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					EdgE LanE Project                                                                            Issue 7 June 2009

EdgE LanE wEst
aLL systEms go
Plans to regenerate the
Edge Lane corridor are
progressing after the Homes
and Communities Agency
(HCA) secured a Compulsory
Purchase Order (CPO) for 371
properties on Edge Lane West.
Following a High Court hearing at
the end of March, a challenge to the
confirmed CPO was dismissed.
Liverpool Vision, together with
partners HCA (previously English
Partnerships), the Northwest
Regional Development Agency,
Liverpool City Council and
Kensington Regeneration are
working to deliver the long-awaited
transformation of this area.             •	 Changing	the	line	of	the	road	to	    To	date	322	properties	have	
The Edge Lane West scheme will              make it an urban boulevard           been acquired and negotiations
help transform the wider Edge Lane       •	 Safe	pedestrian	crossing	points      are continuing to acquire the
corridor into a major gateway into                                               remaining 49.
the city, designed not only to give a    •	 A	much	safer	and	improved	
                                            environment                          However, if necessary, CPO
positive first impression to visitors,                                           powers will be used to ensure the
but also to meet the needs of the        Eliot Lewis-Ward , HCA Area
                                                                                 scheme moves forward and in such
communities in the area.                 Director for Merseyside and
                                                                                 circumstances Liverpool Vision
It will include:                         Cheshire, said that improvements
                                                                                 will give as much advance notice
                                         would be far reaching: “This
•	 Around	280	new	homes                                                          as possible to affected property
                                         positive decision will mean
•	 New	and	improved	retail	facilities    completion of the remaining areas,
                                         to the ultimate benefit of residents,   A demolition programme is currently
•	 New	employment	floorspace
                                         businesses and the city as a whole.     being devised and is to be shared
•	 A	new	state-of-the-art	health	        Regeneration work along the rest        with the community before any
   centre                                of the Edge Lane corridor has been      work begins. In the meantime there
•	 A	new	access	and	much	                progressing well and is already         will be a number of demolitions on
   improved setting for Kensington       bringing economic and community         health and safety grounds which will
   Primary School and the Life Bank      benefits.”                              begin soon.
HaLL LanE woRK undER way
Work has started on the first                                                  New road alignments will take
phase of a scheme to relieve                                                   traffic away from the residential
one of the biggest traffic                                                     areas of Hall Lane and Towerlands
problems in Liverpool.                                                         Street and will be a dual
The Hall Lane Strategic Gateway                                                carriageway for most of its length.
scheme	is	a	£20m	project	which	                                                There will be a new junction at
will greatly improve the route into                                            West Derby Street/Crown Street
the	city	centre	from	the	M62,	                                                 directing traffic north along a
as well as removing a notorious                                                new stretch of road towards
bottleneck.                                                                    Low Hill and then on to Islington,
The first phase of the project                                                 or south along a realigned Grove
involves site clearance, the                                                   Street.
acquisition of buildings, demolition   for Transport are continuing about      The junction at Low Hill will be
of some buildings and work on          the funding for the main phase of       improved and this new link will
utilities diversions.                  the work and it is expected the         improve	traffic	flow	between	
                                       work will start later in the summer.    Islington and Grove Street.
Cllr Peter Millea (pictured),          Funding is also being provided
Executive Member for Assets and        under the European Regional             Pedestrian facilities will be
Development, said: “The Hall Lane      Development Fund.                       provided at all traffic signal
scheme will provide much better                                                controlled junctions and cycling
access into the city centre and a      The scheme will improve the             facilities are also being introduced.
much better environment for the        situation for traffic heading to the    The scheme will include extensive
neighbourhood.                         city centre from Edge Lane, which       landscaping, including tree
                                       currently must turn either right into   planting, and improved lighting.
“It will also provide a new frontage   Hall Lane or left into Towerlands
to the Royal Liverpool Hospital        Street at the top of Mount Vernon       A residents’ parking scheme is
development and be part of a           Green. Both of these routes are         being prepared for the Kensington
much better gateway to the city.”      residential roads and traffic is        Fields area. Work is due to be
Discussions with the Department        subject to delay.                       completed	by	spring	2011.

