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					Company Profiles
                        Integrated and in-depth
                 Your own editorial supplement,
              tailored to your requirements and
        incorporated into Jane’s Airport Review

                                                    A Company Profile enables you to utilise our expert
                                                    editorial team to produce a polished article focused
                                                    entirely on your products and services.

                                                    No other publication offers such an effective
                                                    solution for communicating with the global
                                                    airport marketplace.

Targeting benefits                           Editorial benefits            Promotional benefits

Jane’s Airport Review’s global circulation   Bound into the editorial      5000 free individually
of 11216:                                    pages of the magazine         bound reprints for use as
                                                                           marketing collateral
•	78% senior airport professionals
                                             Highlighted in the
 (Source: BPA Jun 08)
                                             magazine’s Contents listing   PDF version supplied
• 94% in a purchasing role                                                 for your e-mail campaigns
                                             Appears within the
or focus on the US-only readership of 3554   ‘View Advertiser’ service     Stand-alone distribution
                                             on                  at key airport events
Book into a show issue and benefit from
bonus distribution at key airport events,
eg. ATC Global, Paris Air Show, ATCA,
Dubai Air Show, InterAirport – over 2000
exhibition copies per month

Separate language versions are available
for regional targeting

Translation service available
Jane’s Airport Review - Company Profiles

                                £            $

 Global circulation
 2-page	                   7500	         12675	   11250

 4-page	                  11815	         20080	   17725

 8-page	                  15640	         26590	   23460

 12-page	                 19900	         33825	   29850

 16-page	                 22735	         38645	   34105

 US-only circulation

 2-page		                 		3150	         5325	   4725

 4-page	                   4995	          8440	   7490

 8-page	                   6570	         11100	   9855

 12-page	                  8360	         14125	   12540

 16-page	                  9550	         16135	   14325

Maximise your impact in every sector of the airport
marketplace with a Company Profile in Jane’s Airport Review.

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