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Vandals Beware!
The Moravian Church in Little Horton has taken steps to                                         MC3 takes to the road
stop recurring vandalism and more recently arson
The Neighbourhood Wardens have spent time door knocking on
houses surrounding the church making local residents aware and
asking them to be vigilant and report any anti-social behaviour. Police
have been informed and suspects are being watched. 'We take these
attacks very seriously' says Warden Dibbs Storey, 'and we are
working with everyone concerned to make sure the culprits are

The Wardens also suggested some extra security measures to the
church including installing some cameras. Although the church had
discussed these measures before they had not really done anything
about it due to the worry of the cost. The Wardens volunteered to do
some research on cameras and found a suitable package for the
church provided by Maplin Electronics. Maplin's Manager Paul Firth
                                                                                                The new MC3 bus service was launched on November 1
was very willing to help and agreed to provide the church with
                                                                                                and is now running regular services through the area. The
cameras at a greatly reduced price with free installation. The discreet
                                                                                                service will run initially for two years and then will be
units are now in place and are monitoring activity around the
                                                                                                subject to review depending on how busy it is. So it's use it
                                                                                                or loose it! The full timetable and route is on the back page
Maplin's have given the wardens a sample camera to show other                                   of this issue.
interested parties. Anyone wishing to see how the system works
should contact the Wardens on 01274 731678.                                                     Pictured with the bus from left to right are Ralph Saunders
                                                                                                from Bradford City PCT, Chair of Metro Cllr Stanley King,
                                                                                                MD of TLC Travel Ltd Trisha Lambert who are operating
                                                                                                the service and Bradford Trident Chair Cllr Ian Greenwood.

                                                                                                Elderly enjoy
                                                                                                Christmas Dinner

 Warden Dibbs Storey with Paul Firth outside the Maplin's store on Hamm Strasse

 Drug litter help
 If you come across
 needles or other drug
 related litter you can get
 it moved fast. Simply                                                                          Over 100 elderly residents of the Trident area
 ring the Neighbourhood                                                                         gathered on 4 December for the annual Christmas
 Wardens on 731678 or                                                                           Dinner.
 ring the council on                                                                            Held at Dixon's CTC it was the eleventh year the event has
 431000.                                                                                        been held. Whilst the food and transport was paid for by
                       Ring the Neighbourhood Wardens to get this unwanted litter moved fast.   Bradford Trident the contents of the goody bags received by
                                                                                                all the guests were donated by generous local businesses.

MORI thanks
 Many thanks to the 500 residents who helped with the recent MORI
                                                                                                Pictured on the right with some of the guests present are
                                                                                                businessmen Gerry Yates and Ian Pruchniewicz who have
                                                                                                been involved in the organisation of the event since the start.

                                                                                                On the left are Bradford Trident Community Director Greg
 survey. We will be showing the results in detail in the next issue. In the
 meantime if you want to see the results of the survey ring Bradford                            Lucas and Neighbourhood Action Team member Javed
 Trident on 431441.                                                                             Iqbal.

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