 CHRIstmas staRt FoR nEw HomEs
 The construction of new               Communities, said: “It’s great
 homes in Edge Hill is set to          to see such good progress
 begin by the end of the year.         continuing in the Edge Hill area
 Bellway Homes Ltd, the city           which will lead to more new
 council’s development partner,        homes for local residents and
 is in the process of submitting       their families in the New Year.”
 final detailed plans this summer      The demolition programme
 which build on the masterplan         started	in	June	2008	and	
 and design code approved last         more	than	60	properties	have	
 September.                            been demolished. Prominent
 Already significant progress has      commercial blocks along the
 been made within the Edge             Wavertree Road frontage to the
 Hill clearance/redevelopment          area will be demolished over the
 area in acquiring properties,         coming months.
 providing relocation solutions        The area bounded by Dorothy
 for residents and demolishing         Street, Wavertree Road, Durning
 vacant properties.                    Road and Gladstone Road
 Cllr Marilyn Fielding, Executive      will be cleared and ready for
 Member for Safer, Stronger            redevelopment by the end of
                                       the year.
RoCKEt JunCtIon                                                             nEws In BRIEF
wELComEs VIsItoRs                                                           LandsCaPIng
wItH nEw CIty Logo                                                          Landscaping work on Edge
                                                                            Lane, managed by Liverpool
                                                                            Vision, has been recognised
                                                                            for its excellence. The British
                                                                            Association of Landscape
                                                                            Industries (BALI) gave the
                                                                            highest award for hard
                                                                            landscaping on regeneration
                                                                            projects valued at over
                                                                            £1.5m	to	contractor	English	
                                                                            Landscapes. Work included
                                                                            environmental improvements,
                                                                            upgraded street lighting, better
Visitors to Liverpool will be         up-lighting following cleaning and    kerbs and footways and the
greeted by the city’s new logo        painting	of	the	flyover.              planting	of	more	than	200	trees.
when they come off the M62 at         Rob Monaghan, Head of                 The Edge Lane Project
the Rocket Junction.                  Gateways at Liverpool Vision, said:   has previously been highly
Following the end of Capital          “The	08	logos	have	remained	in	       commended in the North
of Culture, six of the pillars        place for the first quarter of the    West Regional Construction
supporting	the	flyover	are	to	be	     year	as	a	legacy	of	2008	and	while	   Awards. It will now become a
re-clad with the new Liverpool        Liverpool’s rebranding exercise       demonstration project for BALI.
logo	to	replace	the	08	logos,	and	    was being carried out. We are sure
will also be backlit to provide a     that the new logos will be equally    REtaIL PaRK
dramatic night-time effect.           as effective.”                        Liverpool City Council and
The original logos were installed     The new logos will be installed       Liverpool Vision are working
at	the	end	of	2007,	along	with	       during the last week of June.         with the owners of the retail
                                                                            park, Derwent Holdings, on a
                                                                            masterplan and development
 InnoVatIon PaRK -                                                          framework to remodel the area.

 nEw Road sEt to                                                            It is also hoped that
                                                                            discussions with Derwent,
 oPEn In tHE summER                                                         who own a significant amount
                                                                            of property in Edge Lane
                                                                            Central, will also lead to
 The new road at Liverpool            Gateways explains, more
                                                                            interim treatment of some
 Innovation Park will be open         business space will soon be
                                                                            of the worst sites prior to
 to traffic in the summer.            available:
 The site, which also contains        “The entrance to the park looks
 enhanced public space                spectacular and the new road
 including a new linear park, is      we’re building from Edge Lane
 home to one of the jewels in         to Wavertree Road will open up
 Liverpool’s knowledge corridor.      a	further	11.5	acres	of	serviced	
 Liverpool Innovation Park, owned     development plots, allowing
 by Space Northwest, already          more high calibre businesses to
 has	around	1m	sq	ft	of	office,	      move in, bringing further activity
 Research and Development and         and economic benefits to this
 light industrial accommodation       important area of the city.”
 in	units	from	500	sq	ft	to	80,000	   For further information
 sq ft, but as Rob Monaghan,          go to http://www.
 Liverpool Vision’s Head of           liverpoolinnovationpark.com
nEw sCHooL PLannEd at
LandmaRK LIttLEwoods sItE
Liverpool City Council                                                                 to improve or rebuild all of
has applied for planning                                                               Liverpool’s secondary schools.
permission to relocate two                                                             The programme aims to
secondary schools on the                                                               revolutionise how learning is
site of the former Littlewoods                                                         offered, introduce changes in ICT
building and the Innovation                                                            usage and encourage schools to
Park.                                                                                  open facilities for full community
The site on Edge Lane has                                                              use.
been chosen due to its excellent                                                       The scheme will retain the
location on the city’s ‘knowledge                                                      iconic art deco features of the
corridor’, which stretches from                  Margaret’s C of E High School is      Littlewoods complex while
the Innovation Park to the                       part of the City Council’s Building   adding	modern	21st	century	new	
University area.                                 Schools for the Future (BSF)          buildings as well as including
The application to co-locate                     programme, which will bring           improvements to community
Archbishop Blanch School and St                  £500m	of	capital	investment	          sports provision.

 ECo-FRIEndLy aPaRtmEnts at ‘VILLas’ sItE
 Work on a new residential                        Housing Group in partnership
 scheme on Edge Lane is                           with builders the Seddon Group.
 expected to start early next                     The building will be built using
 year.                                            timber frame with feature block
 The Villas site, on the junction                 work, cedar cladding and
 of Edge Lane and Alford Road,                    render finishes and has been
 opposite Liverpool Innovation                    designed to achieve Eco Homes
 Park, will see the construction                  “Excellent” rating while providing
 of	17	two-bedroom	residential	                   a secure and safe environment
 units in a four-storey apartment                 for the residents as measured
 block with secure parking,                       by “Secure by Design”.
 landscaped areas and top                         On completion the units will
 floor	apartments	with	terrace	                   be available for sale or shared
 gardens.                                         ownership.
 Formally the location of two                     For further information
 derelict Victorian villas, the site              contact Chris McAllister at
 will be developed by Plus Dane                   Plus Dane on 0151 708 4623

 The Edge Lane Project is being delivered by a group of partners comprising:

 For more information contact Liverpool Vision, The Capital, 39 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9PP
 Tel: 0151 600 2900 Fax: 0151 600 2970 Email: info@liverpoolvision.co.uk

 Copies of this newsletter can be made available in other languages, on tape or in Braille if required.

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