aspect of this type of accommodations is that you have
much more room than any standard hotel can provide. In a cabin you’ll
typically find a large kitchen, a sitting room, more than one bathroom
and several bedrooms. Everyone in the family can have their own special
space to enjoy. This makes staying a week or even two much more

It may be surprising to learn that you’re not going to be paying much
more than you’d expect to pay for a hotel room. In fact, in many
instances it’s less expensive to rent a Smoky Mountain cabin than a hotel
if you have several people in your party. An example would be a family
with several children. Most major hotel chains add a nightly surcharge
for each additional person in the room. A rustic cabin simply works out
to be a much better deal.

Honeymooners should also consider the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee region when
they are looking for a post wedding getaway location. You can stay in a
luxury one bedroom Smoky Mountain cabin with a spectacular view, a hot
tub and a fireplace. Considering the beauty of the majestic mountains
that seem to envelop you when you are there, it’s easy to see why it’s
considered a premier honeymoon location.

Once you visit you’ll be drawn back. Not just because of the charm of the
region but also because of the welcoming nature of the locals. People in
Tennessee are sunny and friendly and enjoy meeting folks from all corners
of the globe. Book your Smoky Mountain cabin today and start soaking in
this region’s natural warmth.

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